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Religion in whos afraid of virginia woolf essay

In Edward Albees debatable play, Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, religion plays a serious, yet typically overlooked idea. There are regular references to God and Jesus throughout the play, in the third action, The Exorcism, George recites the Requiem for the Dead, the Catholic memorial mass. Through the entire play, these religious sources and the persona of Sweetie come to symbolize the failing of religion. Albee added these types of references to point out the fact that although religion is and has been all-pervasive, it nonetheless gives not any answers.

Most of the references to The almighty and Christ are vow words, Goodness damn, and Jesus Christ! and the like. Even though these interjections are not the typical mention of the God or perhaps Jesus, that they bring a sense of knowing into the plays placing. The characters know about Our god and have confidence in Him. Martha claims to be an atheist, but that is doubtful because she especially uses Goodness damn to get her point across, and she gets very disappointed while George is reciting the Requiem. She sees that God perhaps there is, but will not admit it.

George recites the Requiem when his and Marthas son dies. The requiem was designed to comfort those people in whose loved ones had passed on, so that they could released. However , when George is definitely reciting the requiem, Martha is in hysterics! She are unable to let go of her son and she is not really comforted till George halts reading the mass.

The character of Honey is usually somewhat of the paradox. She’s the goody-goody preachers little girl on the area, with dark secrets held beneath. She grew up surrounded by religion, and it would practically nothing to shape her morals. The lady appears to be the sweet, passive, pious woman that many preachers daughters increase up to always be, but we see more of her as the play moves on. When Nick and George are discussing outside the first time, Nick reveals that he only married Honey because he thought the lady was pregnant. Honey realized she wasnt pregnant, the girl only desired to trap Nick into marriage. Not a extremely Christian activity. Also, she gets been currently taking birth control and concealing it from Computer chip. There are three things wrong with this. First, contraceptive itself is against Christian belief. Second, withholding information and facts from someone who should know that information is recognized as lying within the Christian cathedral. Third and then, her selfishness goes against everything the girl should have learned growing up in the home of your preacher.

Albee built and still makes a point in this kind of play. Even though religion should really be the answer, it gives non-e. That point can be supported by just about every religious reference point he added in. Just about every reference to Goodness and Jesus being a swear word, the requiem triggering grief rather than comfort, and ultimately the preachers daughter becoming everything yet Christian. Albee definitely got his point across this time.

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