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Reaction paper regarding unicef metropolitan areas

As a Filipino and youth of this region, I’ve appreciated UNICEF’s attempts in regards with all the children whom are in need. It is not easy to mixture data from the country’s position just to check how are the citizens particularly the children are remedied and supported by the countries, particularly with their local government authorities or cities where they may be settling. Nevertheless , the report and info were compiled and reported by State of the World’s Kids of UNICEF though it had been an article, reported few years before (March 7, 2012), continue to it makes me feel uncomfortable and burdened, with the knowledge that many children are deprived of all basic services and requirements that actually they have to have.

In addition , UNICEF reported Philippines for instance of their content entitled, Towns Failing Kids. The report states that children (Filipinos) who live in poor downtown even other class of urban residential areas experience deprivations such as insufficient decent casing and limited access to clean water and they are generally more exposed to disaster hazards and are also more prone to overlook, abuse, and exploitation.

This proves which our government can be not doing the part that they can should be executing, like that which we have learned from your previous lessons, Power of the state of hawaii ” three inherent power of state particularly the police power, which says that it is the sovereign power to promote and protect the general welfare; it is the most pervasive and the least limitable from the three forces of the point out, the most essential, consistent and illimitable which usually enables the State to stop all aggravating things to coziness, safety and welfare from the society, most become worthless at all intended for in reality, this kind of power is not being totally exercised and practiced by our federal government. In my opinion, the government ought to at least exert extra sympathy or attention with this kind of problems rather than with their own daily activities and non-sense conflicts with their parties.

I think it is not extremely hard for the Philippines to cure and solve this sort of problem if we just combine and each of our government end their not-so-needed plans mainly because I firmly believe that the true wealth of the nation is the kids and next technology, but if this challenge continues and can not be provided attention, I assume that next coming years will be more hard to live intended for. Nevertheless, is actually not past due to do something for this kind of problem it is just a matter of appreciate, passion and honesty of your government and even ofus which have been more blessed than these people. Further, My spouse and i never lose hope that one time Philippine govt and possibly by using UNICEF, will use the power of the state of hawaii to build and create a better future for our era especially for those children deprived of their simple needs or maybe their standard rights and solve a lot of difficulty within these types of children.

Therefore , as a Philippine informed of the matter, we have to take responsibility to do a thing for the beloved region. I have learned that I should haven’t take for granted points that I possess because almost half of our population happen to be deprived with the basic requires that I curently have. I may want to promise not I will make an effort to do the best I can to serve that help our region. Hoping that after few years, UNICEF’s report about Philippines even their statement about the earth will be better and be full of hope and great upcoming for the people and most of most, for the children.


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