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Rational versions and self evaluation composition

My supervisor wanted a self-evaluation in connection with the next annual overall performance review, the self evaluation was designed to answer questions regarding

A certain customer service decision and accommodations of me that went further than company standard operating procedure and protocols.

Conio-caca Images Imaging Corporation ordered my own team to do a devices installation for a small submitting company in North New mexico. The assembly was to be performed according to firm standards, initially the hardware which included a picture setter after which a Mac Server jogging OS twelve (Operating system version 10) followed by putting in specialized application to user interface with a computer’s desktop publishing application.

Upon doing the installation of the application and equipment, the team as well as the customer discovered the software was not functioning which usually effectively designed the customer at that point was, Out of Business.


The on-site Team defined the problem (Bazerman, Max L.

View in Bureaucratic Decision Making, fifth edition. New york city: John Wiley & Daughters. 2002), managing, Apple Laptop Corp. got shipped a machine to the customer with the extremely latest operating-system on it which usually did not work with a standard personal pc publishing app, it essential a missing upgrade patch having a archived (compressed) amount of about 80MBs.

Alternative1: After careful conversation with my own supervisor, I used to be ordered to tell the customer to order the upgrade spot on a CD direct by Apple Pc, they could have it sent overnight and install it the next day. The consumer called Apple Computer and was advised the Plot was not on CD yet could be downloaded from a web site.

Alternative2: I deducted the customer was loosing funds by to not get his work out, he was angry having just purchased a whole new ($80, 000. 00) program that did not work, as well as the patch was available by way of download which has a broadband interconnection. I could find the patch employing my own broadband connection at your home, return the same day and install it for the customer. Following doing this, the client was cheerful, my supervisor was upset citing concerns of firm protocol (I did advise him I used to be doing this), unsecured internet sites, large files are easily damaged, ect.. A case of bordered rationality won resulting in the optimal decision, that individuals can better understand decision making by describing the actual, rather than the normative

Claire (1957, March and Bob, 1958), I actually opted to download and install the patch making the system completely operational inspite of my administrators admonition, The client should do this kind of himself coming from an OEM CD-ROM issued by Apple Computer.

Later, the consumer was able to buy a CD-ROM from Apple, which found its way to several weeks yet had no issue getting his work out during this time period.


The rational model assumes the answer with the highest sum ought to be selected since the optimal decision. The recognized criteria (7), customer satisfaction, operability, reliability, little interruption of his organization cycle, top quality service, the usage of Hi-tech strategies to Hi-tech concerns, compliance with company protocols. Seven conditions have been identified, each given an equal weight of 1 stage for succeeding and, (minus) 1 point for screwing up. Alternative one particular (leaving the client high and dry waiting for a CD-ROM) presented because 6x -1= -6 plus1 (+1 to get compliance with my administrators decision) developed a net result of -5. Computing the perfect decision (Bazerman, Max L.

View in Bureaucratic Decision Making, fifth edition. Nyc: John Wiley, Sons. 2002), meant using the same requirements applied to Substitute 2, helping the client toward getting the program operational but still comply with organization requirements. The seven requirements yielded 61= 6 -1 (-1 for not complying with my supervisors decision) causing in an maximum decision net result of +5.


During the self evaluation in connection with this kind of incident, I actually revealed to my personal supervisor many problems about the poor quality confidence methods relating to operability, dependability, sloppy persuasion, failure to scope task management and failing to support the customer during a fragile link period for which the consumer was informed to fend for him self while he was out of business, expecting an upgrade which should attended with the program on 1.

With respect to my personal supervisor calling me a Computer Cowboy above.

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