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Psycology composition

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Which specialists theory ideal describes the own personality?

Personality can easily best end up being described as personal qualities of your individual. Simply no two people have the same personality, but yet all the different people in the world can be characterized in 4 main theories.

The 4 psychologists that thought the four ideas are Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and Abraham Maslow. (pg. 64) Each man based his theory on the different part of a persons character development. The theory that ideal describes my personal personality can be Maslows.

Maslows theory advised that human being needs could be put on to different levels, as if over a pyramid. (Pg. 65) Decrease or more standard needs must be met ahead of higher requirements can be pleased. (pg.

65) For example , Maslow has the need for water, meals and shield at the bottom in the pyramid. As is well-known a your life as a great underprivileged person is much harder then those of a rich person. It will take more power to be underprivileged and popularity, knowing you did not start out with all the simple needs.

Maslows theory best explains my persona because Certainly with what he says that people need to satisfy the smaller sized needs of their life prior to going on to fulfill the bigger types.

In my life, I know that if I did not have the essential needs, just like water, meals, shelter I would be stressed out and saddened. It would be hard for me to push myself to do things such as go to school, get a job because I would feel decrease then various other classmates, or other employees. If I would not have protection or a place I could go to then I will not be able to truly feel secure which usually would also keep me personally from supportive my family and friends. Devoid of family and friends it will be hard to find esteem to get to higher and higher then simply what I have mastered, or perhaps learned.

Even in my own life I’ve come across samples of Maslows theory. One example is definitely when a school project was assigned and i also did not have the correct components. Not having those materials helped me feel since thought I possibly could not begin the next step, which will would be undertaking the task. Another example of how Maslows theory provides taken condition in my personal life is some thing as simple while forgeting a lunch, or perhaps lunch cash.

Not having the basic essential need, foodstuff, I was hungry and would not feel I could go on all of those other day in school.

Maslows, pyramid shaped way of exhibiting the developmental needs of men and women best suits my own personality. I feel that in order to carry on in life I need to have all those things under my personal belt to back up me?nternet site try and accomplish higher points. Everything is obviously needs a good base, whether it is someones persona or a building.

With no strong foundation the framework, whatever it truly is, that is planning to be built up will not stay strong. My personal personality is certainly much built around that feeling of security. For this reason Maslows theory explains my personal personality greatest.

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