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Poverty essay

The highest Challenge that

Faces Latin Americans Today


The greatest challenge that Latin America faces today is low income.

Latin America provides the most unequal distribution of land riches and salary

in the world. Most of the regions government authorities are unrepresentative and

nearly all are deeply indebted. Throughout almost all of Latin American, the country

is incredibly wealthy, when an overwhelming most of the population is very

poor. A few of the governments are truly in economic stress and are

not able to help presently there impoverished thousands.

One of the things responsible for this poverty may be the uneven

distribution of area and wealth that continues in most Latin American

countries today, which has caused Latin America to indicate the highest

index of concentrated accumulation of rural property in the world. Fewer

than one-half percent with the population in Latin America has an excessive amount of

land, when more than half in the adult farmers in Latina America don’t have any

land in any way.

Almost all of countries have done little or perhaps nothing to modify their

conditions. The reconstructs that have been or are being attempted by the

federal government and the rich population experienced no effect on changing the

existing circulation of gardening. Most countryside Latin People in america continue


suffer from lack of employment, low cash flow, and deficiencies in education.


Production of food in Mexico features diminished leading to food rates to

climb. The people of Mexico must import grains into the nation in order to

feed itself. The rapid development and transformation that has occurred over the

years has left almost all of the population in poverty. The region must

importance most of the food it eats. The government and foreign policy

has prompted farmers to grow export crops as opposed to the badly required

corn and grains the country must feed itself, while at the same time

these types of policies punish the internal creation of foodstuff. Unfortunately, the

only the case beneficiaries on this foreign insurance plan are the affluent one-third of


inhabitants. The remaining two-thirds of the population are forced to deal with

the consequences.

Low income in Mexico has become a enormous problem. Forty percent of those

that want to operate the Philippine province of Zacatecas happen to be unemployed

triggering them to migrate to additional Mexican pays or to the us.

A large number of migrate to Mexico City, where the majority of its residents live in

substandard housing and nearly fifty percent have no electricity. The data corruption

in the authorities allows the wealthy to buy there way around rules

to improve the housing, even though the poor are powerless and they are left to suffer

the consequences. Some get to Mexico Metropolis and live in cardboard boxes

and affectation for food in the garbage dumps. For the people employed, income are

low and working conditions are bad.


Neza, Mexicos fourth largest town encounters difficulties. It is a

slum without sewers, running water, paved roads or community telephones. The

unsanitary circumstances of this town, due to lack of toilets and polluted air

gives rise to diseases. Diarrhea gets rid of more persons than tumor or cardiovascular

attacks and the most have no health care coverage. The lack of public policy pertaining to

these people permits them to undergo this unpleasant fate. Many families leave

there countryside farms due to lack of irrigation or different problems that make

them not able to sustain themselves. Their visit a better your life in the

urban centers

leaves them only slightly more impoverished than previously. For most, it

doesnt obtain any better.

One other example of lower income in Latin America today can be seen in

Honduras, where poverty has triggered a famine that is intimidating the lives of

many Honduran people. Drought, inhabitants growth, and foreign plan

are all contributors to the reason behind the starvation. The highest population

growth in the southern hemisphere can be found in Honduras. The

effects of the countries poverty provides caused more than fifty percent of the

countries several and a half million people to have problems with malnutrition. The

country is unable to even nourish its children. The statistics of child


because of malnutrition is definitely one out of several. Many kids die coming from such

straightforward ailments as diarrhea or perhaps lung infections.


In Brazil the gap involving the wealthiest as well as the poorest is definitely worse than

India. Seventy percent of the riches in Brazil is managed by ten percent


the people. The cities are filled with urban personnel that have arrive to

the cities buying better your life but finding poverty instead. For

case in point

in the Brazilian city of San Paulo, a million of their seventeen million

people stay unemployed. Property is pricey, squatting can be difficult and

evictions are normal.

Furthermore, the problem of poverty in Brazil is so great that child

labor is completely excepted within the culture. Workers are paid so little

and the quality lifestyle is so large that to ensure that a family to outlive

three persons must be doing work. The parents of the children are struggling to

complain mainly because most people would collapse without doing work children.

Children are an essential part of the employees and they are paid out one-

third less than adult workers. The poverty that promotes this kind of exploitation is usually

not limited to urban kids many non-urban children are offer work in the

fields at age ten. Father and mother even put their girls out to begin a life

prostitution as fresh as 12 years old. The poverty is really great in this

country the morals from the society have got excepted this abuse with their

nations kids.


Haiti is the weakest nation in Latin America. Four out of five Haitians

suffer from low income, while an additional three away of five Haitians are

unemployed and 3 out of four are illiterate. The population development that

is occurring cannot be suffered by the countries eroded garden soil and deforested

lands. The weak economy has triggered many Haitians to migrate into the

Dominican Republic exactly where they are discriminated against and treated just like

slaves. The ones that migrate towards the Dominican Republic have no possibility of

achieving whatever less than lower income. They cannot avoid their fortune and

they will continue to make up the poor human population of the Dominican Republic.

A number of these countries may better serve their poor by changing

economic procedures and preventing the exploitation of personnel and children.

Yet , the impoverished people of the countries, whilst they make up

the majority, are under displayed by the authorities. Therefore , they will

most likely still endure all their current misfortune. While the beginnings and

causes for the poverty in these countries fluctuate, the results are the same

an incredible number of underprivileged people, and a government and oligarchy that is certainly

unable or perhaps unwilling to respond to their weep for support. The waste of the

problem of lower income is surely the best challenge confronted by Latina Americas


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