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Of mice and males report dissertation


Of Rats and Males takes place at some point during the Depressive disorder of the 1930 s. The book begins next to a stream nearby the Salinas Lake, a few kilometers South of Soledad. Then this setting moves to an isolated, lonely searching ranch, where the main part of the story takes place. Then towards the end of the publication, the placing comes back to where that started.


George ” the main character of the publication. He is a caring, understanding, and dreams of owning his own lot.

Lennie ” the devoted friend of George. He has a children’s mind and a giant’s body. It is these contrasting qualities that cause him problems.

Old Candy ” one of the lonely ranch workers. He is a cripple, functioning as a ‘Swamper’.

Crooks ” named to get his twisted body, he can a very pleased Negro man that works on the Ranch. He’s neat and has a head of his own. He could be a lonely character, who will be discriminated against, due to his race.

Slender ” a ranch worker with leadership qualities. This individual commands admiration from most on the farm.

Curley ” the boss’s son who will be a light excess weight boxer. He picks combats with every person on the hacienda.

Curley’s wife ” the only woman around the ranch. She’s very flirtatious.


George and Lennie live through the depression plus they wander via town to town carrying out jobs but Lennie always gets all of them in trouble. For instance , this girl thought Lennie was trying to afeitado her if he was really merely feeling her dress as he appreciated the material.

Lennie dreams of having a rabbit farm building and is mentally retarded. Sometimes he ultimately ends up killing family pets because he is indeed strong. If he accidentally kills Curley’s wife problems occur and George has to kill him so they won’t lock him up.


I think that this novel’s theme was loneliness. All of the workers had been lonely in this way, although they had people surrounding them to talk to. They will couldn’t let out any of all their feelings mainly because another employee could use it against all of them. The last brand of the book” “What the hell do you presume is eatin’ them two guys? ”is said by simply Carlson. Right now, why will any person with any perception of compassion or knowledge of others question that? The man just slain his closest friend but Carlson didn’t manage to understand because he never got had a good friend, not one that he would feel below par for at least. Unichip never realized what it is love to share. They may have always needed to be strong. This to me shows that they were the best examples of loneliness.


George is the kind-hearted ranch side who is worried about his friend Lennie and watches out for him. Because he has a giant’s body and a child’s mind, Lennie accidentally gets rid of Curley’s partner, at the same time this individual kills the dream of buying a farm that has kept George and Lennie positive regarding the future. The climax arises when Lennie accidentally eliminates Curley’s wife. George knows that he can not anymore save Lennie, for Curley will want payback. Of Rodents and Men ends in misfortune. George feels compelled to mercifully get rid of his friend and friend, Lennie, to save lots of him from a brutal death.


The book was unhappy, but it truly is a fantastic. It identifies so many things regarding life. A few examples are: how dreams help give that means to life, the value of camaraderie, and how life unabashedly leg techinques you consistently down. Should you be looking for a publication that describes a positive existence, this may not be the one.

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