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November 25 1996 essay

That they Cant always be the Same

In communication between men and women, both the genders constantly communicate in different ways. Traditionally guys communicate specifics directly and therefore are less likely to talk about details which may have little related to the discussion. Women customarily are more careful about what they declare and strive to build relationships by the way they communicate. These two forms of connection, direct (traditional male) and indirect (traditional female), are consistent during most nationalities. There are circumstances where the males communicate indirectly and the girls directly however, not where the two genders speak in the same way. (Lakoff 627) In case the two sexes do communicate in the same way, there is certainly bound to always be serious issue that usually involves violence.

The movie Thelma and Louise tells the story of two women who have try to escape from their classic roles while women. They have been put below too much pressure from society and especially males. Both Thelma and Louise feel a need to change their very own position in society and so they do it simply by changing how they communicate. This kind of change in conversation between males and females causes the ladies to take on a stronger plus more direct vocabulary which included as well robbery and murder. They change from the regular female forms of communication to a more assertive form of conversation. Once they transform, the men who have they come in to contact with replace the way that they communicate as well, or that they face severe consequences. This kind of demonstrates the simple fact that men and women will be bound to connect differently. Inside the movie, Thelma and Louise react violently to males who communicate directly to these people after they have got changed their particular form of connection. These violent reactions really are a result of the boys breaking the cultural ideal that men and women are sure to communicate in another way.

At the beginning of the movie Thelma and Louise, Thelma and Louise had been women who resided lives of typical American women and communicated like you are likely to expect a woman communicate. They were concerned generally about their associations with males and tried out not to make them mad. Nevertheless , they required a break from other lives and the two women decided to have a quick vacation. Their lives change when ever Thelma is usually raped by a man the girl meets for a pub. When Louise shoots and kills the rapist, following he mocks them, that they change the method they speak and action with other males. They can no longer afford to seek or further emotional connections with guys because they are forced to make quick and important decisions. This creates a clear goal they have to achieve, that is certainly to get to Mexico to avoid becoming caught by law. When they have this crystal clear and concise goal (a trait which a man might have), they start to communicate with males more directly. They are fewer concerned with the emotional ties they have with men, and in addition they become focused on a single objective, which is leaving the country.

Both the cases in which Thelma and Louise cause serious soreness and sadness to guys are the reaction to men not really understanding that Thelma and Louise have transformed the way they connect. These situations are if the Thelma and Louise move the pick up truck driver as well as when Louise shoots the rapist. The sole chance any kind of man has to convince these people of a thing, was if a guy communicated like a woman generally would. Nevertheless since Thelma and Louise have altered their connection style to a more direct style, that they see the immediate form of communication towards them as a threat and work to eliminate that threat. In the matter of the rapist Harlen, this individual got found in the cross over. Louise made a decision to communicate very directly to the rapist including shooting him in the cardiovascular system. By frightening to shoot him, it displays that she changed from a great indirect sort of communication to a direct type of communication. Although violence is not generally thought a kind of communication, that conveyed the her thoughts towards him very straight and clearly. Harlen did not know that Louise had improved her kind of communication and preceded to communicate to her very straight by disparaging her and using very obscene dialect. When the lady changed the

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