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There was when a time in america when people experienced little fear. Neighborhoods had been free of criminal offense and hate. It was a moment when terms were used and trusted. AIDS was not an issue to worry about. The hip hop artist, Strategy Daddy in his song, Back in the days approaches many concerns in the modern world. These issues are criminal offense, AIDS, and pacts between friends.

Over time many things have changed among friends, like the pacts close friends used to generate. There utilized to be a period when pacts meant anything. People may trust all their friend with any kind of problem they might have. Secrets were promises that close friends would never break. And when the warmth is on and they cannot hang, creates Trick Daddy, theyll provide them with yo identity. Trick Daddy is saying that back in the times people couldnt pay a lady or guy to snitch. We are in a society where relationships are not highly valued up to the top degree anymore. A friend will tell secrets and break promises. The point that Technique is trying to get throughout is that people do not value anyone but themselves.

Another issue that Trick Dad addresses is definitely crime. Even though crime has become going on for a long time, statistics show criminal offenses has reduced over the years. In Georgia

The statistics pertaining to the total criminal offense is fully, personal criminal offenses is fully, murder is definitely 100%, Attack is 94%, rape is usually 100%, Robbery 177%, Larceny 120%, automobile theft 117%. For years offense have always haunt the nation. Crime in America may be the cause of a large number of deaths. For most of Strategy Daddy words he speak about killings which might be going on. I think it is very unfortunate to know crime will always be an issue in our society. Back in the days and nights, it isnt no AKs, Trick explains to. Trick talks about AKs since they are one of the most extremely developed sort of firearms. The AK-47 is definitely one type of the AK gun. This type was created around 1974 and the shooting range is usually 1, 350m. With the development of guns just like AK-47 this can be a dangerous system. And Internet marketing thinkin spell when the period I was ten, Trick Daddy says the most severe thing I remember seeing was a boy get his brain bashed in. This dates back with the advancement guns like AKs because Trick tells how people are getting their heads taken off instead of bashed in. Trick uses his words of the tune to show people the changes that are occurring these days.

Finally, the most crucial issue that Trick Daddy addresses is AIDS. Because the first case of Aids surfaced in 1981, the disease has rapidly spread, killing more than four hundred, 000 people in the United States. This kind of devastating outbreak has changed the lives of friends, households, and lovers. Trick talks on this concern as something that has brought on great pain. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) weakens the natural defense and makes your body vulnerable to deadly diseases and infections. Is it doesn’t hardest disease to receive it is not necessarily spread by casual speak to. You can get HIV through sexual activity, sharing sharp needles, and

Blood. Yo need to be secure because the globe is a deadly place Trick Daddy is intending to warn us from the dangers inside our world. More than 688, 000 Americans had been diagnosed with ASSISTS and about 500, 000 possess died. Recent statistics show that about many of these of all HELPS cases have been completely men.

The virus weakens the immune system. By doing this it permits the infection to come in. The virus connects itself to and damages white blood cells. HIV continues to reduce the T cells whilst your body turns into susceptible to a multitude of infections and different types of diseases. There is no cure for HIV conditions thats for what reason its very important to protect ourself. Many measures can be acquiring towards living a healthy your life. Some of those methods are abstinence, and using condoms. Various other things you may want to consider are not having a many sexual partners, not to generate casual connection with other people bloodstream, get examined often should you be having sex, and not share sharp needles. AIDS can be a serious problem within our society. We have to always be cautious of our encircling because practically nothing can help us once you get AIDS. We must look ahead to our upcoming in order to do that people must consider necessary acti


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