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Mandatory attendance policies essay

Required Attendance Guidelines

While studying or even signing up for a class presents an issue to some scholars, the greatest hurdle remains, likely to class. Going to college should signify a new found independence to make a large number of important options regarding education without high university mandatory attendance policies. Nevertheless , students all over the place are arriving at the unbelievable realization that college is not as well different from senior high school. Teachers even now take class roll and students continue to be expected to end up being at every class on time. What next, corridor monitors in Holden Lounge? The time has come for action to be taken. Colleges must abolish required student attendance policies for several reasons to end up being further reviewed.

First, in order to enroll in college or university, mandatory attendance in a past educational company is required. For the majority of, this record consists of 13 years of required classroom attendance prior to school. It is a valid argument the fact that continuation with this policy is effective for task preparation because it teaches accountability and self-discipline. When a student is necessary by a higher authority to perform something, is it really self-discipline? No, it really is merely a high school graduation power have difficulties between college student and instructor that has several how located its method in to the sessions of colleges just about everywhere. This insurance plan teaches college students that in the or her future, if perhaps attendance for a particular event is important, somebody will be there to mandate it. The required attendance plan does not promote self-discipline, this promotes the control of one individual by one other. The only way that the student will learn self-discipline and accountability is through learning from your errors using his / her own judgement, not depending on policy.

Second, the majority of the students that do certainly not attend course are usually those who should not go to class. These types of students tend to be bothersome and tardy distracting the students that actually desire to further all their education. In the event this plan stays in place, it will continue to place pupils with little if any academic motivation in the same learning environment as those striving to accomplish their maximum potential. This is detrimental to everybody involved in the education process because it slows down the pace of progression. Simply by allowing learners to miss class, the student-teacher proportion will be more favorable and instructors will have fewer distractions.

Finally, a college student is known as a consumer which has a demand for a product, an education. The teachers would be the producers. Who would like to pay thousands of dollars for anything, and then be regulated upon when, how, and where you get it? No person. Which is probably why The state of texas Tech contains a freshman dropout rate of 21% intended for the Fall 1999 term according to Roger Terry, an author of the Fall 1999 Retention Overview produced by the Texas Technical Institutional Analysis department. In accordance to Mister. Terry, this dropout level is one of the top in the Big 12 Convention and is a problem over-looked by many school officials. It is true that in a job situation the employee is required to attend function and it can be sensibly asserted that this coverage would aid to prepare students for his or her profession. However , through this situation, the roles have got changed. The employee is no longer a consumer, he or she is now the developer, receiving repayment as opposed to rendering payment. Although it is important towards the teacher to teach the student in the classroom environment and is highly effective in the top quality of education received, it must be the buyers decision to take advantage of this instructions.

In conclusion, with only 79% of the junior class coming back for the Spring Session, it is time to do something. Mandating students to attend school does not improve the quality of education received. The decision to adopt the motivation to attend category should rest solely inside the hands from the student. Educational institutions must abolish mandatory college student attendance guidelines because it will not promote self-discipline and answerability and is detrimental to the learning environment. The decision to attend class must be up to the consumer. After all, there are some lessons available of lifestyle that have being learned on ones personal, based on her or his own common sense, not based on policy.


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