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Malaysia car industry article


1 ) 1 History

Malaysia is among the smaller Southeast Asian markets pertaining to motor vehicle production and sales and rates high behind Southern region Korea, the Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Asia and Indonesia. Since 85, when the first made-in-Malaysia car, Proton thrown off the production line, that have been spearheading Malaysias driven plan to turn into one of the planets most advanced industrial societies by year 2020. To date over one million Protons have been bought from 51 countries throughout the world. By comparison, Malaysias automobile industry in fact remains heavily protected with import duties ranging from a hundred and forty to 300 percent on cars, and extremely high regional content requirements. Malaysia also maintains a great import suspend on motor vehicles from Israel and South Africa. These protectionism clause in large has turned Proton to became the number one best selling passenger car in Malaysia. It has also preserved a huge business of above 50% as 1987 by it childhood beginnings in 1985.

1 ) 2 Industry Review

Year 1998

Position Makes Sales UnitShare

1Proton ( EON )6759549. 5%

2Kancil3892128. 5%

3Proton ( USPD )1989414. 6%

4Honda4100 3. 0%

5Toyota1930 1 . 4%

6Nissan1407 1 . 0%

7Mercedes Benz1160 0. 9%

8BMW 672 zero. 5%

9Volvo 422 0. 3%

10Peugeot three hundred and fifty 0. 3%

Total Traveling Car136451100%

1 . 3 The Proton Account

In 1983, the Malaysian government formed Proton (Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional) a 70/30 joint venture involving the Malaysian federal government and Mitsubishi. Assembly of its first national car, the Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) SAGA, started in 1985. The FABLE contained 70 percent local content material in the beginning, with plans to boost this ultimately to 90-95 percent. Currently the Proton can be between 70 and sixty two percent community content in accordance to GSP criteria.

Product Release

1985 Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) SAGA 1 . 3 and 1 . a few litre

1992 Proton ISWARA 1 . several and 1 ) 5 litre

1993 Proton WIRA 1 ) 5 and 1 . six litre

1994 Proton SATRIA 1 . a few and 1 ) 6 litre

1995 Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) PERDANA installment payments on your 0 litre

Proton WIRA 1 . a few, 1 . almost 8 litre and

installment payments on your 0 diesel ( new generation )

mil novecentos e noventa e seis Proton TIARA 1 . one particular litre

1997 Proton PUTRA 1 . almost 8 DOHC

98 Proton SATRIA GTi 16V


1 . 4 EON ( Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) Leading Car Distributor )

EON, an associate of the DRB-Hicom Group, began on 18 May 1984 as the only distributor of

Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) cars. On 1 Sept. 2010 1985, that marketed the first Proton Saga, and thenceforth there were no seeking back. While the leading distributor for Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) cars in Malaysia, they have also started to be one of the international locations fastest growing group. Revenue volume increased rapidly from 7, 494 units in 1985 to 140, 968 units in 1997, hitting an annual progress rate of 18. six per cent. To get the monetary year ended 31st January 1998, the group registered a turnover of RM 3. ninety five billion having a pretax revenue of RM 101. 6th million.

installment payments on your 0 MODIFICATIONS IN OUR CAR MARKET

In Malaysia, for the last 10 years, the car sector was virtually taken over by Proton manufacturer. Of the cars sold each year, 70 percent happen to be Proton sales. Some twenty-five other producers compete for the remaining 30 percent. The previous top selling car like Nissan Sun-drenched was absolutely wipe out nearly overnight as Proton enormous takeover in market sales more than a decade ago. Within the next decade, the Malaysian Proton car market is supposed to increase close to 90 percent from 230, 000 products at present to approximately 375, 000 devices in the year 2000.


several. 1 Marketing-Mix Strategies

The most basic marketing-mix tool as in Item, Proton provides unquestionably the best warranty deal of virtually any manufacturer. The most crucial part getting the power teach warranty, which guarantees the engine and transmission assemblies against failure for six years.

Another most hostile marketing-mix tool in Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) sales is definitely Promotion and Place. Proton through EON since distributor has been able to carry out to speak effectively and promotes their product towards the target market. It has set up interaction and promo programs substantially consisting of marketing, sales campaign, public relations, and direct and online marketing.

The earliest promotion Proton used was going to organized the car naming competition, and it was from here which a certain manufacturer belonging patriotism towards Proton SAGA brand was transfuse among Malaysian. The government by itself also non-stop pursue the promotion of Proton car on a in the country scale with all the Prime Minister launching almost every new model category in the Proton car lineage. This kind of itself has been widely protected in all key newspaper intended for the benefit of market brand consciousness.

As in recently the Prime Minister as a excellent mover in promoting Proton cars have launched numerous globe events specifically, the World Glass Golf 99, and Votre Tour De Langkawi, imparting a Proton car to its winner. The the latest achievement of Malaysian sports athletes who had established and damaged records in Kuala Lumpur 98XVI Commonwealth Games was also not forgotten, because the athletes were every awarded a Proton PERDANA.

Besides this kind of Proton through its marketing arm EON, have also been selling world incidents to promote the vehicle namely, FIFA/Coca Cola IXth World Youngsters Club, 34th International Junior Skill Olympics, Motor Rallying Activities and the Malaysia Thomas Cup staff to restore the badminton fame. These rigorous promotions especially at world functions have nevertheless marketed Proton autos to a vast majority of people in Malaysia and also overseas.

Proton also attempted to demonstrates it is markets durability by creating a countrywide record of 2713 Proton cars in perfect séquito at the Penang Bridge Merdeka Proton Drive for the Guinness Publication of World Records. This will surely bring about company belonging patriotism. Further to that, Proton continued durability advertising by setting up a successful parachute jump at the North Rod using a Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) WIRA 1 . 5.

Lately in a promotional blitz to stimulate demand for the automotive aftermarket and to aid the countrys economic recovery effort, national car supplier EON offered the weekend mega EON Auto Carnival The Main Celebration. Hundreds of fresh cars had been sold at this kind of carnival. Besides this, Proton also supply refurbished and used autos to be bought at EON Motoria Autofair about target another lower income group.

The next hostile marketing-mix tool by Proton is Charges and its ease. Here Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) decides on good for value cost, discounts and good credit rating term.

Aside from the aggressive advertising and marketing, promotional and sales tactics being adopted by EON, the government move to relax the end-financing ruling for cars below RM40, 000 to 85 % and the extension of the conditions of repayment to several years have also been a contributory factor to the increase in product sales. EONs paradigm shift in marketing can be aimed at producing car purchases more affordable. This will likely sure end up being welcomed by many people Malaysians and also require encountered difficulties in getting fund in the past times.

In the recent economic downturn, EON have also managed to re-categorize the pricing. Clients have shown particular interest in the no-frills Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) Iswara 1 ) 3S Aeroback that had been promoted in an affordable RM29, 683. In a short period, 3, 160 units for all alternatives of this unit were sold.

The drive to sell remains to be a high concern at all amounts in EON despite a dampened market. The company is usually offering a RM4, 1000 discount within the new Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) Perdana 2 . 0 SEi Auto (corporate edition) to draw the business and fast market. Previously, a buyer-get-buyer bonus incentive programme of a service payoff voucher appreciated at RM300 is also provided to owners of Perdanas who also introduce new customers to the joys of a Perdana ownership.

On the prospect, EON can be confident of the sales intended for Proton vehicles increasing together with the countrys economic restoration.

In an attempt to control the price further more, EON as well as the government have:

1 . Raise exemption of excise responsibility on Proton cars from 50 % to 70 per cent for a limited period. (This designed a damage in Government revenue of RM 126 million in 1998).

2 . Extend the 50 per cent exemption about excise responsibility for Protons Tiara for an additional six months. (Loss in Government revenue for 98 at RM 35 million).

3. Remove optional equipment to lower the costs of Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) cars by nearly 10-12 per cent in the current price of the car.

4. Suspend temporarily the 13 percent import obligation on Protons components while an inducement to foreign trade to new markets, which are consistent with the WTO rules. (This waiver cost the Government RM 58. several million in revenue in 1998).

a few. Proton also trives for the preferential govt treatment, having to pay only 13% duty in imported parts while its competition forked away 42%.

Ideally, the strategic vision for PROTON will be a global automobile manufacturer, capable to compete with emerging car manufacturers in all markets. A pre-requisite towards noticing this vision is through reaching the amount of economy of scale creation thus allowing production by low cost amounts.

As part of it is long term capacity expansion prepare, the building of its new plant in PROTON City, Tanjung Malim, 90 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur, marks a significant landmark in attaining the automobile manufacturers perspective.

PROTONs vision is to build an integrated automotive metropolis that will supply the necessary system and methods to support excessive volume making operations and enabling low unit expense production.

As an example, PROTONs vendors will be incorporated into the citys programs for easy parts delivery based on the Just-In-Time delivery system. Merchant factories will be built alongside PROTONs flower to form better networking between PROTON as well as supply sequence.

3. 2 Efficiency Strategy

The Protons approach, in retrospection, was a lessons in performance:

The Product: Recognized national car or often known as kereta kaum, sedan family members size, normal design and cheap material.

The Price: Value pricing and lowest in the traveling car selection.

Distribution: Considerable distribution organisations ( EON ), 1 at every town with dynamic showrooms.

Advertising: Proton appointed sole supplier EON, to totally concentrate on Proton brand.

Advertising: Aggressive advertising in all main media, specifically print mass media and TELEVISION SET with strong government support.


The Malaysian car Proton Wiras waiting list is approximately 6-month since it is, and they will not sell the car to you unless you trade within an old car. It is racket really. And the Salesmen, they don’t come to you anymore, you go to these people if you want to buy a Wira car. Even if you head to them that they still avoid you, (because they cannot deliver? ). Of course, if you have the amount of money you still cannot buy the car. Probably mainly because Proton Wira is the cheapest car of its course (other automobiles of the same school are taxed so intensely that they are unable to compete fairly).

And after this with the foreign trade of the Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) Wira, it includes made it a hard commodity to acquire in Malaysia. Most is going to wondered how come they call it a Malaysian car in any way if Malaysian have to wait around 6 months to acquire the car? Having a waiting period of 6 months (and having to trade in a second-hand car to acquire a new Proton Wira) can it be really worth while buying it? But buying an additional make of car one would always be branded as unpatriotic. Waiting in line for a Proton, even if you eventually get one particular, the salesman offers you X ringgit if you are ready to give it up to someone else. The heartache begins after you drive it house. Then you realize the pleasure of the nation comes with a handful of rattles and noises. Things come off easily. Sometimes, the radio comes off within your hands. And this is Not only a security characteristic. And, if you have been awake within the last few years, you should know that the National car has been steadily rising in cost over time. Reason: Yen. A yen for revenue.

The standards for Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) is also considerably below what you ought to get for the money you pay out. Parts will be replaced not really knocked since they are easily smashed on effects, thus so that it is worthless for knocking.

The Proton was supposed to be an affordable car to get the average Malaysian. With its access into the Malaysian market a lot more than 10 years back, within a several months taxes upon foreign inexpensive cars (such the fantastic Sunny Extra) was increased placing it out of reach on most Malaysians. It became the best selling automobiles ever due to unfair edge. Not it turned out of high quality, it does not meet the bare minimum standards required by, state UK, Quotes.

When ever one discusses the wider picture, Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) is a gloomy failure. They have made cars less inexpensive for the standard Malaysian. It has given the Malaysian consumer less decision when buying a new car. It has made EON, a non-company prior to the existence of Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich), THE most highly effective car dealership in Malaysia, despite consistent problems of poor customer service. And, as you declare, it has offered Malaysians a poorer top quality car than they would have bought for the similar money ahead of the import charges were enforced.

The justification for the rights that Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) enjoys is named the infant sector argument. Simply said, as a fresh industry Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) needs another edge to compete against imports. Tariffs on imported cars increase their prices making Proton cars more price attractive. Even so, tariff in imports should be gradually decreased to keep Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) awake.

Now that Proton is very very popular and such a great car, the government still cant find the money for to take off of the tariffs in other cars. If people have already noticed that the WASSERSTOFFION (POSITIV) (FACHSPRACHLICH) is a good car (as claimed), then it does not need to be shielded. It is beyond the fledgling stage and now need to learn to stand on its own foot. Let EON enter a free of charge marketplaceIf it really is truly good, it will make it through, otherwise it is going to DIE.

This will not happen until the year 2003. when the Oriental Free Control Area (AFTA) takes full effect.


five. 1 SWOT Analysis

Power Identified

1 ) Well-trained sales/service force conformance to the requirements of customers.

2 . Wide circulation centres.

a few. Efficient development reduces the price and affordable price to offer value towards the product.

Disadvantages Identified

1 . Lengthy delivery activities.

2 . Consumer claims.

Opportunities Identified

1 ) Effective division.

2 . Reduced to Medium class consumidor market share.

three or more. Currently monopoly of operate.

4. Promoting communication.

a few. Variety designs to attract buyers.

Threats Recognized

1 . AFTA. in the year the year 2003.


I really believe 90% of Proton buyers choose Proton over the imports because of selling price. Once you lift the tariff mainly because it will be in 2003, you

1) loose the money flow from the tariff

2) loose tremendous business for the Proton.

Therefore , the auto market sector which has been monopolize by Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) will certainly difference in the next 3 years to arrive. No doubt, anyone could experience a Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) (lived with one for more than 5 years), but I dont believe its manys dream car except for the the price feature. Proton long term may carry on but it will certainly not be the No . 1 car after the 12 months 2003. Once AFTA is within force (in the year 2003), most of the other car rates will also be down. AFTA pushes for liberation of trade in the region through the elimination of intra-regional tariffs and the reduction of nontariff barriers. In that case Proton will need to compete with similar equal strategy for market share. It is well-known because it is the lowest priced car in Malaysia. Is it doesn’t cheapest when they impose 300% tax in import automobiles. Proton marketing strategy is generally created upon so affordable price distinctive difference to keep as No . 1 .

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