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Joseph falsely accused by potiphars wife essay

The storyline of Joseph and Potiphars wife can be told in the first

book of the Holy bible, Genesis, phase 39. Paul was marketed into

captivity by his brothers and bought simply by Potiphar, a top ranking

official in the Pharaohs service. God was with Joseph

and gave him success in everything this individual did. This pleased Potiphar

and before long Joseph was handed the highest placement in the

household, and kept in charge the moment Potiphar was away. Right now

Potiphars partner found Joseph to be very good looking and had

approached him several times stating come to bed with me, and

Frederick being a man of Goodness would not bad thing against his master or perhaps the

Lord, therefore he refused her. 1 day when each of the servants had been

gone, Paul entered the home and Potiphars wife got into contact with him

although holding on to his cloak said come to bed with me.

Joseph refused and left the house leaving his cloak in back of.

Potiphar Wife cried for support saying that Joseph had assaulted

and attempted to sleep with her. The moment her spouse came home she informed

him the same false account. Potiphar was so angry at Joseph he had

him locked up in Pharaohs prison. But while Paul was in the

prison, our creator was with him. This can be a subject matter pertaining to

which Rembrandt choose to do his representational piece of art by.

The content from the painting most reveals Rembrandts

interpretation of the story

This is actually the account through the Bible of the accusation of

Joseph by Potiphars Wife. Rembrandt Van Ryn chose this

particular account as the subject of his story painting

designed in 1655, under the title of Joseph Charged By

Potiphars Wife. Ahead of researching this kind of painting, We noted my personal

fist perception of Rembrandt work of art. We realized through

that because of my later research, my personal first notion did

not change, although instead had been enriched and enlarged by a newfound

understanding of the man wonderful art. We largely focused on

my first sometime later it was perceptions in the design factors and

concepts of light or value, infinite space, color, and focal


After doing research, my first awareness about the

value, or perhaps relative amount of lightness or darkness, inside the

painting did not change, nevertheless instead We learned that Rembrandts

use of lumination and darker was the two purposeful and a technique well-

known to the artists of his period. When I first discovered this

art work, I thought how dark anything seemed. The sole

exceptions towards the darkness are definitely the bed and Potiphars better half, both

that are overloaded in light practically as if a spotlight were

thrown onto her and the foundation. Some lumination shines on Josephs encounter

and by behind him like a resplandor around his body, although this mild

is very darkish. Potiphar in great contrast to his wife is nearly in

complete darkness. We first sensed there should be more light coming from

perhaps candle lights to players the entire room in part light. Nevertheless

after study I found that Rembrandt enjoyed strong contrasts of

mild and darker and applied them in the paintings every his life

letting night hide pointless details when using light to

bring characters and objects out from the shadows. The high

contrast of sunshine against darker changed a common scene right into a

dramatic a single the Italian language word just for this use of light and darker

is contrasto (Muhlberger 9). Rembrandt must have believed

that too much details in the room would have obscured the primary

players of this scene. He uses lumination to gaily illuminate the

most important person in this portrait, Potiphars wife. In

descending order of importance, Rembrandt areas a glow around

Paul and casts Potiphar in a almost total darkness. These days am

able to see how the contrast of light and dark demonstrates

substantially this crucial turning point in Josephs lifestyle. The

fact that an Italian language word is present for Rembrandts lighting

strategy only proves the approaches establishment in the art

world he were living and performed in.

As a result of research, my own fist awareness about the

presence of infinite space in the art work did not transform, but

instead I obtained an understanding of why Rembrandt employed this kind of

particular strategy in his painting. I first noticed ahead of

conducting virtually any research upon Rembrandt or this painting how the

walls appear to go on indefinitely, there are no limitations to

the room. In addition the artist decided to go with not to put and details to

them or floors. I believe the design element of

infinite space, endless space as found in nature, greatest describes

this system. Upon executing my study I found that

according to Richard Muhlberger, Rembrandt discovered to luxurious

attention upon small parts of a painting, departing the rest devoid of

much depth. He knew that details look even more impressive

between areas which have been plain, they are really harder to notice

when they cover the entire area of a painting (16).

Obviously from this painting of Joseph Accused by Potiphars Wife

Rembrandts purpose in using the style element of unlimited space

is to attract the group to the heroes in this tale and

not really their natural environment, with the exclusion, perhaps, of

the bed. Therefore , my notion of this design element was

only increased by the knowledge of Rembrandts motivation in

which includes infinite space in his composition.

My 1st perceptions regarding the colors in the painting performed

not transform, but instead I attained an understanding of how the

colors Rembrandt utilized contributed to the characters

portrayal/depiction. Color, the character of a surface area resulting

from the response of vision to the wavelength of light reflected

from that surface, influences people in various ways. One of many

greatest color affects people is through their feelings. When I

first studied the painting of Joseph becoming Accused by simply Potiphars

partner, the dreary, somber colors left me feeling depressed. Ive

never really appreciated Rembrandts portrait because of his frequent

use of low strength colors like muddy browns. But then, following

reading the passage inside the first publication of the Bible, Genesis

in which the story inside the painting is usually recounted, My spouse and i began to

understand Rembrandts reasoning behind his choice of hues (at

least) for this particular painting). Frederick is being offender by

his masters partner, the master he features served with all of his

potential, of a criminal offenses he hasn’t committed, not even in his mind

despite the many opportunities the lady has provided him. Pertaining to

Rembrandt to successfully show Josephs situation, he had to

know the tales he painted and all the characters in them

(Schwartz 15). Instead of focusing on the luxurious establishing of

a great Egyptian representatives bedroom, Rembrandt chose to underscore the

seriousness of Josephs situation through color.

Following researching Rembrandts painting, my personal first awareness

of the focus of this make up did not modify, but My spouse and i felt

I realize better how he created the focal point. Just before

researching Rembrandts work, We felt drawn to the woman in this

painting to get the mere fact that she is easiest to see and in the

middle of the picture. The design rule, focal point, the

point of emphasis that attracts interest and stimulates the

audience to seem further finest explains could was pulled in by

Potiphars wife. Through my exploration I discovered Rembrandt, in

order to heighten the value of Potiphars wifes actions, her

fingers pointing towards the robe, put her fingertips in the middle

in the canvas (Munz 10). Another placement requires

the bed. After having a careful consider the picture, I discovered the bed

also is located in the midst of the piece of art, and protects over

half the canvas. The bed also in that case another focal point since

it dominates the composition whilst other areas happen to be subordinate to

it. Rembrandts focal points job because of the good contrast

among light and dark also because of keeping of the personas

in this account. Thus, through research I learned how Rembrandt

defines his focal points which my first understanding initially


Now not knowing the story of Joseph and Potiphars partner

one could patch together the events occurring by the content material

in the art work. There is a significant room partially lit. Inside the

center is a bed with snow white sheets fitted perfectly, as if a

maid experienced just completed dressing that. To the side of the bed

seated in an similarly large chair, is a many troubled-looking

woman. She is embellished with a magnificent, bright-colored outfit, and

wears decorative charms, with her hair luxuriously woven. She

points with her proper hand an accusing ring finger at a dark maroon

cloak draped on one in the bed blogposts. Her other hand nurses a

torn lapel of an beneath garment, suggesting she has experienced some

way violated. The girl looks, using a creased your forehead, at a tall

dark figure towards the her left, whom for the lack of lighting

shimmers in an graceful uniform, his head donning a diadème. He

leans on the back side of her seat, his hand closed, nevertheless his provide

pointing inside the same path as the cloak. His other provide is upon

his hip directly previously mentioned a sheathed sword. His overall visibility and

face expression shows up quizzical, as he ponders over the

serious scenario. The situation naturally concerns the

accusation his wife makes of the owner of the hide. The unhappy

figure in around the corner dressed in the drab olive green tunic stands

noiselessly listening to over, obviously the accused owner of

this cloak. His maroon red sash together with the keys uncovers his

importance to the home. Rembrandt plainly brought this

scene to life convincingly(Schwartz 15). For him to have

achieved this task, he had to give each figure an

ideal expression, cause, and costume(Schwartz 15). All

this Rembrandt has done, giving us which has a tragic second in

biblical history captured beautifully with this awesome piece of art of

Paul accused by Potiphars better half.

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