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Jack kerouac and the defeat movement dissertation

World War II marked a wide dividing collection between the outdated and the fresh in American society plus the nations literature(The World Book Encyclopedia 427). When world War II ended there was clearly a pent up desire that had been postponed because of the war. Content war America brought about an occasion when it seemed that every young man was undertaking the same thing, acquiring a job, moving down and starting a family.

America was learning to be a nation of shoppers. One group that was against contouring to this boring American life-style was referred to as Beatniks. The Beats or perhaps Beatniks ruined middle category American existence as morally bankrupt. They will praised individuality as the greatest human goal(The World Book Encyclopedia 428).

This kind of perspective was present in poems and literary works through out the beat movement.

One of the most essential works made during the defeat movement was Jack Kerouacs On The Road. Inside the novel Jack port Kerouacs andet jeg Sal Heaven represents the American guy who realizes he will not want to conform to communities pressures but nevertheless hasnt understood what it is exactly he wants to do. He can a man that has very little way and is quite definitely lost in the world as he knows it.

Kerouac appears to be constantly planning to escape. In examining the novel one might wonder what is Kerouac escaping and by what means does he do so? Kerouac used two means of escape through out the novel and through out his life.

His 1st means of escape was his constant travel and leisure. He moved from east to western world, New York to San Francisco and stopped everywhere in between.

He made this kind of trip frequently, constantly on the highway. The simple subject of the new exemplifies Kerouacs ongoing need to travel. If he and his close friends got attempted of journeying east to west they will traveled north to southern, driving right down to Mexico City. His travels provided him the opportunity to be an outsider with no worries.

He was able to observe and notice all that there was clearly to offer throughout the country. When journeying through the states, staying in small villages for only a few nights, Kerouac could obtain a life with no determination or responsibility. Even if having been to make some type of determination to one of his many girls along the way, that wasnt in contrast to him to just pick up and leave. In the end the only thing people around seemed to know about him was that he liked to imbibe.

This leads to the other sort of escape Kerouac used, the alteration of reality. Kerouac would psychologically alter his perception of reality through the use of drugs and alcohol. I used to be getting inebriated and couldnt care, anything was fine(Kerouac 35). To him everything in life was fine as long as he was drunk.

Having been beginning to drink heavily, and also to drink whiskey and wacholderbranntwein instead of just beverage (Nicosia 96). That was only the commencing of his disillusionment. Jack port began choosing benzedrine and smoking marijuana(Nicosia 102). Having the means by which he goes out, the question nonetheless remains what is Kerouac planning to escape? In order to understand this we must explore a few of Jacks personal issues.

A issue regarding Kerouac that may be very often steer away from to yet never really spoken about in On The Road is his possible homosexuality. While Plug never actually came out about his sexuality, his good friends would often witness Ports participation in endless times of sexual with both men and women(Nicosia 102). Kerouacs homosexual tendencies caused an overriding mental conflict: Kerouac was homosexual but despised homosexuals. Plug talked continuously about every one of the big aged fags he knew(Nicosia 493).

Though Kerouac may have homosexual incurs, he sensed a private guilt over his homosexual thoughts. In an attempt to ease his sense of guilt Jack would denounce homosexuality, saying that gay sex can be not in my line(Nicosia 142). Jack was obviously ashamed of his homosexual experiences and fought every his lifestyle against the packaging queer(Nicosia 154). In 1945, he wrote a letter to Allen Ginsberg trying to solve the issue of his possible homosexuality.

This individual stated the

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