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Cheat Mode

Stop the game, after that hold Numpad 7 and press Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, C, V, Up, Down, Kept, Up, C, V

Spacebar, Sixth is v, B, Spacebar, V, W. The temporarily stop screen will

move if you joined the code correctly. Up coming, select

the End Operate option from the pause menu. All secrets

FMV seqences, and skaters will probably be unlocked.

Thin Skater

Pause gameplay, Hold Numpad-7 and press: Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, C, Spacebar, Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, C, Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar

Spacebar, C. Keep duplicating to make skater thinner.

Neversoft Boarders

At the Main Menu, carry Numpad-7 and press: Up, C

C, Sixth is v, Right, Up, B, V. Now make a skater having a

Neversoft Dev Staff name.

Special Meter Always Total

Pause gameplay, hold Numpad-7 and press: Spacebar

V, W, B, Up, Left, Versus, C.

Raise Statistics to 15

Pause gameplay, hold Numpad-7 and press: Spacebar

V, B, C, Versus, Up, Straight down

Turbocharged Mode

Temporarily halt gameplay, keep Numpad-7 and press: Down, C

V, Correct, Up, M, Down, C, V, Correct, Up, N.

Body fat Skater

Temporarily halt gameplay, keep Numpad-7 and press: Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Left, Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Left, Spacebar

Spacebar, Spacebar, Spacebar, Left. Keep repeating

to make skater fatter.

Blood Function

Pause gameplay, hold Numpad-7 and press: Right

Up, C, V.

Special Movements

All of these subsequent moves happen to be performed when

your characters exceptional meter is definitely flashing yellow:

Andrew Reynolds

Nosegrab Tailslide

Press Up, Down, Work.

Triple Heelflip

Press Up, Right, Kickflip.

Hardflip Past due Flip

Press Up, Straight down, Kickflip.

Bob Burnquist

Rocket Tailslide

Press Up, Straight down, Grind.

A single Foot Jones

Press Right, Down, Work.

Racket Air flow

Press Kept, Down, Grab.

Bucky Lasek

The Big Hitter

Press Kept, Down, Work.

One Foot Japan

Press Up, Right, Grab.

Fingerflip Airwalk

Press Left, Correct, Grab.

Chad Muska

Mute Backflip

Press Up, Down, Grab.


Press Straight down, Right, Grind.

Muska Nostril Man

Press Right, Up, Grab.

Elissa Machine

Pop-queen Tailslide

Press Up, Kept, Grind.

Hospital Flip

Press Left, Proper, Kickflip.

Indy Backflip

Press Up, Straight down, Grab.

Erik Koston

The Fandangle

Press Right, Down, Grind.

Indy Frontflip

Press Down, Up, Grab.

Lasagna Guy

Press Down, Remaining, Grab.

Geoff Rowley

Rowley Darkslide

Press Left, Right, Grind.

Double Hardflip

Press Right, Straight down, Kickflip.

1 / 2 Flip Casper

Press Proper, Left, Kickflip.

Jamie Thomas

Beni F-Flip Crooks

Press Down, Up, Grind.

Laserlight Flip

Press Down, Proper, Kickflip.

One particular Foot Nasal area Manual

Press Left, Up, Grab.

Kareem Campbell

Segregazione Bird

Press Down, Up, Kickflip.

Nosegrind to Pivot

Press Down, Up, Mill.


Press Left, Straight down, Grab.

Rodney Mullen

Nollieflip Underflip

Press Down, Still left, Kickflip.

Casper to fish hunter 360 Flip

Press Down, Correct, Grab.

Heelflip Darkslide

Press Right, Kept, Grind.

Rune Glifberg

One Foot Bluntslide

Press Remaining, Up, Grind.

Kickflip 1 Foot Tailslide

Press Remaining, Down, Kickflip.

Christ Air flow

Press Left, Right, Get.

Sam Caballero

Hang Ten

Press Correct, Up, Work.

Triple Kickflip

Press Up, Left, Kickflip.

FS 540

Press Correct, Left, Get.

Tony Hawk


Press Down, Kept, Grind.


Press Up, Down, Grab.

The nine hundred

Get a lot of air and press Proper, Down, Get.

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