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Imagine needing to scratch and scrape your finger

ails up against the grind stone to scrap together around enough money to get by. Think about not being able to pay the bills and put food available at the same

time and in that case think about just how these people experienced knowing that there was people within a better financial

condition that were just getting more potent. Why is it that rich people always appear to have all the luck? In the

book Paper Celestial body overhead by May well David Darkish, Addie and Long Youngster Pray alter that whole scenario. Theyre an

example of the average second rate father-daughter con artist crew. They take cash out by under

the à nous of the wealthy and the poor without them actually noticing this. They are both poor and rich at the same

time. History seems to show that this was done by a modest amount of people to stay prosperous in such

desperate instances.

In the early thirties, everyone was either poor or wealthy. There was zero middle class. The rich seemed

to receive richer while the poor got poorer, there was clearly no among. The only thing the classes decided

after was the reality it was required to do anything they could to climb the financial step ladder. Joe David

Browns interpretation of peoples deceitful actions during desperate moments in Daily news Moon effectively

demonstrates the insensitive attitudes from the wealthy through the 1930s.

The wealthy plus the poor originated in different experience and could certainly not relate to each other.

Therefore , the conceited perceptions of the wealthy caused these to look down upon the indegent and blame them

for the wrongs of society. For example , the poor sensed compelled of stealing in order to survive, Good people

wept in disappointment or looked to crime to feed their loved ones (Katz pg. 24). The indegent were forced to get up

and acquire jobs even though the wealthy seated back and peaceful. The wealthy seemed to have an air info that

made them feel excellent. In these difficult times they were doing not know the hardships that others seemed to be

going through. Rather they ruined the needy acts with the poor to make them look inferior.

The wrong attitudes of society during the 1930s caused people to shed their respect for what the law states.

As a result, the prosperous used their monetary capacity to solicit legislation enforcement. For example, Many

officials knew they could make a lot more money in bribes than from their standard salaries (Napolo pg. 42).

Because of this absentee character, many things like speakeasies were able to pass correct under their noses.

Those who got family members in law enforcement were able to jump away scot-free and some would

pay the price of their activities. The prosperous only seriously considered how their very own bribes will effect these people, not

about how their illegal activities effect world. In a like manner, Extended Boy and Addie avoid the law a large number of

instances in order to profit their wellness. After looking to sell a few bottles of stolen liquor the match got

arrested for bootlegging. Extended Boy attemptedto convince the Deputy that it was for a good friend when the

Deputy explained, This big bootlegger hea!

h claims he never know the legislation. People on this time attempted to avoid getting yourself into trouble in whatever way they understood

just how.

The tragic associated with poverty in society caused those who had been once prosperous to take on a false

personality so as not to seem poor. The honnête of world drag persons into camouflaging themselves by others

so as to not lose prestige in their group of good friends. For example although in line to get soup, Persons

seemed down expecting their good friends would not notice them (Katz pg. 14). Poverty constantly seems to drive

embarrassment in to the hearts of folks. People don’t want other folks to see them in a state wherever they cannot

even find the money for to supply or clothe themselves. This kind of forced both wealthy plus the poor to hide their encounters in


The over-exaggeration of the value involving caused the us government to create a culture that

focused on riches. As a result, many people through the Depression intentionally took actions so as not to

succumb to despair. Just as President

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