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To acquaint students with all the economic complications and solve the problems by local and national level To acquaint students with basic suggestions in economics To promote an urge among pupils for powerful participation. To arrange students to cope with stress and strain. To produce an understanding from the nations resources To develop among students a good attitude To help the students to know that different sectors need to develop equally. To develop amongst students a passion tor cultural Justice. To aid students to acquire skills.

Objectives training economics in Higher Supplementary Level: 1 ) To acquire the information of facts, terms, principles, trends, rules, problems and processes of economics. 2 . To develop understanding of trends, principles, processes, etc in economics. 3. To utilize the obtained knowledge and its understanding to unfamiliar scenario. 4. To get economic abilities like pulling maps, charts, tables, diagrams, graphs, etc . 5. To evelop desire for the subject and problems associated with the economic life with the people. 6th. To develop attractive attitudes essential for developing a broader outlook.

) Relationship of Economics with Commerce, Mathematics, Record, Geography, Research, Languages. Meaning of relationship: 0 Technique which determines reciprocal romantic relationship between diverse subjects of the curriculum for the better and obvious understanding of the subject under discussion. 0 Acc. To Raymont, “No subject is ever before well realized and no fine art is smartly practiced, in case the light which the other research are able to chuck upon it truly is eliberately shut out.  zero Knowledge can be one unseen whole, which in turn cannot be divided into water tight spaces.

Reasons for correlation: 0 Stability of knowledge zero Economy of knowledge 0 Progress interest in the niche 0 Makes the burden of the curriculum lumination 0 Development of human and social features Types of Correlation: 1) Incidental Relationship: correlation between subjects happening by chance not planned. 2) Prepared Correlation: It’s a deliberate try to correlate topics. There are two types of designed correlation: a) Vertical Correlation- correlation of economics with various branches of economics ) Horizontal correlation- correlation of economics to subjects c) Correlation with life.

Correlation of Economics with Business: Main purpose in Trade is 0 to study about business, market, trade and organization 0 study every activities beginning from creation and leading up to distribution 0 study of trade, banking, export, import, book-keeping, etc All the above are closely associated with economics. Economics and commerce cannot be researched separately. They are inter-twined. Through the knowledge of trade, it is possible to operate the economy of the country more efficiently. Correlation ot Economics witn Mathematics: zero There exists very close relationship of economics with mathematics especially statistics. The majority of the economic theories are propounded on the basis of statistical data. zero In economics we utilize various mathematical symbols. zero To come up with theories, Angles and Algebra are widely used. 0 With no statistics the knowledge of economics remains incomplete. Marshall stated, “Statistics will be the straw out of which, I really like every other economist have to make bricks. 0 To attract graphs, paintings, and tables the tutor of economics depends on mathematical knowledge. Correlation of Economics with Record: 0 Both subjects happen to be social sciences. 0 Following Industrial Revolution production of quantity and quality of products improved.

Likewise resulted in competitive business for marketing of finished products. Gave climb to infighting among numerous developed Western powers which usually resulted in large wars and new capabilities emerged. zero First and Second Community Wars were fought intended for economic factors. 0 To get understanding of various economical factors that have been responsible for numerous historical occasions, we have to depend on history. zero History explains to about the economic development of various countries. When we read a particular period in history, all of us learn about economical conditions applicable in that period. The beginning of moderate of exchange such as gold coins and others will be studied of all time. Correlation of Economics with Geography: zero In economics we study about numerous goods. The production is governed by numerous geographical factors such as character of soil, climate. 0 Economic circumstances of a country depend into a large extent on its geographical conditions. zero India could become a wonderful power in ancient times because of its geographical situation and other conditions. Farming, industry and other economic actions depend to a large extent on geographical elements.

C] Availability of recycleables means of travel and types land (plateaus, deserts, mountains, etc) are believed in significant decisions of business. 0 Certain industries and transact develop in a particular place when geographical conditions favour them. Relationship of Economics with Scientific research: 0 Teaching is a technical Job. It requires certain qualities of head and cardiovascular system. Every educator must familiarize herself/ him self with the respected maxims of teaching which are advanced as a result of extended experience in teaching and research in ducational psychology.

To explain the idea of Diminishing Marginal Utility offer water to a student to consume and ask additional students to observe how is definitely urge pertaining to drinking water diminishes gradually at that time of time. v) Particular to General 0 Examples and facts must be presented to students prior to giving them the overall rules or principles. zero Study of particular facts should lead the children themselves frame basic rules and generalizations 0 Same basic principle adopted in inductive approach to teaching 0 E. g. discuss adulteration of different goods, cheating completed consumers and then teach the concept of Consumer Safeguard.

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