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Essay about hurricane sandy and storm katrina

According to the “The useful weather solution book” by simply Kevin Hile a hurricane is defined as a tropical storm produced in the Ocean Basin. Winds reach rates of 74 miles each hour or more. Regularly, hurricanes arise during the weeks of summer season. This allows strength to build through the warm area of the sea. Wind rates of speed, clouds, as well as the Coriolis Effect all contribute to the formation of your hurricane (123).

Hurricanes are a vital motive in nature. Douglas explains, “Whirling energy critters are the atmosphere’s automatic pressure-relief valves, similar to an integrated thermal, they also eliminates essential down pours, restoring products and ground moistures’ (108). Despite that, hurricanes produce brutal winds. non-etheless, it is the normal water that makes the most damage. “They may raise tides as high as 20 feet, and dump as much as 20 in . of rainwater inland, ” (Douglas, 107). In fact , the introduction of Hurricane Exotic and Hurricane Katrina brought on a tremendous amount of destruction for the United States.

Analyzing quite a few hurricanes enables a better knowledge of the damage that they caused, by comparing event of the function, the depth, and damage. Examining these differences will display how one of a kind each hurricane can become and the serious hazard they bring to citizens.


Hurricane Exotic took place in October 2012. According to Galarneau, Davis, and Melvyn, “Sandy was a late time tropical cyclone over the North Atlantic, that created a demolishing storm spike from the southern part of New Jersey to Rhode Island” (4296). Sandy evolved from an African exotic wave that connected with a huge area of low pressure. Combined with high dampness of the freebie southwest Caribbean, Soft sand first manufactured landfall over Jamaica.

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