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Economical management article

The required rate of come back is rs = twelve. 1%, plus the constant development rate can be g sama dengan 4. 0%. What is the latest stock price? a. $23. 11b. $23. 70c. $24. 31d. $24. 93e. $25. 57e 8- Ratio evaluation involves examining financial transactions in order to assess a business’s financial position and strength. | | | a.

| True| b. | FalseA| 9- Profitability percentages show the combined effects of fluidity, asset managing, and online debt management on operating results. | | | a. | True| w. | False| A 10 ” One problem with ratio research is that human relationships can be manipulated.

For example , in the event our current ratio can be greater than 1 ), then funding on a short-term basis and using the money to build up our cash accounts would trigger the current percentage to increase. | | | a. | True| w. | False| B| | 11 ” Arshadi Corp. ‘s product sales last year had been $52, 500, and its total assets were $22, 1000. What was their total assets turnover ratio? | | | a. | 2 . 03| n. | installment payments on your 13| c. | installment payments on your 25| d. | 2 . 36| electronic. | installment payments on your 48| Deb 12 ” Rappaport Corp. ‘s sales last year were $320, 500, and its net gain after taxation was $23, 000. What was its profit margin on sales? c| | | a. | 6. 49%| b. | 6. 83%| c. | 7. 19%| d. | 7. 55%| e. | 7. 92%| 3 ” The initially, and most crucial, step in making a set of forecasted financial claims is the revenue forecast. a.

Trueb. Falsea| 14- In line with the Capital Asset Pricing Version, investors will be primarily concerned with portfolio risk, not the potential risks of specific stocks saved in isolation. As a result, the relevant risk of a stock is the stock’s contribution to the riskiness of a well-diversified portfolio. a. True m. False a 18 ” Diversification will normally decrease the riskiness of your portfolio of stocks. a. True m. False 19- If the results of two firms will be negatively related, then one of these must have an adverse beta.. True b. False a twenty ” Which usually of the pursuing statements greatest describes what you need to expect should you randomly select stocks through adding them to the portfolio? a. Adding more such stocks can reduce the portfolio’s unsystematic, or diversifiable, risk. b. Adding more such stocks will increase the portfolio’s expected rate of return. c. Adding more this sort of stocks will reduce the portfolio’s beta pourcentage and thus the systematic risk. d. Increasing the such shares will have zero effect on the portfolio’s risk. e. Adding more such stocks will reduce the portfolio’s market risk but is not its unsystematic risk. A


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