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Considering that the beginning of the nation America happens to be known as the

shedding pot of the world. We open up our forearms and embrace diversity along with

immigration. During time nevertheless there has been one race that is made

to feel that they just do not belong sometimes or that they can re not entitled to the

same freedoms as others. The African Americans experienced a hard time in the united states.

They were brought here intentionally as slaves and even after getting their independence

spent years in the dark areas of their white peers due to the oppressive characteristics

and frame of mind of the white population. Recently that has started to change

and since African Us citizens continue to take their rightful and equal places in

American society we find the fact that constant development of the traditions has allowed

and encouraged them to develop spiritual and philosophical freedoms that they can

had not been able to enjoy just before.


The American Diaspora has affected the African People in america in many ways.

Our company is a people of freedom and always have been, nevertheless , the Dark-colored

has not always had similar privileges. The Diaspora allows the Africa

American by using a process of evolvement to re-ignite and remember a lot of its

the cultural department that acquired fallen off the charts in years past. Total

freedom is something we all strive for, however it is some thing the Africa

American has already established to fight for every step of the method in America. Today African

People in america have the same liberties that the whiles have and perhaps they are rightfully

coming out of the shadows and speaking their mind religiously, philosophically

and monetarily.


The African American centered churches through this country will always be

involved in music and happiness. The freedom to convey their spiritual views as well

as commemorate the holidays have been coming because the freedom movement began and

today the ability to celebrate, dress and worship the way of the homeland offers

been recognized and accepted.


Philosophy is really little more than flexibility of talk. It is a

advantage we have liked in this country for a long time. The African People in the usa

have been in a position to form their own philosophy for many years but simply in recent

years such as the emergence of Matn Luther California king and Malcolm X. The

philosophical capacity to speak entirely freely is usually one liberty that African

Americans possess in this nation(Malcolm X, 1999).

Complete liberty of course likewise involves economical abilities. The African

American buying electric power in this region has continuously increased because the

abolishment of slavery. Full freedom from this nation entails not only the

ability to speak freely, to develop religious and philosophical views but as well

to be able to gain and lead economically towards the nation(Malcolm Back button, 1999).

All of these things are getting worked on and having more of a reality

with every passing year and once they may have reached entirely equal position with

white bread America then the African Americans may have the well deserved complete





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