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Clarissa dalloway essay

Virginia Woolf creates interesting contrast within the character of Clarissa

Dalloway using stream of mind narration in her novel Mrs. Dalloway.

Clarissas inner thoughts reveal a contrast between her lack of appeal to

her husband because of her lesbian feelings and her anxiety about loosing him as a social

stepping stone. These clashes and many others can be seen throughout the new

using the literary device of stream of consciousness fréquentation. Clarissas

persona reveals to us early in the book her lack of interest to her partner.

This revelation can be seen in the passage that states: through some

contraction of this cold spirit, the girl had failed himshe could see what she

lackedit was anything central which in turn permeated. The cold nature

that she talks of is her sexuality, in being drawn to women, and her lack of

understanding for what reason she is in this way. This is the main reason for her not enough

attraction. She gets that this lady has let him straight down because your woman cannot complete her

duties as his wife. Clarissa had dropped both a sexual romantic relationship and sex

attraction with her hubby since the birth of her teen daughter Elizabeth:

she could hardly dispel a virginity maintained through childbirth which clung

to her such as a sheet. Clarissa tells us of her true sexuality as she recalls

her girlhood friend Sally Seton. Sally is the just person that Clarissa has ever

had virtually any real keen feelings intended for. But this kind of question of affection, this falling

in love with women. Take Sally Seton, her relation in the old days with Sally

Seton. Had not that, after all, been appreciate? Although Sally held her heart, her

homosexual emotions were not socially acceptable. Clarissa is therefore obliged

to enter into a marital life to Rich Dalloway for social purposes. A distinction to

Clarissas lack of fascination to her partner is seen in her anxiety about loosing

him. Richard offers her a stepping rock for her to be the socialite that

she strives to be. When Richard is definitely invited to a lunch with Lady Bruton, a twinge

of fear is obvious in Clarissa that she actually is loosing her husband: Fear no more

the warmth o direct sunlight, for the shock of Lady Bruton asking Richard to lunch break

without her made as soon as which the girl had stood shiver. With no him, the lady

would be nothing in society, so Clarissa is scared of loosing him even though

she has no appeal towards him. A compare in the much deeper self of

Clarissa Dalloway can be seen in the stream of consciousness liaison in Mrs.

Dalloway. She reveals her lack of attraction for her partner and her fear of

losing him through her interior thoughts. This provides for us the ability to see

the weaknesses of Clarissa and lots of of the other characters.

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