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The tag of the older man is that he desires to die commendable for a cause, while the draw of the adult man is the fact he wants to live very humble for one

Simply by: Whihelm Stekel

Holden Caufields character in The Catcher Inside the Rye by simply J. M. Salinger can be exemplified by this quote. Holden does not accept the reality of life and tries to appropriate all the wrongs. He attempts to be the savior of all the problems. Since Richard Ohmann states, Holdens looking forward to better world, not backwards into a world with more freedom to get the individual. This is a Marxist Society, not really a Rousseaueque globe. This story is a picaresque novel about initiation in manhood. Holdens psychoanalytical treatment represents a kind of facing reality. Holden must learn to agree to reality and overcome most of his idealism.

I. Phonies

A. Thinks everyone phonies

1 . Mr. Haas (Elkton Hills)

installment payments on your Hotel- windowpane

3. Mister. Antolinis house

a. Holden seems to hate situations that jam one particular tightly unnatural atmospheres with others and involve getting touched.

m. While his kid sisters accusation that he disfavors everything is not actually true, it truly is true the world through which he lives is inhabited to an overwhelming degree of artificial creeps.

II. Profanity

a. Went to Phoebes school

m. Tries to remove words

c. Fantasizes practical tips for the papa

d. Knows reality and truth

3. Death

A. Allie- (notecard)

1 . night time in garage area

2 . gets melancholy when it rains

a. thinks about Allie lying there under the off-road

b. sessions him

N. Sally and Holdens date

1 . Holden wants Sally to come out West.

2 . Sally cries- ( loss of adored ones)

IV. Change

A. Holden visits Phoebes schools to give her a message.

1 . Secretary yells Good Luck just like Old Spencer

B. Art gallery

1 . Holdens fall leaving bathroom

installment payments on your Wants to choose him (all packed)

3. Im not really going anywhere. I altered my mind so stop

crying, and shut up.

C. Loath

1 . Dons it back to symbolize as being a survivor.

a. Phoebe includes him the hat and places it on his brain.

b. When it starts pouring it provided him protection.

1 . upon forward

installment payments on your not survivor anymore

M. Song

1 ) Holden explains to Phoebe about song.

a. If a physique catch a body coming through the rye.

b. Phoebe corrects him.

c. Holden only wants to catch the little kids.

d. To meet is usually to be free, to catch is always to aid endurance

and in some manner survive.

E. Fear of Making it through

1 . Holden is scared of surviving

a. 5th Simply had to.

b. anxiety about not reaching the other side

c. converts to Allie- only person he could turn to

N. Accepting Fact

1 . Slide carousel

a. This individual has deserted his madmans dream of becoming a

catcher inside the rye, and realized that you will need to let kids

develop up, take chances, and make their own blunders.

b. Image song at carousel Smoke Gets Within your Eyes.

c. Grabbing for ring

1 ) ring in shape emblem of the society that washes a glittering

surface more than a shodds basis.

g. If they will fall off, they will fall off, but its bad should you say anything

to all of them.

G. Realization

1 . Holden at the end accepts reality, while not losing his idealism.

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