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IINTRODUCTION Belize, independent state, northeastern Central America, bounded around the north and northwest by Mexico, within the east by the Caribbean Ocean, and on the south and west simply by Guatemala. Belize, until 1973 known as United kingdom Honduras, started to be independent in 1981 and is a member with the Commonwealth of Nations. The total area of Belize is 22, 965 sq km (8867 sq mi).

IILAND AND SOLUTIONS The north half of Belize consists of lowlands, large areas of which are swampy. The the southern area of half is dominated by mountain amounts, notably the Maya Mountain range, which climb to a maximum elevation of 1120 meters (3675 ft) atop Victoria Peak. The Caribbean shoreline is fringed by coral formations barrier reefs and numerous cays (islets). The main streams will be the Belize Lake, the L? o Celeste, which forms much of the boundary with South america, and the Sarst? n River, which forms the southwestern boundary with Guatemala. The climate of Belize can be subtropical, moderated by sea breezes over the coast. The typical annual heat is about 21? C (about 79? F). The total total annual rainfall raises from north to southern and averages about toll free mm (about 71 in). A wet season expands from May well to March.

Some eighty six percent Belize is have forests. Deciduous trees are simply in the north, tropical hard wood trees predominate in the southern. Principal types include the from the commercial perspective important mahogany, cedar, and rosewood, and pine, maple, and palms. Mangrove swamp vegetation is found along the shoreline. Wildlife contains jaguar, deer, tapir, and numerous species of parrots and lizards.

IIIPOPULATION AND EDUCATION Almost all of the population of Belize features mixed ethnic descent. The biggest group features black or partly black ancestry. Additional groups incorporate Native Americans, primarily Carib and Mayan, situated in the north and western world, people of European ancestry, mainly British and The spanish language, and people of mixed Native American-European descent.

The population of Belize can be 224, 663 (1997 estimate). The overall density of 10 persons every sq kilometers (25 every sq mi) is the lowest in Central America. Human population is concentrated in some principal metropolitan centers, which Belize Town (population, 1988 estimate, forty-nine, 671) is the largest, additionally it is the principal interface. Belmopan (1988 estimate, 3694), a newly constructed town, supplanted Belize City while the official capital in 1972. English is the standard language, different languages used include Carib, Mayan, Spanish, and a Creole vernacular of English language. More than half the folks are Both roman Catholic, and a lot of the rest are Simple.

Education is definitely compulsory for the children between the age range of 5 and 18. In the 1994-1995 school 12 months 51, 377 pupils had been enrolled in main schools, and 10, 147 students had been enrolled in second schools. Advanced schooling is available at colleges in Belize Town and Corozal. The literacy rate of 91 percent is one of the top in Latina America.

IVGOVERNMENT Belize is definitely governed under a constitution that became efficient at independence in 1981. The British sovereign is head of state and is represented by a governor-general, who has tiny power. Professional power is mainly exercised with a cabinet of ministers, led by a excellent minister. The bicameral Nationwide Assembly consists of a Senate of 8 appointed members and a House of Representatives of 28 people elected by universal avis to conditions of up to five years. The prime minister will need to have the support of a many the associates of the House. The key political parties are the Peoples United Get together (1950) plus the United Democratic Party (1974).

VECONOMY The key economic useful resource is Belizes arable area, although only 3 percent of the total land place is beneath cultivation. Farming exports incorporate sugar, citrus fruit fruits, and bananas. Grain, beans, and corn are grown while subsistence plants. Lumbering, earlier known as the chief monetary activity, provides declined in importance. Significant manufactures will be processed foodstuff, wood goods, and clothing. A road network of 2248 kilometres (1397 mi) links difficulties urban centers, but some areas remain inaccessible. An international airport terminal serves Belize City. The unit of currency is the Belize dollar (2 Belize dollars equal U. S. $1, 1996 set rate). In 1995 export products earned $139 million, and imports expense $258 mil. The government authorities budget included $133 , 000, 000 in income and $180 million in expenditure in 1995.

VIHISTORY In pre-Columbian times Belize was portion of the territory with the Maya. It had been included in the viceroyalty of New Italy in the 1500s, and sometime later English language woodcutters by Jamaica proven a settlement on the Belize Riv. During the battles between Great britain and The country of spain in the 1700s, Spain failed to dislodge the British through the area. In 1836, following the emancipation of Central America from Spanish rule, the British stated the right to administer the region, it was declared a British colony, subordinate to Discovery bay, jamaica, in 1862 and an independent crown nest in 1884.

Long-range constitutional reforms were initiated by British in 1954, creating a new metabolism ten years later on. Progress toward independence, yet , was hampered by an old Guatemalan claim to sovereignty within the territory. When Belize finally attained complete independence in September 21, 1981, Guatemala refused to acknowledge the new nation, about truck British troops remained to protect Belize from the Guatemalan risk. Prime Minister George Price of the Combined Party, who led the to self-reliance, was changed by Manuel Esquivel once Belize kept its initial national polls, on December 14, 1984. Price came back to power after the elections of Sept 1989. In May 1993 the United Kingdom announced that it would end its military involvement in Belize. All Uk troops would evacuate the country by Oct 1994. Esquivel regained the best ministership in June 1993 elections. In July Esquivel announced the suspension of a pact reached with Guatemala during Prices prime ministership, claiming Value had manufactured too many credits in order to gain Guatemalan recognition. The pact would have resolved a 130-year-old edge dispute between your two countries.


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