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Josh Grodin


Second Collect Essay #1

Early recently, shortly after the 2000 elections, the Known Gentlemen, Lloyd Doggett announced that he would certainly not seek reelection for his House couch in 2002. This thought came since quite a distress to Doggett supporters, however it was a pleasurable surprise into a well-known Arizona Senator just like myself. As being a Democrat who is well liked and revered within the Arizona Senate, it had been a clear calling for me to throw in the towel and run pertaining to his situation within the Property of Representatives. Two months ago Texas placed its major for seating in the House, and after a long and hard struggled battle, We procured the nomination of my party. The 2002 elections happen to be sneaking on us, and in order to be successful in them, my staff and i also have devised a game plan, describing my own strategy for the upcoming standard election. In order to devise this plan, my staff and I were required to answer 4 specific questions dealing with my personal campaign. These questions will probably be discussed through my essay. My wish is that additional political hopefuls will be able to make use of this essay and pay attention to from my successes as well as my errors.

The initial I came upon before making my own strategy was when and just how do I need to spend my money. When ever would be the ideal strategically to invest my cash, and on what should I dedicate it in? Fortunately pertaining to our marketing campaign we had carried out a great deal of fundraising prior to the primaries, and had to shell out very little than it during the primaries because of each of our weak opposition. We consequently are anything but short of money, and can dedicate our funds freely. When would be the ideal to spend that? History has proven to all of us that by spending your hard earned money early on inside the race you increase your possibility of success. The logistics of this are obvious for several reasons. First of all, you will need to get your name out and known towards beginning of the competition. If people barely know you four or five months prior to the election, then you certainly are too overdue. This kind of thinking is especially significant in House contests because of the small attention they are given. For instance , Lloyd Doggett has dished up three conditions in the House of Representatives and has built up a brand for himself. An incumbent would be able to target his money to different areas because of his already popular name identification. However , a challenger or perhaps an open-seat candidate just like Josh Grodin needs to immediate his money towards creating a name intended for himself. Furthermore, this has to become done at the beginning in the campaign. So this brings us to the problem of how to pay our cash. Besides about how to build name recognition, it is essential to advertise. Whenever you can, my staff and I would like to take advantage of the totally free media, but we all know just how difficult this can be. So we need to direct the attention towards paid advertising. We am working for the House of Staff, so I only have to reach a somewhat small number of people. I think that the easiest way to do this will be with normal mail bios of my life, what I want to do, my goals, and my positive aspects over my own opponent. I am a strong believer that grass-roots politics is the best way to go in a House race. Towards homestretch of my marketing campaign, it will be necessary to spend money on TELEVISION and the airwaves advertisements. What these advertising will consist of brings us to our next problem: positive or perhaps negative?

Marketing will play a massive role in the success of my plan for Residence of Reps. In fact , it truly is obvious that advertising performs a major role in all campaigns for selected office. Although something that happens to be associated with advertising and marketing is whether or not it should be positive or perhaps negative. With my knowledge, I believe that this answer is dependent solely in whether or not you are an incumbent or a challenger. An incumbent such as Lloyd Doggett does not have any need to run negative advertisments. Why? To begin with, he already has the name recognition with his constitutes and also his peers. Second, this individual has the cash to spend upon numerous advertisings that could react to attacks or perhaps emphasize his positives although in office. Finally, a great incumbent most likely has his political get together on his side, backing him in any feasible way. Yet , a challenger or open-seat candidate almost certainly does not possess these resources. For example , I really do not (or at least did not) have the term recognition, We certainly would not have the money, and i also didnt include my partys support until after the main. Therefore , My spouse and i felt i need to go adverse when it comes to marketing. By running adverse attack ads, I can utilize results to my personal advantage. For example , if I operate a negative advertising and the media picks up into it, I will, in essence, be getting free advertising locations. This is important since the main goal of my campaign is to get my personal message away. This shows to be hard considering I am not an incumbent. While an open-seat candidate, how can i get my message out?

Probably the most demanding of the four questions my staff and I had to inquire ourselves was how to get my message out to the arrêters. This query more or less responded itself as we considered in which and how to use our funds. As previously stated, we decided that advertising was your best way to invest our cash, whether it is TELEVISION, radio, or perhaps direct get in touch with. At the same time this became obvious, it became apparent that this is how we have to get our message out. In order for voters to know who have Josh Grodin is is always to tell them immediately. Direct mail is definitely one alternative, as well as TV and car radio advertising, yet I believe that direct and personal contact with the voters is the best way to go about spreading my message. Even as move into the general election, I would like to hold general public rallies, city halls, and live discussions. I want to move door to door and meet the people who I will be which represents in workplace. I want my own name to get attributed to characteristics such as wonderful, warm, caring, and honest instead of staying called a presidential candidate or a artificial. The most effective way of achieving these types of goals is to have direct voter-candidate contact. I can therefore speak my message plainly and successfully, and be able to get suggestions the arrêters may have got regarding my own issues and my stances on these issues. This brings me to our fourth and final problem: what are my personal issues and my styles?

As a Senator in The state of texas, I have always been a firm believer in effectively representing the typical consensus of my constituents. When polled, the people of my place time and time again list education, health-related, and taxation as their major concerns. I find myself it is my duty to fairly stand for their opinions. In regards to education, I was worried with the current condition of learning within Arizona. TAAS results are down and the dropout rate is up ever since the newest governor had taken President Bushs place. Teachers salaries will be ridiculously low for the kind of job that they have. As a member of the House of Associates, I want to focus on education reform in the state of Texas. Additionally, I believe that many single member of the population of Texas has a right to medical assistance when needed. There are too many kids and seniors that are not able to receive treatments because lack of money. My spouse and i plan to function changing might guarantee almost all Texans medical services. Finally, I believe taxation need to be altered. I believe that the Republicans with this state possess lowered fees too much pertaining to the wealthy and not enough for the indegent. This is simply not right within a state such as Texas, and I plan on reforming tax slashes to where it will profit people of all socio-economical levels. My personal issues and feelings towards them are good and obvious, and will soon become obvious to the prevalent voter.

As I begin down the homestretch of my own campaign intended for the United States Property of Reps, I feel assured that we are prepared to take on any challenges which may confront all of us. My personnel and I include devised a simple, yet small plan that can help direct us in the direction of win. Our goals have been arranged, we are ready for any detours that may come across us, and are ready to give to Texans the actual strongly should have.

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