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Analyation of candy in of rodents and guys essay

In Steve Steinbecks book, Of Rats and Guys, Steinbeck delivers the main topics, isolation, isolation, and insecurity through many characters. Among the characters who also best convey the theme(s) is Sweets. Candy is an old, impaired, isolated, unsatisfied, lonely, unconfident, swamper. Candys loneliness can be greatly caused by the loss of his hand fantastic age. This individual believes he could be a worthless old man who, like his old puppy, is just wasting away. Candies also offers very much symbolism and parallelism to a couple characters inside the novel. Steinbeck also develops the character of Candy well using characterization. Symbolism and foreshadowing are also used widely through the entire novel. Chocolate, an old, ineffective swamper illustrates the main themes of this book.

Steinbeck uses portrayal to build up the description of Candy perfectly that the audience feels the isolation and loneliness which Candy encounters everyday. Sweets is a vintage, physically incapable swamper who has worked on the ranch for a good many his life. While taking care of the hacienda a few years ago, Candy had an accident which will resulted in losing one of his hands. This unfortunate crash left him a little bit of money and whole lot of solitude. As a result of Candys age and disability he has a feeling of uselessness. Since Candy seems that he can old, he places himself in a mind-set that hinders him a lot more than his lacking hand at any time will. A old useless man wasting away his last few years is definitely how Chocolate sees him self. He is frequently afraid of shedding his job, as well as his whole life. I managed to get hurt four years ago. Theyll can me personally purty rapidly. Jus the moment I cannot swamp out no bunk houses theyll put myself on the region.

Candy, in many ways symbolizes his dog. Both equally Candy great dog are very old and they are both coming towards the end of their lives. In their young years, Sweets and his doggie were excellent workers. Candy loves his dog with all of his cardiovascular system. It has been his best friend for a long time and relating to Chocolate he has Had him since he was a pup. I actually herded lamb with him. Even though the dog can no longer operate as quickly or herd sheep like he did when he was younger, Sweets loves him the same. This individual appreciates all the joy and loyalty that his once great puppy has brought to him during his existence and is willing to let his friend now live out the others of its natural life. Unfortunately which is not the way that some of the other people in the bunkhouse see it. Carlson feels This ol doggie jus suffers hisself on a regular basis. If you was to take him out and shoot him right in the back of the head immediately, why hed never know very well what hit him?. Carlson boasts to give him a new dog to replace the one that he is planning to kill. The way in which that Candy sees it really is that his dog might not be not hurting anyone and this there is no reason to have to end its life prematurely. Despite the fact that Candy enjoys his puppy more than anything else in the world he decides to let an individual shoot his dog at the back of the head. In the end that they have been through and the years of loyal assistance that his supposed closest friend had performed for Chocolate, when pressured into a decision, he made a decision to defy his loyal friend and make the decision on when he should perish. This lets the reader know that Candies has this sort of little admiration for him self that he wont possibly stand up for what he thinks is right. Chocolate knew that his dog had limited time kept in his lifestyle, and after it dies, Candy would have no one to call a friend. This individual let Carlson kill his dog confident that the various other workers could then give him the friendship and commitment that his dog experienced provided him for years. If perhaps this occurred, Candy probably would not have to spend the rest of his life exclusively and destitute in his retirement years, he would then have friends and people who this individual could talk to. Lacking this for many years and wanting to get it anxiously, Candy tricked his oldest friend. This case is sarcastic, Candy authorized the death of his best friend in order to gain the camaraderie of the other workers. His idea backfired mainly because not only performed he loose his best friend, he obtained nothing but stress from it. Worthless and alone, Sweets now experienced he couldnt have just one important thing. Candies and his doggie had the same relationship that George and Lennie got shared to get so many years. While Lennie had George and the ranchers had the other person, Candy would not have any individual and this set him in a condition of sadness and major depression.

Candys loneliness considerably is proven when Chocolate is in the bunkhouse with George and Lennie and they are speaking about the fantasy. Desperately, Chocolate explains just how he really wants to become a a part of it. Candies is so stressed out that this individual puts himself into a condition of isolation. He is permitted to go out with the other folks, but this individual always denies due to thus because of his negative brain frame towards himself. Sweets thinks that no one really wants to be good friends with him because of his disability. At some point, he attempts to find a companionship by looking to join the dream of George and Lennie. Their dream is to own and manage their own tiny ranch where they? can easily live off the fat of the land.? This is one among Candys needy attempts to locate a place in society and which means in life. Sweets offered his money and what little abilities he previously to become a a part of George and Lennies companionship and wish. Ill rinse dishes an little chicken breast stuff like that. But Sick be on your own place, an Sick be let to focus on our own place. Candy was attempting to get over his loneliness and get back a positive view by looking which is why would permit him to get involved with other ranchers. Candy could have been sad and lonely as they was in search of the proper person being friends with. It is also sarcastic that the explanation Candy acquired involved in the desire is because of the death of a friend (his dog). The dream is usually later shattered by the death of an additional friend (Lennie).

Parallelism and foreshadowing is likewise greatly showed between Lennie and Candys old puppy. Lennie and the dog are mentally slow. Both Lennie and the doggie are taken in the back of your head. Both Lennie and Ugly loose their best friends and their dreams. As much as their fatalities are similar, they are really totally different. Candys poor aged dog was led away by a unfamiliar person and shot in the back of your head. George, Lennies best friend taken him at the back of the head. Candies should have taken his closest friend himself and he is aware it. Chocolate regrets not giving his dog the respect of any proper death. George eliminating Lennie is actually a resolution to Candys mistake.? I need to of shot that dog myself, George. I should not ought to let no new person shoot my own dog.?

The only other characters in the book shared the same hobbies and/or dreams as Candy did had been Lennie and George. That is why Candy attempted so hard to find the attention and friendship of Lennie and George. This individual offers everything that he had to back up the a friendly relationship including cash, but money can never buy genuine friendship. Probably if I give you money, youll let me hoe in the yard even though My spouse and i aint no good at this. All of these character types are similar mainly because, not only were they impacted by loneliness, they were all in pursuit of a dream that may never end up being caught. Sweets was the ideal example of the themes: solitude, isolation, and insecurity.

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