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MKG501B Analysis 1 MUHAMMAD JUNAID JAMAL FYTOSAL ltd. , Company profile Fytosal ltd. is known as a trading company with an international participation of partners, within the discipline of healthy nutrition throughout Slovakia and other European countries since 2003.

It is often established while using aim to support health safeguard by generating and releasing of prebiotic products produced from TOPINAMBUR on the domestic and foreign marketplace. Topinambur is unique plant hiding strong and healing energy from the mother nature.

It contains substances that positively affect individual organism helping to prevent and heal many illnesses. Their exceptionality lays also from the point of view that it is resistant against heavy metals. It includes very important component ” inulin in order to in the treatment of various health problems indeed diabetes mellitus. The supplier with the raw material ” topinambur tuber is a company by itself, since it increases topinambur about 5ha in Slovakia. Organization is a only distributor, having no competition in Slovak republic. It redirects the following goods through the shops of healthful nutrition and bakeries towards the final client.

At present you will discover about 60 healthy nutrition stores advertising the following topinambur products: 5. Top-inulin tablets * Top-inulin powder * Syrup * Jams 2. Sweets SWOT analysis Strong points * company’s know-how about the trading and developing of topinmabur * it is just a company with international presence * it truly is fully financed from associates contributions 2. has entry to Hungarian marketplace, since a single partner lives and serves on behalf of organization in Hungary * mental potential of human resources * company’s approach focused on advancement process of development * personal experiences and own trade-mark

Weaknesses * size of an enterprise, this can be a small company 5. lack of workers knowledge about topinambur at the beginning of function * lack of technological gear for creating of products * necessity of extensive addressing of individuals * larger prices compared to foodstuffs, people are used to Chances * raising interest in offered healthy nutrition products made out of topinambur in Slovakia and other European and non-European countries * support of the job in the region * potential for supporting of well being protection zero competition for the products produced from topinambur Risks * deficiency of people’s understanding of the great effects of healthy nutrition food stuffs and topinambur itself * general distrust of folks * universe economic recession * labour force emigration 5. payment self-control of buyers * likely market circumstances change * legislative changes * stagnation of monetary growth 5. insufficient top quality labour push Competition In Slovakia, Fytosal ltd. is without competition, in sense that there is no additional company providing the same products as Fytosal does.

The sole company that deals with topinambur growing is Fytosal this is a trading business as well. These are ideal conditions for the further business development. Regarding European levels, France is a European innovator. Topinambur was introduced generally there for the first time in 1600. Australia is considered to be one of the main countries as well, mainly in assortment of items made from topinambur and got this position also thanks to profound and superior analysis of topinambur make up. Third country is Hungary, because of its perceptive potential.

Consumers Fytosal limited. is, in the company’s approach, focused on energetic people within the domestic and European industry. The target group is all the groups interested in healthy lifestyle. There are three different groups * retailers of healthful nutrition * larger trading chains * bakeries or confectioners. You will find 62 stores offering the products. Larger customers like Petrol station or Hypernova are interested in final products like jams, syrups and candies. But these are viewed as to be merely potential customers, as Fytosal ltd. as not made any agreement credit reporting the co-operation between them. Bakeries consider obtaining semi-finished product topinambur natural powder. Main elements that affect customers when shopping for products of healthy nutrition are cost, quality, cash flow as well as health issues or motivation to live more healthy life. Price is approximately two times as higher as in comparison with common jams and syrups. That is why mainly higher cash flow society may afford these people and become not simply single-shot clients.

Considering the personal preferences of people, they can be mostly considering syrups, jellies and goodies for their kids. Demand for tablets is not so high and the main reason is the fact people do not trust tablets since there are plenty of various prescription drugs promising guaranteed results, which is not always accurate. The additional reason why clients usually like “sweet type of topinambur is the fact that these kinds of products have similar curative results as tablets have. It is additionally important to talk about people’s unawareness of topinambur that in a negative way influences it is marketability.

Organization tries to advise population via various demonstrations, seminars and exhibitions like Dia time and other. Advertising and marketing / Campaign It is unavoidable for the organization management to care about the communication coverage properly, as a result of people’s unawareness about this new and aged plant and its particular curative results. Since the business is labeled as a microenterprise, it does not remove large amount of extra financial resources being used for products promotion. The largest emphasis is therefore devoted to the following activities. the creation of website in 3 languages , Slovak, English and German language is important as this form of conversation and know-how acquiring is the most popular. * Presentations, seminars and displays could also boost people’s awareness of this practically forgotten supplement. * Word of mouth marketing, positive recommendations and recommendations will probably certainly not increase the require in the hugely, but may possibly increase company image in the region. * The other contact form could be mailing of e-mails including marketing materials and brochures to address potential customers.

The most used form of promoting products of Fytosal ltd. has been producing of various content articles in different mags. Company associates suppose that mag articles could be the most successful way of products promotion. Making a strategy My spouse and i. Company mission: ž TOPINAMBUR FOR THE HEALTH OF JUST ABOUT EVERY CELL” II. Company’s ideal goal: žTO BECOME ALEADER IN THE EURO MARKET ” Market Creation Company established the aim to become European leader. To reach this kind of aim, firm has to make a strategy as well to determine possible complications and their solutions.

The main focus can be on rivals. This means to analyze competitors, their very own competencies, strengths and weaknesses in order to take comparative benefits and so to increase competitiveness. Because the company does not have any current competitors in Slovak republic and its purpose is to penetrate to Western market, that focuses on foreign competitors. As we have already mentioned prior to, Germany, Portugal and Hungary are considered to become European leading countries. For taking an example Topina ltd. is definitely the largest The german language producer of goods from Topinambur.

Their products vary from those that organization offers. It is very important to be impressive in production and to understand how to attract consumers. Market research of neighboring countries as Especially, Czech Republic and Hungary should be built. The basic advertising aim is to gain clients. To fulfill this kind of aim, many subsidiary is designed assist. The original 62 stores of healthier nutrition acquired by Fytosal ltd. will need to spread vast to the least 100 retailers. Company should certainly address by least 10 more bakeries to supply topinambur powder being added by pastry creation.

Besides, greater chains like Tesco and Hypernova ought to be addressed to devote a large part for Topinambur products. New company opportunity Since the fact that this kind of plant is so unique and offers a lot of opportunities for utilization, company may take good thing about it and broaden their product stock portfolio. Except of healthy nourishment and food supplements, company may start brand new project- cosmetic products made out of Topinambur. Cosmetic products portfolio will comprise four products: hair shampoo, hair balm, hair-tonic and body dairy.

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