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For many years, teachers and parents have been concerned about comics, the cinema, television set, and now the net. They all quit children reading, they say. Nevertheless , it right now seems that children are reading more than ever before.

Reading behaviors have improved, because there is at this point lots of competition from other media, but I do think that reading is still well-liked. The reading is very important personally because publication is cognitive. When I browse a book My spouse and i recognize something interesting, I actually get to know fresh hero and heroine. I like to read classical literature.

It is my dream to become a pupil of the office of overseas languages and also to be able to see the books by simply my favourite English and American writers in origin. What is my favourite publication? This query is very interesting for me. Today there are many different styles of literatures. And it is very difficult to artifice one of them. We read many different books. And so in every publication I always find thing, which I like quite definitely. I like to examine William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Robert Burns, Oscar Wilde, Jerome K. Jerome, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, Jack London, uk, Conan Doyle, James Aldridge, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, etc .

I have to tell you about the book, which I like quite definitely. This book is definitely “Gone with the Wind. Mcdougal of the publication “Gone together with the Wind can be Margaret Mitchell. She came to be in The atlanta area in early 1900s. All the family had been interested in American history and the girl grew up in an atmosphere of stories regarding the City War associated with stories of staggering occasions of new epoch, since her dad was a chairman of community historical world. War is among the biggest misfortunes in the existence of people. Today let’s change some ancient facts. Detrimental War started out as the result of economy battle between north and the southern part of states.

Northern states had preponderance ” about twenty million of men and women against of 10 mil of people and powerful professional potential. Although southern declares had even more talented officers and focused direction. After graduating from college or university Margaret Mitchell worked some time for the Atlanta Diary. She had written articles and stories in this journal. In 1925 the girl got married. Inside the following a decade she put on paper every one of the stories she had learned about Civil Warfare. The result was “Gone with all the Wind. It absolutely was first posted in 1936. In 1939 it was changed to a highly good film.

Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable played the main roles. Vivien Leigh received the Oscar. “Gone with the Wind is definitely the story regarding Civil Conflict. Margaret Mitchell tells about life of individuals at the time of this kind of war approximately all burdens, which persons outlived these years. Inside the text we could find the description of soldiers’ live. There we are able to read just how cried mothers and wives then they sent their children and husbands within the War. “Gone with the Wind is also of a love triangle. While Scarlett loves the quiet lady Ashley Wilkes, the untamed and extremely ungentlemanly Rhett Butler is love with her.

Ashley married Melanie Hamilton. Following many adventures of her own, Scarlett married Rhett ” but only for funds. The marriage is definitely stormly. For this reason eventually Rhett walks from her, nevertheless by the time Scarlett has noticed that she adores him after all. Scarlett believes of some way of getting him back, nevertheless we never know if she will because Margaret Mitchell died in 1949 in a car crash. After looking over this production I find that it is extremely expressive and logical mainly because Margaret Mitchell was a great narrator of real life’s stories. It can be evidently because she devoted lots of concept of the her reports for real life.

Style of this story is particular, spontaneous, and a little bit natural. I am able to say that creator tried to review the activities of personages, and communicated the feelings. I identify that Margaret Mitchell had a good design of the true and delicate sense when ever she is informing about her heroes. I consider that her blend fantasy and truth is exceptional and wonderful. I think that there is a splendid type of small drams of our lifestyle and society. Simplicity, precision and clarity are the key qualities of her style. The main heroine is Scarlett. This is a person with powerful and pointed head and furious thirst of life.

This really is a person who соuld menage all the problems came across successfully. The lady was able to stand for herself, she located a way out of unpredictable scenario. It the lady could make very much, she has proved to their self, that the girl can almost all. Being self-centered on her figure, she recently had an indestructible buggy, which was certain feature of her qualifications. After loss of life of mother, on her hands there was almost all house and members of her relatives. She watched over her family members even your woman had to deprive. The only target which helped her to outlive was her Tara, her native property.

Tara was a fortress in which she could not think of anything. When the lady stumbled into difficult scenarios, she recollected Tara. Your woman saw the white home which is affably appeared through reddish slide foliage. Your woman felt stop of country twilight. Your woman remembered this kind of shrill red ground, and gloomy dark beauty of pines on the hills. Memories of this panorama avoided her from gloomy inner believed. In conclusion I might strongly recommend everybody to read this book. Such ebooks as Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind can be the very first step for everybody to acquire a good hobby of browsing.

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