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The number of teens having sex can be increasing yearly. With sexually transmitted illnesses prevalent more than ever, the Phila. Board of Education has decided to allow high schoolsto distribute condoms to college students. The board of Education isdoing this, to demonstrate to students that safe sexual intercourse is a goodidea.

I agree together with the distribution of condoms in public areas highschools as it promotes secure sex among teenagers, allowsschools to health supplement parental education, and educates sexualresponsibility.

Sexually transmitted disorders affect teenagers because someteenagers are not told the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse. Besides disuse, condoms are the most effective protector from sexuallytransmitted illnesses. High universities that distribute the condomsshow that they usually do not want to see children infected with diseasesor a teenage lady to become pregnant. Continuing to advertise safesex, the high schools and the Table of Education decrease thechances of young adults catching a disease or getting pregnant.

The advertising regarding secure sex, almost seems like theconversation a parent could have with their kid about love-making. The Table of Education promotes secure sex that way to make thesubject of safe sex much more comfortable for a parent to talk to hisor her child about safe sex. The distribution of condoms in high schools permits the Boardof Education and public excessive schools to intervene being a parentalfigure and present parental guidance. Their are a lot of households, were the parents tend not to bother themselves with their children andlet their kids run untamed.

Kids who are increased in thosecircumstances sometimes may have sex to find the attention theywant and to end up being loved. The distribution of condoms demonstrates that theBoard of Education and public excessive schools care about the welfareof teenagers. Some parents target to high schools distributingcondoms, because the father and mother say the Board of Education and the excessive schools mail the wrong meaning. Some parents complain thatthe Board of Education is promoting premarital sex. Theseparents say that the best policy of preventing disease andpregnancy should be to practice celibacy.

The Panel of Educationargues that in case the students opt to have sex, they shouldbe shielded. This is why condoms are staying distributed. It isnot to express Go ahead and have sex, but if students decides tohave sex, that student ought to protect his or their self. Thedecision to obtain sex is a students responsibility. Distributing condoms also instructs responsibility, by givingthe pupil the opportunity to defends his or perhaps herself. TheBoard of Education and general public high schools teach young adults tolook at the situations and decide for his or himself what is right, and what is wrong.

In the end, the teens are the oneswho make the decision if to have love-making. As teenagersget older, their very own responsibilities enhance, but with sexuallytransmitted diseases and teenage pregnant state, the teenagersresponsibility starts after they decide to have sexual intercourse. The Plank ofEducation feels that the responsibility of secure sex is definitely not theparents, but the young adults. The distribution of condoms is a sincere gesture by simply theBoard of Education, and by allowing excessive schools to accomplish this itshows that the high colleges care about all their students.

Condomdistribution promotes safety, and this teaches responsibility. Themembers with the Board of Education really know what it is like to be ateenager and a mom or dad, and the Board of Education does not wantto see one other teenager become pregnant, or more serious die from beingirresponsible and having vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex. The Board of Educationwants to find out teenagers taking pleasure in high school. High school is animportant step in a teenager s your life and if young adults are educatedabout all areas of life and taught responsibility, they willgrow up to be mature adults.

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