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‘I Am Sam’- Assessment Sam is the main character in ‘I Am Sam’. He encounters a number of issues throughout the film, but the primary hardship is usually to gain custody of the children of his daughter. Sam’s role can be described as mentally retarded male, using a mental ability of a eight year old.

Sam’s daughter, Lucy, is eight and her teachers dread that Sam’s aptitude can be holding her back mainly because she does not want to be better than her father. Sharon loves Sam very much, however she understands he was not the average father, as she told her closest friend that your woman was adopted.

Lucy is definitely taken away via Sam by authorities which is only offered visitational legal rights for a couple of hours each week while under supervision. Sam desperately seeks to achieve back guardianship of Sharon. The way Sam uses to muddle through this kind of adversity, is intending to find a lawyer who can represent him in court. Rita Harrison Williams is a superior lawyer and informs Sam he aren’t afford her. As a result, Rita’s work fellow workers assume she’d never do Pro Bono because she is as well good for that, however to Sam’s advantage, Rita decides to confirm them incorrect and will take Sam’s case on Free of charge.

This is perfect for Sam as they gets a top-quality legal professional to represent him in the courtroom for free, this kind of illustrates Sam would have by no means been able to pay for a lawyer to begin with, as Sam is aware of this kind of himself, saying “Yeah, since I generate $8. 00 an hour at Starbucks. Hourly. It’s a great hourly rate.  Into a large extent, I think this tactic had benefited Sam as he recently had an excellent lawyer, which provided him a better chance to obtain some rights to Sharon.

Rita is aware of Sam’s chances are slim to get full custody of Lucy but in the finish, with all character types coming to a contract, Sam gets joint custody of Sharon with her adoptive father and mother which was of crucial importance both for the relationship among father and daughter and the most importantly Sharon having a well balanced upbringing and never being stagnated intellectually, psychologically or fiscally. Without Rita, Sam would have lost almost all his visiting rights to Lucy and this would have triggered the destruction of Sam mentally even more.

This is why I really believe Rita a new significant influence, with such a successful end result. This film has changed my personal views on parents with a impairment and them having normal children. Sam realized he couldn’t increase Lucy by himself and yearned for Sharon to have a mother. Sam to Randy (adoptive mother): “If I tell you a magic formula, that I won’t be able to do it simply by myself¦ mainly because I always wanted Lucy to possess a mother¦ Support. I need someone. Help. Not just anyone. In my opinion that mentally retarded people are capable of giving lots of love to a kid, they would enjoy them heaps, but We don’t think they will give their particular child/ren the necessary thought psychologically, intellectually or financially. In the event that people with mental disabilities and so desire to increase their child, they must be granted joint custody with another audio adoptive relatives, as in this particular film, as a result I how to start if a vast amount of adoptive parents through this day and age can be accommodating to this kind of set up.

This motion picture also shows to what degree a parent can be willing to sacrifice their environment, security and finances both equally mentally and physically for his or her child/ren. This kind of movie could not really help me as a person, as I feel it does not relate with me straight, though the very clear message I actually obtained was, there is ‘always a solution’ for an issue, so long as you ‘consider others involved’ and meet up with half method and ‘compromise’ so you achieve a ‘positive result for all’ parties included, not just for the self-seeking method.

Sam likewise taught Rita the meaning of affection and whether you could put up with love by themselves, however this was very evident in the film as possessing a negative final result if it was solely based upon love exclusively. I would charge the movie ‘I Am Sam’ 7 out of twelve because I liked the ideas, morals and story line of the film, but it had some inauspicious aspects to it. The concept to foundation the movie on the mentally retarded man is unique and I admire plots which have been out of the ordinary.

Yet , the essential aspect of the film was, it’s predictability, most of the scenes/settings had a blue tinge to it (e. g. court room, place where government bodies were keeping Lucy and Rita’s house) giving the movie/scene a colder, separate feeling, especially in the scenes to were imagine to have content tears, the plot was also a bit slow even though it was an emotionally holding film, I’d imagine this kind of film could have offended a few viewers.

Total, I enjoyed the film and that brought a tear to my attention, though that did not retain me mesmerized, thus losing focus occasionally. I would recommend ‘I am Sam’ to somebody wanting to view a movie that will touch these people emotionally or someone looking to ‘overcome adversity’, so that they learn ‘compromise’, but in any other case it’s not just a film I would suggest to any person for the sake of that.

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