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? SLSS102 Explorations in Sociology , Assessment you Minor article Word limit: 1500 words Weighting: twenty percent Due date: 9am AEDT Wednesday 1 April Assessment review Write a 1500 word composition on ONE with the following topics: Topic one particular: Which is essential in surrounding individual id: social composition or cultural interaction? OR PERHAPS Topic two: Explain how culture and socialisation have interaction in a sociological context? Evaluation details In your essay you must: Demonstrate knowing about it of styles covered to date in this unit. ¢ Make use of the three text messaging listed in the time box (right) to answer your selected question. ¢ Furthermore you should use no less than TWO sources to augment the material in these text messaging.

¢ Support your discussions with illustrations from the sociable world. ¢ Use appropriate Harvard referencing. Criteria to get assessment Your essay should certainly clearly addresses the question including relevant ideas from the unit and your experience and knowledge.

When tagging your composition, your eLA will inquire: ¢ Just how well maybe you have used relevant ideas in the unit readings and additional components to answer problem? ¢ How well have you used relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience to resolve the question? ¢ How persuasive and logical is your answer? ¢ How very well is your answer drafted and provided? Resources To answer your article question, use the following methods: Your eText: Henslin, JM, Possamai, A, and Possamai- Indesedy, A 2011, Sociology: A Realisticsensible Approach, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest. nd the following two ebooks: Plummer, K 2010, Sociology: The Basics, Taylor and Francis Back, L., Bennett, A., Edles, L., Gibson, M., Inglis, D., Jacobs, R., Woodward, I 2012, Cultural Sociology: An Introduction, Wiley. Note: These types of resources are usually listed beneath Assessment1: Slight essay, inside the Assessments section in Blackboard. To augment the material in these text messages you may employ other Sociology textbooks, content articles from the Swinburne library databases and current media articles.??? SLSS102 Research in Sociology 1?

SLSS102 Explorations in Sociology , Assessment 1 Minor dissertation Assessment one particular: Minor dissertation submission information ¢ Almost all pages includes your name and student amount in the file footer ¢ All sources should be appropriately cited making use of the Harvard style. There is also a link to this guide in Blackboard, under the Assessments section. ¢ Submit your task as one Ms Word or PDF document ¢ Save your valuable file as follows: [student numberA1. filetype] elizabeth. g. 1234567A1. pdf or 1234567A1. doc ¢ Fill in your essay via the Blackboard link &gt, Assessment &gt, Minor dissertation

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