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The parable of Latina Woman Throughout life people may be involved in racial mistreatment, especially if they are really Latin women, discrimination by simply people that imagine they are excellent just because they have born within a different or best country. In “Myth of the Latina Woman: I simply Met a Girl Named Maria” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the writer tries to present part of her life and just how people in various countries works in the situation of having someone in front of them with a different culture or skin color, in cases like this Latin girl.

In the composition, she were required to fight with three situations of discrimination: (1) Stereotypes, (2) Culture Battle, and (3) media.

First of all, the term belief is used as a negative sense. Throughout the article, Ortiz produces about the experiences she passed through her childhood, her knowledge as a Latina woman plus the stereotypes that involved a Latin woman. In section 2, the girl with upset about how her Mexican appearance referred to as forth via many people she met from distinct countries. Ortiz thinks which a Latin woman is seen as a sex subject as a result of her way of shower.

She states that her mother taught her how to do it. The parents influence us within our way of outfit. For example , in the event our parents are from a great Indian location and they employ Indian clothing, they are going to affect us put on the same outfits. Also, your woman narrates regarding her knowledge on a coach trip if a white gentleman started match the lines of “Maria” because the lady appeared to be Latino. Secondly, culture clash includes a big effect. She clarifies in her essay how much difficulty it is developing up in a country with a completely different culture.

Actually, one day the moment she attended school to the Career Working day, they had gone “dressed like for a meeting. ” Your woman went outfitted the way a Puerto Rican dresses. The way she dressed up with an excessive amount of jewelry made her a victim of mockery. Furthermore, some people who have move to one more country will be victims of discrimination simply by people who believe bringing all their culture and traditions by another region is wrong, they think that if you move to a their very own country you should adapt to all their culture, and forget yours. These people not even think about mix cultures.

Finally, the press plays a role not only in this article, but in the real world too. The media possess influenced the white people about Latina’s concept specifically, those who view a TV series in which a Latina can be inferior. In such a case, she writes about her Chicana good friend who proved helpful at an important university. Possibly her incredulous doctor queries himself about how she knows “big terms. ” Concerning how the media sees Latina as substandard workers, Ortiz writes about her knowledge in Miami in one of her poems events. When ever she was walking in, an old lady called her to her desk to purchase for a mug of coffee.

If Judith Ortiz Cofer was a light woman, it might not happen. Additionally , the mass media nowadays affects everyone a whole lot about Latino women and their culture. Within way, your woman explains just how people considercarefully what jobs the Latina females can carry out, because white-colored people think that a Latina’s brown epidermis, white persons think that that they came from a substandard culture, a culture of servitude. That is why, some people are not able to believe when they see a Latina woman achieve a country using their backward traditions about Latinas.

In conclusion, it can be sad to find out how people feel excellent over other folks, chiefly because their pores and skin is different. It is also sad to determine how other folks want to humiliate a Latina because her lifestyle is completely dissimilar to ours, or simply because they will watch the way the TV denigrates Latina females, regardless of their very own feelings. Ortiz focused her essay about how Latina women can be effective in this region regardless of stereotype, culture, or perhaps what the mass media says about them.

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