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Part 1 Sentence structure 1 a 2 b 3 m 4 c 5 n 6 a 7 w 8 a 9 b 10 m 11 c 12 c 13 b 14 m 15 c 16 a 17 m 18 a 19 w 20 a 21 c 22 a 23 m 24 a 25 b 26 n 27 a 28 a 29 m 30 c Part a couple of Writing?nternet site have been studying in Cina for almost 4 years, and my teachers always advise me to produce a further examine abroad, I actually finally make up my thoughts to get a learn degree nationwide. It is not because I have been informed that the education system in Australia is quite different from the one in China, although also there’s a strong academic reputation in the field of Business.

Talking about Melbourne Company of Technology(MIT) and School of Ballarat(UB), I have heard that the campuses locate with the downtown with the two biggest cities in Australia which are Melbourne and Sydney.

Besides, a few courses will be accredited by professional physiques such as the CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Australia, that will give me specialist development possibilities. Furthermore,?nternet site know, the students sizes will be smaller than classic universities which will encourage me to get involved and develop confidence. Read that I will endeavour my greatest there and achieve my own maximum potential.

After i come back to China and tiawan after studying, I will be even more competitive and naturally make a serious contribution to my foreseeable future career. All in all, the two-year master research in Australia will offer myself an opportunity to increase myself in every single aspect with professors and fellow learners from many other countries although also get hold of social expertise and international insight within my major as well. Part 3 Reading 1 . There are a lot of common causes of tension. One of the most prevalent causes can be work. One more is university for those who have not really entered the working world yet.

Also straightforward family life can be one particular common source of stress. installment payments on your The combined stress of both function itself as well as the possibility of dropping it creates sort of double-stress, meaning not only do people worry about their daily jobs and schedule pressures of work, but as well they truly feel they have to function even harder in order to keep all their jobs. 3. School can be quite a great method to obtain stress for those who have not joined the working universe yet. As a result of constant pressure of schoolwork, friends, instructors, tests, quizzes, papers and everything else, anyone can seem like they are trapped in a vice.

Furthermore, the deadlines are all immoveable, and so the students are constantly underneath time pressure. And the deadlines overlapping makes matters even worse. 4. The deadlines will be immoveable, and so students are constantly beneath time pressure. To make things worse, there are often a number of deadlines overlapping each other, intensifying the demands on time. 5. When final exams arrive, there is a lot to re-learn and students ought to spend a lot time studying that they can scarcely sleep. six. For parents, pressure can often are derived from simply worrying about their children.

In fact, seeing a young child grow up, make mistakes, move through school, go to college, enjoy sports and sometimes learn things the hard method is enough to generate a parent proceed bald. several. Actually parents can often be the main cause of stress just as much as sources of ease and comfort from it. Though they frequently have their little one’s best interests in mind, they will also place a lot of pressure on the children. 8. Spouses typically spend a lot of your energy avoiding selected arguments since they are trying to steer clear of stress. Nevertheless , leaving anxiety in the air while not resolving it’s rather a cause of pressure.

So it must be good to fix conflicts immediately. 9. Although money retains going out, too few of it generally seems to come in and stress only keeps installation. There hardly ever seems to be enough for the mortgage or rent, car payments, bank cards and other charges. Furthermore, it is rather difficult to end up being philosophical regarding money pressure since seeking to put items into point of view only recalls thoughts about the money that usually seems to be missing. 10. Best places start is by managing the tension, then attempting to solve the issues with a very clear and clean mind.

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