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Office of Biochemistry Caloric Content material of Foodstuff Date Published: April 1, 2012 Date Performed: 04 1, 2012 Lab Section: Chem-180-DL1 Goal: The purpose of this kind of lab was going to measure the strength content of three diverse food items making use of the change in normal water temperatures in the heat from the food. An additional purpose was going to take the information acquired and become familiar with energy units employed in food just like calories and joules. Process: The first step in this kind of experiment was going to weigh and record an empty 100mL beaker.

Then load the beaker approximately midway, weigh it and record the excess weight.

Record the weight with the water in the beaker. Place a piece of light weight aluminum foil on a table top rated. Place a cable burner stand with the beaker full of water in the center of the aluminum foil and place a candle up coming to the holder. Measure the weight of one marshmallow and the pounds of one pay. Record both measurements. Then simply place the marshmallow on the hand measure and record the weight of the marshmallow and fork together. That weight should equal the measurements in the fork and marshmallow merged in the previous measurement. Measure and record the temperature of the water in C and record it.

Lumination a candlestick. Put the fork with the marshmallow over the candlestick flame. Take away the marshmallow through the flame just after it models on fire make it underneath the beaker of water. Carry it within the water until it is completely done burning. Be sure to stir the water frequently together with the thermometer. When the marshmallow provides burned straight down as much as possible, take away from beneath water and record the temp of the water. Then record the weight from the fork with leftover marshmallow on it. Subtract that measurement from the earlier measurement from the fork with pre-burned marshmallow.

Record the measurement in the marshmallow residue. Clean out the beaker of water and repeat test out two different foods. Find the appropriate tools to hold the foodstuff over a flame. Be sure to clean out beaker and reweigh before every experiment. Trial and error Results , Discussion of Observations Table you Food ItemMarshmallowPeanutPotato chip Primary Mass of food , holder43g27. 5g27. 9g Final Mass of food and holder41g26. 5g26. 8g Mass of foodstuff burnt1. 0g0. 0g0. 3-g Mass of beaker51. 5g51. 5g51. 5g Mass of beaker and water102. 3g95. 7g94. 5g Mass of water50. g44. 2g43. 0g Initial drinking water temperature250C190C190C Final water temperature350C470C360C Delta T (0C change)100C280C170C Marshmallow 1063J/g = 254 calories =. 254 Cal/g Peanut 5178J/g = 1238 calories = 1 . a couple of Cal/g Spud chip 2040J/g = 488 calories =. 49 Cal/g Additional Questions 1 . Browse p. 244 or section 8. several of your textbook, then make clear the type of response must have occurred in your calorimeter. A burning reaction will need to have happened. The food turned into a gas and reacted to oxygen. 2 . What had been the reactants of this effect? What were the products?

The reactants had been the cooked properly foods and the products had been the energy and heat. a few. Where would the products go? The products or perhaps food combined into the surroundings and developed smoke and odor that was released. 4. Where would be the potential areas for problem in this try things out? This query is discussing errors inherent to the try things out, not the experimenter’s blunders or insufficient skills. Problems could be distinct products utilized, time to accept the products into a flame and set under the beaker which will cause a different temperature enhancements made on beaker by initial to final.

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