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Description We provide solar powered blinds to both consumer and businesses. Taking part in the green movement, we allow our consumers to utilize direct energy in the sun that could be translated in to powering appliances within properties and corporate buildings. With many large building and homes using blinds we can make profit on the large un drawn on market place.

Each of our goal is always to partner with huge blind corporations and press forward each of our technology Promoting Plan and Strategy

Target Market Our primary focus will probably be targeting property owners, business and building property owners. Offering the service to this kind of niche market of green mindful building owners will allow us to monetize on the reneable energy sector. Competitors Each of our competitors will probably be large corporation who have already created solar panels that are able to translate into energizing small appliances. These businesses will easily be able to your market and take market share.

Our biggest competitors will probably be 3M technology who have already produced small solar panel film that is able to be put on solid items. Pricing technique Partnering with existing sightless companies that already have existing contracts with building, house and landlord owners will probably be our greatest attribute in penetrating the market. We offer them a 8% earnings in revenue to use their particular blinds with this technology. Moreover we will give you large distirubtion discounts to building owners to be more tempting to purchase our technologies with blinds.

Promo and syndication We can promote our product through government services that promote green activity within the energy sector. Distributing our items with huge blind corporoation such as shades to go will allow us to enhance sales considerably within the market. Quality target To ensure top quality we may have our technology fully certified before syndication. In addition we will * Green, durable, passes most ISO test Technology requirements

Our merchandise will require solar power film which could recharge battery packs which can power small app. Our window blinds will have common 12V adapters which will let direct connection of home appliances. Service support To keep companies satisfied with each of our services you can expect a day-to-day direct support line in the event that any items fail throughout the desired warrantee period. We offer 1, several and your five year guarantee programs. Supervision Kyle ” 10 years of electrical architectural back ground

Archuna ” 12-15 years of marketing and sales which has a back ground in solar panel building Shadan ” 17 numerous years of R&D in 3M technology, specializing in solar panel construction. History in impaired sales via Blinds To Go. Organization structure Pyramid design CEO ” Director ” Employees Perceptive property: Us patents ” Solar power electrical film, battery-charger, power adapter Copywrite ” Solar power electrical blind architectural design Economic plan Obtain funding from angel buyers in order to market our -panel film into the market.

We plan to invest in distribution, marketing our product. We will even invest in R&D to ensure performance and effectiveness of our solar power electrical film. Risk 1 . New competitors that can replicate the technologies for less money. 2 . Consumer will not adjust to our technology and will favor standard window blinds 3. Each of our prices will be for a niche market of consumers, the typical everyday living central class customer will not be willing to pay additional price for each of our blinds

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