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string(159) ‘ lactose intolerant people and also free of dairy allergy symptom \? No artificial sweetener, color and flavor with out animal elements, preservative found in Poto\. ‘

[pic] Poto: Clever Taste, Beverage Best Making nondairy dairy from taters to reduce milk crisis and potato spoilage problems DAY OF SUBMITTING 05 January, 2011 Poto: Smart Flavor, Drink Ideal Producing nondairy milk from potatoes to lower milk problems and spud spoilage challenges Prepared pertaining to Dr . A. H.

M. Habibur Rahman Professor, Division of Financing Faculty of Business Research University of Dhaka Made by GROUP 10 H M Mirajul Islam14-021 Badhan Mazumder14-167 Md. Saiful Islam14-091 Md. Shamiul Islam14-139 Md. Shimum Hossain14-173 DESK OF ARTICLES Serial No . Particulars Webpage No . 1 . Executive Synopsis 5 installment payments on your 0 Business Idea several 3. 0 Goals and Objectives eight 4. 0 Market Potential 10 your five. 0 Competitor Analysis 11 6. zero Marketing Plan 13 7. 0 Operation 16 almost 8. 0 Execution Plan seventeen 9. zero Resource Necessity 18 15. 0 Possession Form and Management Crew 18 10. 0 Risk Assessment 19 12. 0 SWOT Analysis 20 13. 0 Quit Strategy (Contingency Plan) twenty 14. zero Financial Strategy 21 15. 0 Interpersonal Cost-Benefit Examination 24 of sixteen. 0 Appendix25 1 . 0 EXECUTIVE SYNOPSIS Are you certain the last drop of dairy your loving child beverages is safe? Are you aware what forces you to supply your baby melamine and other polluted milk?

The huge demand-supply space makes the milk price substantial and that makes the chance pertaining to low price polluted milk to enter into Bangladesh market. Another recent agro-problem Bangladesh provides faced can be huge potato spoilage after having fender production annually and spud farmers get huge loss. Poto (country’s first non-dairy milk brand) identifies these top complications as chance and combines two solutions into one path which is generating milk by adding value for the local quality potatoes to introduce non-dairy milk in Bangladesh marketplace as a fresh offering.

Poto’s product line comprises two fundamental category of dairy which is original , flavoured in 3 tetra load up size of 250ml, 500ml and 1litre. A fresh generation of non-dairy drinks has dawned with Poto, a delicious-tasting, fat free, cholesterol free of charge, that can be used much like milk. Spud based Poto is an excellent supply of bio obtainable calcium and least sensitive of all non-dairy beverages available on today’s community. The total demand of milk is 6, 570, 1000 tonnes (per head one hundred twenty ml) and provide is several, 326, 1000 tonnes like the imported milk (The 3rd party, 25 December, 2008).

Among the list of milk producers Milk Vita is the biggest by possessing 20% of demand so it grabs almost 40% of total source. Brac Milk, Pran, Akij are possessing sizeable area of the market. Poto uses price leadership and differentiation strategies to gain competitive edge above its competition. It has got the first emocionar advantage over-all potential nondairy milk brands. Poto is not only an entrepreneurship venture nevertheless also an ecopreneurship endeavor. The production method is earth-friendly because there are simply no chemical or perhaps harmful particles employed in the production and the disposal method is safe.

The company also focuses on safety and hygiene concern of the human resources. The company has a online strategy of setting its merchandise on the basis of affordable and quality. The objective of it is marketing campaign is to make people aware about non-dairy dairy concept and its benefits more than ordinary milks. To reach the segmented percentage of buyers in Dhaka Poto uses every one of the four means of marketing blend and marketing tools like TVC, FM radio ads, newspaper ads, campus campaign, confidence program and 24/7 help desk.

The availability of Poto is done inside the own functional plant in Sirajganj since the availability of rawmaterials as well as the practical transport and communication. The operation of Poto consists of three phases” procurement and storage, development and the labels phase. The finished products are written by the help of neighborhood distributor. The project is definitely associated with dangers like demand risk, source risk, monetary risk, personal risk etc . which is shown in the low cost rate (20%). The predicted project expense is BDT almost eight, 493, 500 in FY 2009-10 which is financed by simply 69% collateral from companions and 31% debt via lenders.

The ratio evaluation shows net profit margin of 3%, 16. 8%, 20. 2%, 20. 8% and 21. 2% in FY 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 respectively. The projected financial statements also represent liquidity and solvency with the firm. The NPV in the project coming from 5-year monetary projection can be positive by BDT 13, 979, 595. The IRR of the job is 52%. The repayment period is usually 2 . ten years and cheaper payback period is 2 . 54 years. The stress testing shows confident NPV in all the three cases” base (BDT 13, 979, 595), greatest (BDT 20, 053, 800) and worst (BDT 4, 275, 886).

The social cost-benefit research also uncovers positive social NPV of BDT twenty three, 024, 435.00 at 25% discount rate and the interpersonal IRR with the project is 56%. 2 . 0 ORGANIZATION IDEA Poto is the country’s first nondairy milk manufacturer which generates milk via local top quality potatoes. non-dairy milk is actually a new means to fix the milk consumers of Bangladesh in fact it is also an innovative value added item of spud. The milk industry of Bangladesh features encountered issue with contamination of melamine and emulsion because of huge shortage of supply.

Likewise the potato producers of Bangladesh will be facing spoilage problem following having bumper potato creation each year and thus incur huge loss. Poto identifies these top complications as option and combines two solutions into one direction which is creating milk via potatoes to introduce nondairy milk in Bangladesh industry as a new offering. installment payments on your 1 PRODUCT OFFERINGS? Poto original” Original nondairy milk-white.? Poto flavored” Poto choco milk (Chocolate flavored milk), Poto dairy berry (Strawberry flavored milk) and Poto Vanilla (Vanilla flavored milk). Poto market segments its products in 3 tetra pack sizes: 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre. installment payments on your 2 FEATURES AND ONE OF A KIND SELLING IDEA? Potato dairy is world’s new non-dairy milk development.? Potato dairy is in a commercial sense and officially viable non-dairy milk approach to Bangladesh which can be best preference comparing to soy-milk and rice-milk.? Cholesterol and lactose free milk which is helpful for lactose intolerant persons and also totally free of dairy allergy symptom? No man-made sweetener, color and flavour and no pet ingredients, additive used in Poto.

You browse ‘Business Plan’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Poto is usually vegan friendly and Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) item. 2 . 3 BUSINESS MODEL Poto’s business model is definitely entirely production or manufacturing-based. Poto’s production process converts and gives value for the quality potatoes and produces nondairy milk of various tastes. Poto is going to:? Produce milk in its individual operational grow using earth-friendly production procedure.? Sell milk in a few tetra load up size in the local market. Just how Poto make money is demonstrated in the pursuing business model: three or more. 0 OBJECTIVES 3. you Vision

Poto’s vision is always to make a secure milk usage platform to create a healthy region. 3. a couple of Mission affirmation Poto wants to offer non-dairy milk to lower the demand-supply gap and assists potato producers that have incurred large loss as a result of potato degeneration, while it uses the most effective, state-of-the-art technology in operation. Poto aims at establishing eco-friendly work environment and rendering better staff incentives mainly because it continues to broaden its business. 3. several Short-term desired goals? To offer top quality products in a competitively lower price for capturing market share. To create a demand for nondairy milk as a best flavor option.? To persuade the prospective customers regarding the benefits of non-dairy milk that brings? familiarity amongst customers. a few. 4 Long-term goals? To expand their operation further than Dhaka back in 2015 and further goes for foreign trade.? To set up fresh industrial unit in the west region of Bangladesh by the year 2018.? To make certain sustainable advancement the nation simply by creating more recent utility of quality taters. 3. five Objectives? To achieve 20% growth rate by the year 2014.? To attain net profit perimeter of 25% in season 2017. To attain BDT 20, 000, 000 free cashflow by the year 2015 to setup another functional plant by year 2018.? To utilize 1200 tonnes of potatoes by the year 2018.? To repay financial loans by the year 2020 and lever up the firm with 25% personal debt by the 12 months 2025. 5. 0 INDUSTRY POTENTIAL Since there is 49% gap involving the demand and supply of dairy in Bangladesh this sector needs even more supply of milk. The total require of milk is 6th, 570, 000 tonnes (per head one hundred twenty ml) and provide is three or more, 326, 500 tonnes such as the imported milk (The Independent, 25 Dec, 2008).

Although the present and projected circumstance of Dhaka Metropolitan City approximated by Poto is: Supply: Data used from Statistical Pocket Book of Year 2010. Due to dairy shortage melamine, emulsion and also other contaminated milk are entering into market to satisfy the demand source gap quickly and people obtain less alternative without purchasing those milk. Increasing dairy milk development is rather than an overnight process because of shortage of livestock and grazing discipline. So the with regard to nondairy milk will be made in Bangladesh. 4. you Non-dairy milk emergence elements

Non-dairy milk”? can be introduced to fulfill the demand-supply gap? is far more affordable pertaining to greater range of consumers? could also serve the heart, diabetes patients and milk allergic sufferers which is big portion in the demand but vulnerable to dairy milk? based on a flavors is affordable and better quality than readily available flavored dairy 4. two GROWTH POTENTIAL CUSTOMER? The dairy market growth rate is usually 20% relating to market analysis (source: The Daily Star, Published On: 8/4/2008).? “We want that exclusive companies are discovering big ideas in this sector.

There is nonetheless a huge opportunity for development for every participant as with each other we are simply catering to one-fifth with the market, inches according to Ms Ferdousi Ali, chairman of Dairy Vita.? Milk industry will be a drive sector (The Independent, 25 December, 2008).? The government is encouraging agro-processed business. In accordance to FAO all over the world value added potato products’ consumption can be increasing. The year 2008 was “World Spud Year. The federal government observed this season by launching a huge potato campaign. The folks have become even more interested to eat value added potato products.

So , it is evident that there is a great ample development prospect with the business. a few. 0 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS? Poto offers nondairy milk in Bangladesh marketplace in 1st phase. The domestic industry of nondairy milk is less competitive nevertheless the firm looks huge competition from the existing dairy dairy brands that happen to be offering the substitute item.? Milk Vita is the major liquid milk processor of Bangladesh. The daily demand of dairy is thirty seven. 5 million and the organization can meet only 20% of it. So it grabs regarding 40% of total supply. But the dairy collection provides fallen some 35% to 55. three or more million lt in FY 2007-08. (source: The Economical Express, Post date: January 26, 2009)? Brac Milk is the second largest liquid milk plant in Bangladesh. The market share of Brac Dairy experienced increased to 35% by 20% simply by year 06\ to 2007. (www. ssireview. org/articles/entry/in_the_black_with_brac/)? Pran-RFL is the third largest the liquid milk maker in Bangladesh has a daily processing capacity? of 1 lakh lt of milk although it just processes forty five, 000 litres daily because of milk scarcity (source: The Daily Superstar, Published In: April 5, 2008). Dairy price of these competitors lie between BDT 14 to twenty for two hundred and fifty ml, BDT 26 to twenty-eight for five-hundred ml and BDT 50 for 1 litre. (see Appendix A6)? Brac Milk, Pran-RFL, Akij Foods and Beverage Ltd. use tetra pack to get packaging a percentage of provided milk. Pran-RFL and Akij use tetra pack to get normal dairy and Brac Dairy uses tetra bunch for flavored milk. a few. 1 Competitive forces research: Porter’s five forces examination has been executed to evaluate competitive edge of Poto from its existing and potential opponents (see Appendix A12). The analysis displays:?

Bargaining power of suppliers (potatoes and other ingredients) is low.? Bargaining benefits of buyers is usually high as the consumers get several options.? Threat of new entrants locally is substantial as the market is quite rewarding and milk demand”supply gap is large.? Threat of substitute even though very high.? The intra-industry rivalry is domestically low because the demand is pretty high compared to the supply. five. 2 ASSESSMENT Among the opponents Milk Vita is the biggest by possessing 20% of demand so that it grabs practically 40% of total source. Brac Dairy products, Pran, Akij are possessing sizeable part of the market.

Poto has competitive edge in price and taste. It provides the first valerse advantage overall potential nondairy milk brands. Besides, competitive analysis shows the market is definitely lucrative in every terms of forces that indicate prospect, profitability and sustainability. Your competition among competition is reasonable because every operate to generate Bangladesh milk industry a self sufficient one which is still a enormous task. 6. 0MARKETING PREPARE 6. you Marketing objectives:? To meet the growing demands of the marketplace and to evaluate the competitive environment and still establish a gear advantage. To establish an effective and profitable promoting mix of product, place, value and promo.? To establish a customer base of 5% from the defined target audience within 2015? To go beyond break-even selling point of 381 tonnes for FY 2009-10 6. a couple of Marketing strategies? Producing people aware about nondairy milk, its healthy value, flavor and rewards.? Focusing value, taste and unique selling propositions whilst developing advertising campaign? Building manufacturer proposition in order to consumers in accordance to their notion (e. g. smartness to get youth, style and nutritional for children and family consumers).? Creating buyer loyalty and making consumer delight by simply proper the good quality assurance campaign 6. 3 Focus on customer? Geographic location: Dhaka city intended for first five years (see Appendix A5)? Demographic: 1 . Social class”middle class and high end buyer 2 . Age” 10-24 and 25-55 will be two possible buyer portions for flavoured milk and original milk respectively? Potential buyers: About 2, 500, 000 (35% of total Dhaka metropolis population fall under Poto’s goal customer segments) 6. Marketplace positioning: Poto positions alone in the market on the basis of low price and tasty-nutrient non-dairy milk benefits. The product positioning map displays the unique placing of Poto relative to itscompetitors. 6. five Marketing mixture Poto’s mixture ofproduct, price, promotion and distribution and also other marketing actions needed to meet the marketing objectives is:? Product” Poto provides two simple types of product line: original and flavoured. The pack sizes of Poto Original happen to be 500 ml and 1litre. Poto Flavored offers three or more flavors (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) with pack size 250 cubic centimeters and 1litre.

Poto uses state-of-the-art tetra pack technology for taking its provides. The shelf life of Poto is 5 months to get original and 6 months pertaining to flavored.? Price” The following price list reveals the wholesale and price tag price of product lines: [pic] Distribution Channels” Poto works on the simple circulation channel with zone-wise suppliers. The Dhaka city features divided into 9 different zones covering 19 areas (see Appendix A5). Finished Poto products come directly to a Dhaka metropolis warehouse from the plant. Salesforce uses business’s covered truck to distribute the product towards the dealers.

By using different certain day pertaining to specific zone. Then the secondary distribution route leads by the dealers spread the product by making use of their own assets. Poto also make tactical alliance with super retailers and educational institutes’ canteens to market Poto. Integrated marketing communication” Poto’s promoting communication blend or campaign mix comes with all the typical elements like advertising, sales promotion, advertising, personal offering and direct marketing to activate draw strategy (see Appendix A7). Some of the equipment are”?

TVC, FM radio advertisements, Newspaper advertisings? Buzz Marketing (opinion market leaders: Doctors)? “Poto goes to school campaign? “Poto’s quality assurance campaign? SMS contest? Point of purchase advertising 6. six Marketing budget: The five year share of marketing spending budget at cost-effective method displayed below: [pic] 6. six Customer service and control: day-to-day call center often and retailer survey quarterly conducted by the marketing group to know the first hand data of the consumers. The total advertising plan is usually flexible and open for almost any required eventualities. 7. 0 OPERATION several. Production: The availability of Poto is done inside the own operational plant in Sirajganj since the availability of raw-materials as well as the convenient transport and communication. The operation of Poto will consist of 3 phases” procurement and storage space, production and packaging phase. Procurement and storage” The pre-production is definitely run by procurement and storage product. The purchase unit is responsible for purchasing 2 hundred tonnes of potatoes and other ingredients in FY 2009-10, 500 tonnes of taters and other materials in FY 2010-11 and adds 60 tonnes each succeeding years.

The storage unit stores the raw-materials in own 500-ton potential cold storage space. Production phase” The production phase transforms the potatoes into milk which is the completed product. The production unit makes 500 soucis milk in FY 2009-10. Packaging” Through this phase produced milk is definitely packed in tetra provides of two hundred fifty ml, five-hundred ml and 1 litre. 7. 2 Placement of purchase: The vendors and traders can place orders by utilizing order kind or through internet. The shoppers can place orders just through the web page. 7. a few Delivery: Milk is shipped in one particular dozen retail pack or 50 pcs wholesale packs.

The local retailers are responsible for property delivery with extra commission payment. 7. four Billing: Dairy distributors are required to make repayment within forty five days. Accounts payable can be paid inside next year. 7. 5 Quality control: Internal quality control is closely monitored by production administrator and supervisors and cheap outputs happen to be disposed. The weight of every pack can be automatically checked out. 8. zero IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 8. 1 Project setup schedule: The project begins at Come july 1st 2009 as well as the commercial release is about January 2010. The 6-month job implementation routine is as employs: [pic] 8. Resource ramp-up: With a view to implement the project, useful resource ramp-up is extremely vital. The financial resources (equity and debt) and human resources are the key elements. Financial resources happen to be vital for uplifting capital investments and working capital. Human resources are significant throughout the complete business process. 8. 3 Product roll-out plan [pic] 9. zero RESOURCE NEED 9. you Capital investments:? The begins expenses happen to be projected to be BDT 513, 500.? Preliminary capital expenditures for begins assets will be projected to be BDT six, 980, 1000.? The business project cost is BDT almost 8, 493, 500. The project cost is financed by 69% equity supplied equally by the partners and 31% financial debt provided by standard bank. 9. a couple of Personnel requirements:? Staffing needs” at the preliminary phase, the operation of Poto is definitely monitored by three department heads classified as procurement and storage, production and sales and administration.? Staff needs” your head of the departments are extracted from the associates and requirement of labors, administrators and managers are fulfilled from outsource. 9. 3 External solutions: Suppliers, suppliers, superstores and lenders. twelve. 0 TITLE FORM AND MANAGEMENT GROUP

Poto organization is a relationship of three capital company. Poto’s organization structure is usually top-down hierarchical structure with same power among colleagues Poto’s supervision team involves 14 professionals like following- [pic] 14. 0 RISK ASSESSMENT 14. 1 Basic risks: The project is associated with next general dangers:? Demand risk” the price of replace and other options’ production expense lowering may shiver the need of spud milk.? Supply risk” the key raw materials of potato milk is usually abundant in Bangladesh but the different ingredients’ supply may impede the production. Regulating risk” the normal testing with the product and business approval is highly regulated by the government nevertheless the sector will likely be the pushed sector so regulatory risks are going to be lessened. 11. two Risk coming from PEST research: The job is associated with following risks analyzed by PEST research:? Political risks”the political factors hamper will be strikes, terrorism, instability and so forth? Economic risks” the task is affected by economic variables such as inflation rate, client price index, recession etc . Socio-psychological risks” non-dairy dairy is a new product in householder’s lifestyle so that it may offers setback regarding people’s acknowledgement.? Technological risks” technological alterations, invention of new alternative milk may cause difficulty 12. zero SWOT EXAMINATION [pic] 13. 0 LEAVE STRATEGY (Contingency Plan)? In the exporting phase the company may sign up for government assistance and taxes benefits as an conveying agro-processor.? Business primary get out of strategy is usually converted into private limited organization from partnership firm to reduce capital problem (if occurs) and skill managing. Firm’s secondary leave strategy will probably be merged with another dairy company to reduce the risk of getting dissolute. 13. 0 MONETARY PLAN 18. 1 TASK EVALUATION [pic] 14. a couple of INCOME ASSERTION (SUMMARIZED) [pic] 14. 3 BALANCE SHEET (SUMMARIZED) [pic] 16. 4 STATEMENT OF CASH GOES (SUMMARIZED) [pic] 14. 5 INITIAL PURCHASE [pic] 13. 5 RATE ANALYSIS [pic] 14. 6 BREAK EVEN EXAMINATION [pic] 13. 7 ANXIETY TESTING [pic] 15. zero SOCIAL COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS [pic] APPENDICES FINANCIAL STATEMENT SUPPOSITION [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic]

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