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Questions some Paper- Summer 2010 Q4-Study Sources M and At the Which of Sources D or Elizabeth is more useful to the vem som st?r who is looking into surgical practice in the 1870s? Both Options D and E are useful to the historian who is investigating surgical practice in the 1870s, however only to a certain magnitude because the two sources explain a few of the negatives and benefits of operative practice. In source M, it says that ‘it took too much time to keep cleansing everything’ and just how people who would think of fresh ideas in surgical practice were often regarded as ‘odd’.

This facts shows us that operative practice during the time may have been a much more negative experience rather than a confident one.

Resource E, however, talks rather less broadly regarding surgical practice as it clarifies, like source D, ‘infection was while common since ever’ and talks about the transitions from a single operating theatre to the next. Yet , sources Deb and Electronic are only helpful to a certain level as the two sources inform us only one aspect surrounding medical practice once there were numerous others.

Both options talk about disease in medical practice and how it was a great obstacle which usually mainly surrounds the disadvantages of surgical procedure. This information is only useful to a specific extent even as are not told the positives of surgical practice and whether there were other factors that affected surgery at the time. Just one of the options seem of reliable provenance as Resource D can be described as book known as History of Medicine written at the same time further away from the 1870s than when source E was written.

Although Source Deb was written by someone who we are able to not tell had any kind of medical encounter, we recognize that, this becoming a book depending on Medicine overall, it would have already been reliable and checked by simply other professionals. On the other hand, Resource E was an account that was kept in mind by a man in surgical practice 56 years later on and so surgical practice was changing hugely at the time and could have changed his opinion. It is also simply an account of just one person and can therefore end up being biased since others might believe differently.

Overall, Source G mainly targets specific parts of surgical practice and lets us know that surgical practice was tough because ‘it got too long to keep washing everything’ (being the equipment and other items that were used) and it also talks about how individuals that would think of new concepts, would have their particular ideas rejected at first as they were viewed as ‘odd’. Supply D likewise mentions Répertorier and his tips about bacteria and how we were holding lso viewed as ‘odd’. From this we see that Surgical Practice was tough for many and that surgery in the 1870s was quite short as expansion and fresh ideas had been pushed down. Source Electronic on the other hand as well had a lot of facts just like ‘the building cost? 600 000’ yet , like supply D, discussed how nothing at all changed and gave a way which was kept the same just like being ‘allowed to go from the post-modern room to work on the maternity ward’.

In Conclusion, looking at both resources and the stability of the options from the plant source of the sources, both origin are useful into a historian looking into surgical practice in the 1870s, however , Resource D seems more reliable and so more helpful to the vem som st?r, as looking at the plant source, it is operating out of a book that many historians would have read so would be more reliable than a merchant account made by one individual who could have had short views as they wouldn’t have many mixed opinions and so side with what they thought.

Q5. Research Sources A, F and G and use your own expertise. ‘Lister’s antibacterial methods changed surgical practice in a short while of time. ‘ How far will you agree with this statement? Employ your own knowledge, Options A, N and G and any other sources you find helpful to clarify your answer. The Sources

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