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In the current globe, we have experienced various issues that have come away due to the technological development which was experienced on the globe during the earlier century. The earth has noted tremendous technological development recently and this has come up with different challenges inspite of the good elements that have have the developments. The progression in technology has offered a new concern in the name of technological addiction which needs to be grouped as a real disorder a lot more like any other addiction disorders including drug craving, gambling and alcohol.

Technology addiction has turned into a major issue today which manifests itself in lots of ways including problematic use of the web.

This conventional paper shall examine technology habit as a actual disorder which in turn requires medical assistance just like many other medical concerns and not like a failure of character since it has been considered for a long time.

Technology Addiction:

Technology addiction is not a fresh concept by itself, television, car radio, and mobile phones have been around for a long period of your time. Technology has resulted into various things that have improved our actions in one method or another. Video gaming for instance have got resulted in to addictions in which individuals put in more time playing the video online games and probably would not want to abandon their particular acquired habits. Dr . Ivan Goldberg coined the ‘Internet Addiction Disorder’ in the year 95 ensuing endless debate whether or not technology addiction could be considered to be a mental problem or perhaps not (Wells, 2007).

Previously, it was thought that technology habit was a website that concerned young people. Yet , demographic online surveys reveal that technology craving is not only a preserve of young persons as it slashes across everyone and male or female. Problematic net use for instance is said to affect all age groups, social classes with no esteem to race, education level, income level, and gender (Young, 1998).

Due to the scientific advancement and the way it includes traversed the lives of several individuals in virtually all aspects of their lives, the people hazards overexposure for the new advancements regardless of age. Most individuals become addicted to the technology in various manners which includes the “cell phone, video games, PDAs and the internet (LeClaire, 2009, para 1). Technology addiction has been overlooked by the individual medical professionals in the field of mental wellness which relates to mental problems including habit. In the existing manual, ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, technology addiction was avoided and therefore not acknowledged as a mental disorder (Guy, 2008).

Technology Addiction an actual disorder:

The surge in technological growth has made several technological devices available for the individuals of all ages. Cell phones and computer systems have taken the world by thunderstorm and almost anyone has access to these types of gadgets and others. The technology that has come up may be misused or may well affect the individual in a adverse manner. Excessive use of the scientific gadgets like the computers and the cell phones may possibly have unfavorable impacts within the individuals (Parenting Teens Blog, 2008). Technology addiction is usually therefore a true problem that will require attention more like any other sort of addiction.

Technology addiction because reported within a survey on its effects on school children is catastrophic. The research revealed that children are hooked on cell phones in several ways and this about forty five percent of these children confessed that the texting had affected on their language use because of the internet slang thereby influencing their spelling negatively.

Video gaming also effects negatively within the children as the research expose that this sort of children become anti-social. This kind of children were found to distance themselves and they are very likely to thrive in a fantasy. A young child who is usually playing a web based game is likely to be of being placid and unaggressive and become an aggressive person. There are various types of technology addiction but the internet is among the most profound. The impacts for the children are that such dependency has significance on the individuality of the kid (Parenting Teens Blog, 2008).

Technology craving is here around and there is requirement of curative and preventive measures to get adopted to save lots of the world from its bad effects. In various regions of the world, a few measures have already been adopted to aid deal with the condition and they consist of clinics which in turn charges expensively for their courses which may previous for a month and include working out and reading of books. However , you cannot find any regulation approach deal with the situation due to the fact that technology addiction is usually yet to become officially approved by the doctors (Guy, 2008).


Technology addiction must be looked at as a genuine disorder that if left unchecked shall affect the people within a bad method. Though there is certainly need to allow the children gain access to technology mainly because it holds the ongoing future of the world, limitations needs to be proven to safeguard the technology usage. This necessitates the need to monitor the infant’s accessibility to the internet and other technical devices. The young people whom are unmonitored on their technology usage stand a high likelihood of identity robbery. It must be mentioned that children might not realize the importance to stay private information top secret. If technology addiction is definitely not recognized as a major problem in the society today, then human beings stand to loose not simply on the meaningful ground yet social as well.


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