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Donghyun Lee (20110108) Prof. Lisa Lee English 2 (Sec. 60) Oct 4.

2012 Three Significant Reasons Why I Love Outdoor Activity There are numerous kinds of outdoor activities. Outdoor activity offers many mental or physical advantages to people. Consequently , many persons love outdoor activity for various reasons regardless of its characteristic. For example , some like sports activity because of his or her own satisfaction. In addition , other folks do exercise because it will help them to enhance their health.

Yet , the reason why I love field activity is on account of three essential changes in my body: being rejuvenated, being in short supply of breath, staying thirsty. The first transform which discipline activity creates is being refreshed. When I include trouble in studying or working, I have a splitting headache. It feels like being hit on the head by a sludge hammer. At that time, My spouse and i go exterior and do simple outdoor activities just like walking or perhaps skipping. Then, I feel the new air streaming through my personal veins, and I am charged up again.

For example , while i was a high school student, I usually did a basic ball game after i was sick and tired of studying. Consequently , being elevated is the initial change of my body which makes me do open-air activity. The second element of variety that field activity makes for me personally is being short of breath. There is no doubt that becoming short of breath of air is a very tedious feeling to anyone. That stuff seriously exhausting sense as well. Yet , though it can be painful, I find myself alive when I am short of breath.

For instance, once i do exercise which needs sustaining electrical power like a workshop, I turn into so fired up and extreme since I do think I i am exceeding the limit of my physical strength. Hence, being short of breathing is another inspiring power that makes me appreciate an outdoor activity. Finally, the last significant human body change that motivates me personally to do open-air activity will be thirsty. Exactly why being dehydrated can be the reason behind doing field activity is because drinking water after outdoor activity gives me happiness which will cannot be referred to.

For example , We become the happiest person on the globe and feel as if I can soar while moving water after carrying out a field activity. A cup of normal water after feeling raging being thirsty cannot be exchanged with some other delicious food. As a result, thirst can be the body system change which let me carry out outdoor activity. My spouse and i become invigorated, short of breathing, and dehydrated by outdoor activity regardless of it is feature. These body changes are the encouraging power of producing me do outdoor activity since the changes wrap up giving a positive feeling to me. What are the factors which make you do outdoor activity?

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