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Ethnocentrism is defined as a demeanor where in a person has the tendency to check out the world in different ways from his own community and primarily his personal is the center of everything. This belief for some reason put other folks as second-rate in the sight of the ethnocentric. It can also affect a group, world or even a country where in their view with their culture and race is usually superior to different races or societies.

Inside the discussion that was provided, Socrates’s etchnocentic ideas provides somewhat put his life in danger and eventually death. He based his wisdom via his know-how and he believed which the society from the Athenians from where he is supposed to be really lack in these kinds of credentials. His attack to his contemporary society as against his concepts has led him into his death.

Socrates was said to have set the foundation of Western philosophy. Today, a large number of hard-lined Westerners are seen as ethnocentric in a manner that they believe America is the most previleged country in the world. They discover American world have the most liberalized, cultured, civilized and educated society as they perspective others of the developing or maybe the third world. This sort of attitude comprises the impression that emanates from their character as hurtful and mainly prejudice in front of large audiences.  In some way or another it absolutely was observed that ethnocentric people prefer the business of people who are in the same status including them and they are more comfortable posting their values and opinion to them while that they almost socialized in comparable ways. It can be in this degree that they decrease new symbolism and thoughts of others since they consider these because less acceptable and attractive.

Sophism does have two distinct meanings. Within our world today, sophism is an not logical argument since it is used by an author or a speaker to fool or confuse someone into believing him. But in historic Greece, the sophists are given the value of a witty man sometimes denoting as a teacher or a philosopher. Socrates was once a Sophos which means he was only a believer and a man of wisdom. He provided this perception to his students the likes of Plato. But when he recognizes the weak spot and disease in his culture, he made himself heard which in turn made him a sophist arguing along with his government of private reform through divinity.

Relativism connotes different theories. The first claim that other elements of experience or culture relies or pertaining to other factor or aspects. There are many kinds of relativism which have two common features. First is they assert something like ethical values, magnificence, knowledge or meaning which can be relative to particular framework. Second is that they refuse that any kind of standpoint is uniquely beneficial over all other folks. There are two kinds of relativisms in general perspective. These are Cognitive Relativism that has a broader that means and claims that every declaration has it is truth which can be relative to a few set of qualifications conditions and assumptions. That means, it asserts the relativity of fact. Then, Meaning Relativism which in turn defines that what is right to one person is definitely not morally right to one more. This significantly applies to social relativism in which cultures include great difference in their values.

Protagoras who will be considered a sophist is known as a lawyer and rhetorician. His teachings says that sensible man learn to be remarkably adoptable to ideas. Consideringg disagreement the philosophical person knew that there is no certain solution with out definite answer to a problem. The goal of resolving disagreements is to never seek the truth because there is none in the world as truth. The solution lies in “curing” arguments by making persons agree in endpoint. Protagoras as a diplomat taught which a wise gentleman can be able to persuade other folks to accept his views therefore avoiding arguments and turn the table in his favor.

Socrates life is viewed as ethnocentric since in his perception that this individual has more wisdom and knowledge in man dignity than his culture. He was a person of purpose and uses the keen principle of God. He is a devoted mentor of many other philosophers and was hoping to lead Athens out of ignorance. He previously only the possibility to show his really worth as a tutor and an excellent philosopher to prospects of his students. In the time, probing and speaking out the sickness of the culture is heresy (Pine, 1985).


Pinus radiata, R. C. (1985). Science and the Man Prospect [Electronic Version] coming from http://home.honolulu.hawaii.edu/~pine/book1qts/chapter4qts.html

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