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Comparison between both equally poems, “Sick Rose” and “A Reddish, Red Rose” The poem “The Ill Rose” simply by William Blake is about a rose which includes reached the end of their lifespan in the arrival of winter. A rose usually symbolises love, beauty and romance, but also in this composition the went up is ill. This displays the broken, hurt and destruction.

The rose which in turn represent while an sick woman which was damaged by the worm, which can be represent as the man that has caused the harm to her.

The poem reveals the negative attitude of a gentleman towards a woman, whom this individual destroys to meet his lust. Where otherwise in the poem “A reddish colored, red Rose” by Robert Burns the poem is about a man who will be deeply in love with his lover. The phrase red is usually repeated twice, which shows the great love he has for his lover. This can be a romantic take pleasure in poem that has a positive attitude of a guy towards a woman whom this individual loves by showing his great enthusiasm of love, which is growing deeper and deeper each day. One more comparison of the poem is definitely respect.

Inside the “Sick Rose” the man demolished the pride of the woman. He wreck the life of your woman and caused her to be become ill. Wherever else in the “A Red, Red Rose” the man keep the dignity of a woman which he is deeply in love with and even praised her splendor. Besides that, the poem’s responsibility. Inside the “Sick Rose” the man can be irresponsible, he does not care regarding woman. His intention is usually to ruin the life of the person he enjoys in the wrong way, where else in “A Red, Red Rose” the mans action displays his devotion of being a responsible person.

In the last stanza of the poem this individual said that he will return with love although he is eight thousand miles away from her, “And Let me come again, my love, Thought I i am ten 1, 000 mile”. Furthermore the love in “Sick Rose” is a key love of the man toward a woman. This individual used force and unhealthy way to get his love in the woman. His action and impatient behaviour has caused the destroyed in the woman whom he loved secretly. Therefore , that shows the darker area of being human. In “A Red, Red Rose” the person patiently and gradually release his appreciate towards his lover.

This individual shows his passion in a decent method and he did not use any push. Burns used two similes to evaluate the love, the first “red, red rose” and the second is his love is a lot like the “melody”. Both of simile shows a delicate form a love among a man and a woman. Additionally, it shows the brighter aspect of human nature. In “The Sick Rose”, the poem ends which has a depressive sculpt where the fabulous rose was spoiled by evil, lust of a man, but in “A Red, Red Rose”, the deep a sense of the male’s love can be longer, even though he needs to say goodbye: “And service you well, my love”.

Burns ends the composition in a soft, hopeful and inspiring note. The language of both, Blake and Burns’, in the composition interest the readers to find the invisible message to it. The use of emblematic and figurative language drafted made both poems very interesting and attractive to the readers’ mind. Following comparing both poems equally poems reveal the two opposite of a human being soul because “The Unwell Rose” can be described as dying rose while the “A Red, Red Rose” is a blessings increased.

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