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Literature, Personal statement

Introduction and Aims

Having finished a period of work experience in a childcare environment, I have gained a wide variety of encounter and produced my own personal characteristics, which I think will in the end enable me to become a beneficial and liable member of a childcare staff, focusing on children studies and social plan (Farrell , Travers, 2005).

This personal statement aims to chart the journey that we have gone through in the last year, including looking at all those attributes and skills which i have both developed or perhaps improved, due to applying the training which I have obtained during my period operating in a work experience environment. Crucially, I actually also acquired the opportunity to talk to far more knowledgeable individuals than myself and this gave me an insight into just how my profession was more likely to develop, from this level onwards.

We am presently coming to the final of my personal second 12 months of studies and therefore, whilst I attained considerable expertise during this job history, there are still selected aspects of my own personal development that i need to give attention to and further regions of development that will enable me to become more efficient, in the foreseeable future (Sanderson , Percy-Smith, 1995).

Job history Background

My work experience took place within a childcare environment, dealing with 8-10 year old children. I worked well alongside many different professionals, which includes those who managed the daily care of younger children, and those included more inside the policy progress new skills among the list of older children, including preparing all of them for formal education and supporting those who were currently in formal education (Callender, 2000). I actually worked mainly alongside the lead people dealing with kids of school age group, i. at the. those who were six to eight years of age and this involved looking at the kinds of activities and work they were undertaking throughout the school day time, in order to make certain that childcare actions outside of the school day, at least, did not contradict the work becoming undertaken within the school environment. A greater emphasis was as well placed on interpersonal and mental skills that were seen being developing at a rapid charge during this age group category, particularly when children entered formal education for the first time (Pettit et ‘s 1999).

Skills, Characteristics and Values Gained During Work Experience

During my work experience within a childcare environment several expertise attributes and values were gained. Several of these were received as a result of shadowing a very skilled member of they, as it allows me to recognize ways in which I could potentially run, in the future. The main skills that i gained within this work experience included the ability to think in a a lot more rounded approach about circumstances being presented to me. Within my first season of education, a large proportion of the activities were based upon developing the cabability to complete worksheets that would be suitable for the children in my care, and much of the management activity that I perceived to be central towards the childcare environment (Training and Employment Organization 1999). Although it continued to be important to adhere to educational guidelines, particularly with those children who were currently of mandatory school age group, I started to be much more conscious of my ought to adapt and be adaptable to the requires of the kids, rather than just shoehorning the day-to-day activities within the day care environment into my chosen plan or perhaps policy.

We also attained a much better value in regards to the discussion posts with kids and recognising the importance of social interaction and giving children the chance to express themselves (UEA, 2002).

My ability to recognize potential cultural and internal problems, along with identifying kids who were perhaps having problems outside the instant childcare environment increased drastically, as a result of shadowing my coach and spending some time simply watching activities inside the childcare environment (Smith , Barker, 2000).

Personal Skills and Attributes for Employability

Many of the skills and attributes that i developed in myself had been those that We identified inside the more experienced person in the staff and i also felt would be good as transferable expertise within my personal future research. However , although the focus in this article was about children between the ages of six and eight, these skills could potentially be used across an extensive range of diverse ages and this is therefore something that will be useful for me personally in my foreseeable future work experience and employment. A chance to identify crucial policy concerns and then apply them in a wide array of different scenarios is incredibly useful and a central aspect of my studies. Understanding underlying social plans is also important, as anyone linked to a day care environment has to be able to look at the broader sociable implications, in order that the day-to-day function that is performed with the kids supports these types of social plans (Munton, ainsi que al 2001).

I also feel that I’ve developed extra skills with regards to identifying the many different demands of children, depending on their demographic situation. This sort of understanding, once again, will be within a wide variety of distinct situations. Moreover, the ability to apply policies and practices within a sensitive and appropriate fashion will provide beneficial opportunities for me personally, in the future, particularly when it comes to leading change within a childcare environment (SQW and NOP, 2002).

Following Steps and Career Development

Following on from this length of work experience then when combined with the skills and understanding which I attained during my initial two years at university, I feel that I was now ready to look towards applying these skills within a practical impression (Alderson, 1995). Furthermore, We am trying to find opportunities to operate within an environment that will allow me to lead change and develop new working strategies that were probably allow the daycare environment to adapt to distinct situations, rather than following rigid lesson plans or perhaps care strategies. By placing a heavy focus on dealing with standard social plans, I feel that I shall be much better placed for establishing ways of working that are not getting used and this is wherever I plan to focus my own work, down the road.


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