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THE ANCIENT GREEKS NAME ___Harrison Funk_________________________________ To complete this kind of worksheet utilize information located on the following web page: http://www. mythologyteacher. com/GreekIntro.

html GREEK INTRO 1 . In roughly what time period was your golden age of ancient Portugal? 500 N. C. installment payments on your Who was an ancient Greek article writer of fable? Homer three or more. Who was a Greek mathematician? Pythrogras 5. Why should People in america study old Greece? We all oew everything to ancient Portugal. GREEK CITY-STATES 5. Just how is a city-state more than just a city? It had no desire to become a member of a larger nation. 6.

What term has not been in use through the golden age of Greece? Why not? They did not really say greece so it was dotted with city-states 7. What is an agora? Assembly of the people/ town appointment THE LIFE OF ANY GREEK LADY 8. Just how were females oppressed in ancient Portugal? Treated with disrespect 9. What would happen if a friends and family did not have got a men heir? All wealth would venture to the best male family member 10. When did most women get married? 13 11. What is a dowry? Cash goods real estate 12. What was the goal of every Greek better half? To produce men heir 13. When was murder entirely legal in ancient Greece?

When someone was found in a affair with a hitched women. THE LIFE OF A ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE BOY 14. What is a Traditional adage of the newborn kids? If the a boy retain it and if it is a girl make it vulnerable 15. What ceremony would boys proceed through before becoming men? They will cut their hair 16. Young boys were sent to do what at the age of 20? Left for two years for military reasons. 17. What really does the word gymnos mean? Means wearing no clothes 18. How long were men be subject to the armed forces draft? Two years 19. What is a lyre? harp 20. What is rhetoric? Is persuasive speaking 21.

That which was the Greek word for just one who participates in sport contests? twenty-two. What was a sophist? twenty-three. What was one of the most dangerous Ancient greek language sport? twenty four. What is the “bible from the Greeks? twenty-five. The gym was the historic predecessor of what modern institution? twenty six. What were the two equipment teachers utilized to teach writing and reading? 27. The moment did education end for some boys? 28. Why were Greek males expected to retain their systems in shape? ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE RELIGION up to 29. According to the Ancient greek moral code, what two crimes had been capital crimes? 30. Describe how Greece did not possess a tight religious code: 31.

Spotting what kind of bird through the daytime foretold death? 32. What could priests tell coming from an animal’s organs? thirty-three. What does fortuitous mean? thirty four. What is a pantheon? 35. Precisely what is augury? thirty-six. What generally occurred after having a Greek sacrifice? 37. Exactly where did the Oracle of Delphi take a seat? 38. Which in turn god or perhaps goddess was most privileged in Athens? 39. Whom did kings consult to find out their upcoming? GREEK DEMOCRACY 40. How did people vote occasionally vote in Athens? forty one. What organizations were ruled out from Athenian citizenship? forty two. What type of democracy did Athens have? TRADITIONAL OLYMPICS 43. When do the initial Olympics take place? 4. What Olympic contest was held on the Olympian hippodrome? 45. Were the Olympics the only games held in ancient Greece? 46. What was the Heraia? 47. What are the five sports in the pentathlon? SPARTA forty-eight. How were the lives of Spartan women totally different from the lives of Athenian women? 49. Sparta was one of the few communities to produce no _______. 55. Spartan young boys started all their training when? 51. Spartan boys had been yearly flogged for what reason? 52. What would an apprenticeship of a young boy to an older son accomplish? 53. How were Spartan kids taught on stealth? 54.

What did the Spartans carry out with their unnecessary children? Chuck them of your cliff fifty-five. What tale demonstrated the Spartan self-discipline? 56. That which was a Spartan wedding nighttime ritual? 57. What expression is a synonym for stuff? 58. Spartis was completely dedicated to the art of what? HIPPOCRATES 59. Hippocrates is often known as: 60. Just how many children died in ancient Portugal before the associated with ten? 61. What is leeching? 62. Create one line from your Hippocratic Pledge: ALEXANDER THE FANTASTIC 63. How old was Alexander the fantastic when he started to be the Full of Macedon? 64. What did Alexander spread around the globe? 65.

What empire performed Alexander get over? 66. What did Alexander the great pass away of? 67. Why was Alexander a prosperous conqueror? SOCRATES & PLATO 68. Just how was Socrates different from the sophists? 69. Who were the “scientists of ancient Greek? 70. What does idea mean in Greek? 71. What toxic did Socrates drink? seventy two. What is the Socratic Technique? 73. The fact that was Plato’s Academy named pertaining to? 74. The fact that was the fee brought against Socrates? HOMER, THE ILIAD & JOURNEY 75. How was the dark age of Greece different from the golden associated with Greece? seventy six. What are 3 rumors concerning Homer the poet? seventy seven.

What is an “epic poem? 78. What is the plan of the Odyssey? 79. What started the Trojan Warfare? 80. When did the “real Trojan War probably occur? seventy eight. Which would the Greeks like better: the Iliad or perhaps Odyssey? For what reason? HERODOTUS 82. Herodotus can often be called: 83. What battles did Herodotus write about? 84. What otherwise did Herodotus write about? eighty five. What is “western civilization? GREEK SLAVERY 86. Most Traditional households had how many slaves? 87. What does humane mean? 88. What is the rack? 89. What had been lawyers in order to do to slaves to get information? 80. What were three careers a servant might obtain? 91.

Wherever did the Greeks attain their slaves? DEATH & BURIAL 80. Greeks presumed your nature would never become at rest if: 93. What were two capital crimes in ancient Greece? 94. What is a garland? 95. What exactly is libation? ANCIENT GREEK WARFARE ninety six. How would one warship defeat one other? 97. Just how did the rowers over a warship retain in time together? 98. Spartis was praised for its infantry, Athens was known for its ________. 99. What is a hoplite? 100. In which did Spartis and Athens stop California king Xerxes’ drive into Portugal? 101. What exactly is phalanx? ANCIENT GREEK THEATER 102. How many spectators could possibly be seated inside the theatron? 03. What increased the sounds of Traditional actors? 104. What are satyrs? 105. Exactly what does obscene suggest in Ancient greek? 106. What innovation do Sophocles generate? 107. What exactly chorus? 108. What is catharsis? 109. What theatrical advancement did the playwright Aeschylus come up with? one hundred ten. What type of play is a crude parody? 111. What type of play tells the downfall of a noble persona? 112. Who was the client god with the theater? 113. Whose opinion did the chorus represent in Traditional plays? 114. Why are contemporary actors known as thespians? 121. Which type of play built fun of daily life in Athens?

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