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Explain the post 18 options to get young people and adults When a young person completes year eleven they have different choices available to them they will choose to embark on to further education this can be possibly within the college in the 6th form or perhaps they can go to college. The skills that can be gained through even more education happen to be:

  • AS and A levels- happen to be full time courses studying mainly academic subject matter but also some work related subjects and are generally taken over 2 years. Diplomas- will be when the pupil is still located in their college or school but they have the chance to master in other options such as the place of work or a college giving them a taste of what to expect in this particular job.
  • Key skills- these are designed to prepare college students for the working environment and are usually manage alongside or are included in different courses though are available automatically. Other options are: Apprenticeships-a more hands on function, learning through work in an apprenticeship wherever they gain qualifications when working in the job position, with this option they will gain useful hands on experience, training as well as gaining a qualification while earning a wage simultaneously.
  • BTEC’s- are often studied at school or perhaps college they are really work centered qualifications that are a mix between sensible and theory and some job history.

NVQ’s- these can be taken either in school/college, through a placement or in the place of work. They are based upon the students skills, knowledge and the competence of doing the job.

Clarify the post 16 choices for young adults and adults:

It’s easy to discover.

A lot these kinds of kids were pampered, chauffeured, over guarded, over parented and just ordinary spoiled. They likewise have a tremendous sense of entitlement. Hell, obtaining a car at 16 has turned into a rite of passage! I’ve friends who also regularly allowed their kids boy and young lady friends to “sleep over”, now that is crazy.

There are millions of bare jobs in the united states but people (young and old) happen to be fearful of pulling up and shifting to where the work can be. My parents provided us this advice , Obtain an education, Have a skill, and Get Out” They did all that working category folks may do to aid us. After that we were in our own. Simple. To their severe credit, they will paid extra taxes and so we could have excellent colleges, Many university activities, and anything else we all needed to get a good start. ( remember Motorists Ed, in school? )

The draft helped also. The warfare was terrible, but many people, who served, are better for it. The generation left behind this commitment to education and services and became “the most self-centered generation”. Selfishness is not only a very good trait to pass on.

So now the folks who have are still strapped with their elderly kids will be paying, and paying.

God bless you, and conquer your kids out.

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