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SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION 1 . 1 Background from the Research Vitamin supplements bring added nutritional beliefs to someones health. Using their contents of the certain advised amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for staying healthy and balanced, vitamin supplements are becoming more and more well-liked especially for individuals with hectic and busy standards of living.

These people think that daily or perhaps regular intake of nutritional vitamin supplements helps to guarantee the proper intake of nutrition needed”a compensation for what they might have missed or perhaps lost as a result of workload or lifestyle.

Unlike medicines or drugs for virtually any medicinal purpose, vitamin supplements are taken intended for various factors. Strength, overall health, and energy seem to take those lead since the top goals, while illusions of youthfulness, fear of insufficient complete nutrients, or long term protection adhere to. As job life and lifestyle in the global community have become more dynamic and healthy foods with right dining happen to be rare, people have resorted even more to the accompanied by a vitamin supplements. Promoting plays an important part in creating more desire for nutritional vitamin supplements.

Several advertising schemes of pharmaceutical companies make a continued bombardment of publicity, using equally soft and hard marketing to persuade consumers have confidence in the efficacy of nutritional vitamin supplements. These actions create motivational factors for consumers, and the reasons for usage of vitamin supplements can be unlimited. Modern lifestyle and function behavior remain the catalyst for the marketplace viability of vitamin supplements. Whilst vitamin supplements try to maintain the good health of their buyers, they could deteriorate well being in many ways.

Natural nutrition is unquestionably better than short-cut nutrition. Industry, the manufacturers, and the consumers who live a fast-paced life-style should try to find equilibrium of vitamin supplement publicity. The nutritional supplements should help enhance householder’s wellbeing, rather than benefiting specific groups. 1 . 1 . you Consumption of Vitamin Supplements At present, people are worried about their health and they think that they do not take in proper, well-balanced, and healthy foods resulting in a lack of crucial vitamins, health issues, and poor health.

This is especially true of businessmen and office workers since, as the world is moving at a hectic and quicker pace, they will spend most of the time working, which in turn uses all of their mental and physical energy, and sometimes they may be very stressed and do not frequently eat right food and rely rather on processed foods or fast food because of its convenience. Therefore , these people purchase nutritional vitamin supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies. People will not purchase and consume dietary supplements or well being products being a cure.

They will purchase and consume then because they presume vitamin supplements can assist them improve their quality of life. There are lots of motivational elements that encourage business owners or office workers to purchase vitamin supplements which produce the demand available in the market. The market intended for vitamin supplements has grown significantly mainly because they have the need to consume vitamin supplements which enjoy an important role in featuring nutrition which supports and maintains their particular good health. 1 . 2 Declaration of the Trouble

Consumers of vitamin supplements are generally business people in the central organization districts (CBD) of any of the big cities in the world. Bangkok is no exclusion. With elevating stress, work load, and the hectic lifestyle of numerous CBDs in Bangkok, Thailänder business people try to keep their particular health stable by consuming more nutritional vitamin supplements, rather than seeing proper gastronomy. Vitamin supplements of imported and native brands flood the shelves of trendy drug retailers like Boots and other well-known dispensaries.

GNC, an American brand of vitamin supplements, has started to appear about downtown Bangkok’s shopping malls. Competition among companies of vitamin supplements has become fierce, while several consumers include started to realize the side effects of long-term intake of vitamin supplements. The issues of both the pharmaceutical market’s competition and growing awareness of natural nutrients appear to be intertwined within the consumers’ brains.

This study therefore should identify the motivational elements of the buyers in CBD Bangkok within their purchase intention of nutritional vitamin supplements. Recognizing the motivational elements reveals the consumers’ rationale and the influence of marketing methods that have brought vitamin supplements to their present position. Manufacturers”both in the home and abroad”will benefit from realizing consumers’ mindset factors, in order that they are able to plan their research well and develop the technical and marketing edges.

Surely Thailand, as a exotic country exactly where herbs and pharmaceutical elements are found in abundance for making great vitamin supplements, may partake in this fierce competition with success, while the brought in brands are prepared to compete in a overseas market. However , if vitamin supplements in order to become an essential food for people in CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT, all parties concerned need to work with studies of consumers’ mindset factors to ascertain directions not only yield a healthy result to the consumers but make them avoid hazards too.. a few Research Questions 1 . What motivates business people in central business district (CBD) to get vitamin supplements? 2 . What brands the account of people of central business section (CBD) in relationship using their consumption of vitamin supplements? 1 . 4 Research Objectives 1 ) To identify motivational factors of business people in buying vitamin supplements, installment payments on your To describe characteristics and patterns of people in relation to all their decision to acquire vitamin supplements, and, 3.

To explain the characteristics and behavior of business people with regards to their decision to consume vitamin supplements. 1 . 5 Scope in the Research This research aims to understand mindset factors influencing purchase purpose regarding workers in offices and nutritional vitamin supplements. The research will break down in to four main variables which constitute Person Characteristics, Situational and Attitudinal Factors, Motivational Factors, and buy Intention of vitamin supplements. The target population was around the Silom area which it is the middle of the business area plus the most populated place in Bangkok.

The respondents were exec managers, senior managers, and managers or work in reduced positions. 1 . 6 Limitation of the Exploration This exploration was carried out in the Silom area since it is a central business area of office workers.

You read ‘Motivation Factor Toward Vitamin Supplement’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Hence, a result of the research may be different in the event data are collected from other areas as a result of difference in demographics and individual characteristics. 1 . 7 Significance with the Research The importance of this examine is generally focused on being aware of what motivates workers in offices in terms of the advantages of, and their intention of purchase nutritional vitamin supplements.

The outcome should be able to help people concerned about the need to take in vitamin supplements through studies with the motivational elements to determine the guidelines that provide a normal result to workers in offices as well as to characterize their individual profiles regarding the intent to obtain vitamin supplements. It will also be helpful for marketers to help them analyze and evaluate this study to help marketing supervision in marketing decisions and formulating strategies to increase effectiveness. 1 . eight Definition of Conditions Central Business District (CBD) ” the central district of a city or it is office or price tag center in the city. Through this study, the survey was conducted inside the Silom place as it is the middle of the business area and suitable for understanding motivational factors on order intention of office workers the target of the study. * Vitamin supplements ” vitamin supplements help provide a constant source of necessary vitamins and nutrition. Those who are busy within their working life and do not consume properly would benefit from choosing vitamin supplements.

PART 2 MATERIALS REVIEW installment payments on your 1 Theories 2 . 1 . 1 Individual Characteristics Specific characteristics could be classified in lots of ways such as age, gender, educational level, profits and personal appearance. It can consider a set of personal traits of people (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2000). Individual attributes can be explained demographically or perhaps physically. Specific characteristics will be unique. A lot of people may have a similar characteristics in certain areas just as some people may well look Cookware but no-one person is usually identified to another.

People could have different features. According to Beatty and Smith (1987), and Mitchell (1993), demographic factors may fall into 1 category of individual characteristics which will gender and age are mostly described as factors that usually influence consumer habit. Additionally , we can include additional individual attributes such as educational level, functioning position and income, household size and time that spent on groceries shopping while factors that affect client behavior too. Educational level can strongly affect buyer behavior.

Individuals with a higher education tend to take more time searching for information and are willing to try something totally new in the market. A few products are prepared for and necessary by highly-educated person just like laboratory products, international books, etc . A Less educated person might seek and consume ordinary or routine products. They have a tendency to have less awareness of new innovative items. Working status and income are perfectly related to each other. People are not able to gain positive cash-flow if they just do not work. Income levels fluctuate according to working position and location.

Working status and cash flow are usually employed as important factors that may affect buyer behavior. You cannot find any market when there is no profits. Income is required by rewarding markets. What individuals can afford influences the products that individuals are likely to buy. Therefore , salary is often probably the most popular market factors used to study the effects of consumer habit. A household is definitely an individual who lives alone or possibly a group of people living jointly in a prevalent dwelling, irrespective of whether they are related.

Households can be cohabitating lovers who will be unmarried and the opposite sex, same sex or simply roommates. Household size is determined by the amount of people who reside in the house. Household size could have an effect on buying decisions and consumer behavior. Logically, each home is likely to get and consume different products at diverse quantities. Lastly, for individual characteristics, time spent on groceries is definitely the number of several hours spent food shopping per week. In line with the study of Goodman (2008), over 32 million American adults shop at a grocery store on the typical time.

That is a significant population density in grocery shops which may be a potential market to get marketers. Enough time spent grocery shopping may affect the buying behavior of consumers in terms of buying even more other goods. 2 . 1 . 2 Situational and Attitudinal Factors Customer behavior of individuals could be impacted by the person’s needs, benefits sought, perceptions, motivation and purchasing situation. Seeing that people have different attitudes, beliefs and situations, consumer tendencies of each person will be indicated differently as well.

Situational elements are all all those factors related to the time and place of remark which do not require the knowledge of a person. These kinds of factors may strongly affect consumer patterns (Beck, 1975). People might act and consume differently in different purchasing situations. Time influences a selection situation. Attitudinal factors will be related to a person’s tendency toward a specific point and it is the person’s tendency to be consistent and regular.

Attitude includes general knowledge and constitutes the cognitive, feelings, and actions. When an person holds an optimistic attitude toward a target, he or she will hold the same attitude toward a similar target (Ajzen & Fishbein, 2005). According to the study of Kim and Chung (2011), health intelligence and appearance intelligence could affect consumer habit. People who are at the stage of health and presence consciousness carry out care about the desired stage of well-being and they are willing to placed in hard work to maintain this kind of.

People with substantial health and presence consciousness usually spend more time looking for information on diet and weight loss and they are prone to buy even more vitamin supplements and also other related wellness products. According to the Oxford English language Dictionaries, a unique diet means a special course of food to which people restrict themselves with either the reason to lose weight or for medical reasons. This implies a particular intake of nutritional vitamin supplements or nutrition for weight management and well being purposes. Grocery shopper may be used to measure determination regarding client perceptions, thinking, and actions.

The more included grocery customers go shopping without any assistance and are more likely to employ obtain strategies that may enhance their purchase intention (Smith & Carsky, 1996). Dinner planner is also the same, according to Moore and Lehmann (1980), whom found that an individual who is actually a meal advisor or who also prepares food seems to be even more involved in order intention. Hence, they will be worried about their food and nourishment and if they think they may shortage benefits from their particular meals, they will be more likely to buy vitamin supplements.. 1 ) 3 Motivational factors and product class involvement factors Consumer motivation is described as the impacts that business lead a card holder’s behavior toward a goal (Wang, 2001). Motivational factors happen to be identified as a couple of specific elements that affect motivation to individual needs. In accordance to Drichoutis, Lazaridis, and Nayga Junior, (2007), this kind of study specifies price, diet, ease of consumption, brand, and advertisement because variables in a measurement of product involvement, referred to by Moorthy (1997), which in the case is vitamin supplements.

In addition , Flower (1994), and Thayer (1997) both figured these factors are important in consumer buy intention. Selling price has a emotional impact which is used to influence consumer getting power. Nourishment can be defined as meals or nutriment that is required to keep growing, healthful, and to support life. Ease of intake has an emphasis on the convenience and issues of taking vitamin supplements. Company enables a consumer to easily recognize products of the particular company and decide to purchase them.

Advertisements reflects an ever-increasing trend through which people are concerned with their health. 2 . 1 ) 4 Purchase Intention Buy intention is actually a measurement of the possibility a consumer will purchase a product and if the purchase goal is excessive, there is even more chance which the consumer is definitely willing to get a product. Purchase intention shows consumers will follow their encounter, preference, and motivation to collect information then simply evaluate all their choices and choose alternatives so they can decide to purchase an item (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2000).

Purchase intention also qualified prospects consumers never to just buy a product once but to consistently purchase or perhaps repurchase a product or service and to recommend it in front of large audiences. Customers repurchase intention depends on the value attained in their previous transactions (Wathne, 2001, Kaynak, 2003, Bolton, 2000). So purchase intention is based on that value which has a relationship with expected future benefits. Advice in order intention is consumers who also are willing to recommend others to buy the same items that they bought (Olaru, Order, & Peterson, 2008).

SECTION 3 PLATFORM AND METHOD 3. 1 Theoretical Structure 1 . Determine 3. 1 , Drichoutis, A. C., Lazaridis, P., & Nayga Jr, R. M. (2007). An evaluation of product class involvement in food-purchasing behavior. This kind of study should use the following framework to reach the elements affecting the importance of different aspects such as price, taste, nutrition, ease of consumption, and brand name of products (which in this study is food). The overall participation with food, based on characteristic importance, can be affected by attitudinal factors and Socio-economic.

From this framework, it offers different single profiles of consumers whom are not involved or more associated with food based upon specific elements. 2 . Figure 3. 2 , Ellie, H. Sumado a., & Chung, J. Electronic. (2011). Consumer purchase goal for organic personal care products. The pitch of this framework attempts to examine the effects of consumer values and past encounter on client purchase goal of natural products and to consider the effect of perceived behavioral control for the attitude intention relationship by using the theory of planned patterns.. 2 Conceptual Framework Specific Characteristics 2. Age * Gender 5. Education * Work position * Salary * Home Size * Time Spent on Grocery Shopping Determine 3. several ” Mindset factors on purchase purpose of nutritional vitamin supplements Purchase Goal * Order * Repurchase * Advise others to acquire Motivational Elements * Cost * Diet * Simplicity of Intake * Brand 2. Advertisement (trend) Situational & Attitudinal Elements * Health Consciousness 2. Appearance Intelligence * Unique Diet Position * Grocery Shopper Food Planner Following clearly understand two theoretical frames, the conceptual framework through this research aims to study motivational factors upon purchase purpose of nutritional vitamin supplements regarding workers in offices in the Silom area. To begin with, it is necessary to study individual attributes of office workers and how these kinds of affect purchases of nutritional vitamin supplements. Second, the study aims to recognize situational and attitudinal elements that impact on consumer motivation leading to purchase of vitamin supplements.

Third, the study aims to consider mindset factors of office workers and the effect on buy intention of vitamin supplements. a few. 2 . one particular Individual Attributes The market factors will be included in the individual characteristics category. Gender and age are factors that affect buyer behavior. Additionally, this analyze used education, working location, income, and household size as factors to further evaluate consumer attributes to indicate how this effects their motivation and purchase intention of vitamin supplements.

This kind of research suggests these elements are crucial to profile consumers that intend to purchase vitamin supplements. a few. 2 . 2 Situational & Attitudinal Elements This exploration defines health consciousness, overall look consciousness, unique diet position, grocery consumer, and meal planner beneath situational and attitudinal factors. People who are concerned about their ideal state of well-being or perhaps require a special course of diet are likely to make an effort to maintain a healthy life, and therefore are interested in qualified about their overall look, by purchasing nutritional vitamin supplements.

People who shop and prepare meals themselves are more likely to purchase nutritional vitamin supplements because these situational and attitudinal elements can impact and motivate an individual’s notion about healthy values. a few. 2 . three or more Motivational Elements Motivational elements are recognized as factors that influence determination of office workers to purchase vitamin supplements. The identified importance of price, nutrition, ease of intake, manufacturer, and advertisement are within the model through which these factors are identified to effect consumer perception of the benefits associated with vitamin supplements and influence all their purchase intention.

The investigator would like to see whether these factors create a confident or a adverse relationship toward their obtain intention. a few. 2 . four Purchase Purpose This study defines obtain, repurchase, and recommending other folks to purchase within the purchase intention category. People are motivated to take action based on their particular behavior, frame of mind, and notion so they intend to obtain vitamin supplements intended for health benefits. They could intend to repurchase in the future based on their previous expectation in products and they may also recommend others to buy vitamin supplements.. three or more Hypothesis H1o: There is no marriage between situational & attitudinal factors and motivational elements for vitamin supplement consumption H1a: There is a romantic relationship between situational & attitudinal factors and motivational factors for vitamin supplement consumption Water: There is no relationship between mindset factors and purchase intention of vitamin supplements H2a: There is a romance between motivational factors and buy intention of vitamin supplements 3. Operationalization of Variables Variables| Concept of Variable| Operational Component| Measurement Scale| Situational & Attitudinal Factors| , Situational factors are related to enough time and place of observation which experts claim not require the knowledge of the person and situational factors could strongly affect customer behavior (Beck, 1975). , Attitudinal Factors are related to an individual’s propensity toward a unique thing in fact it is also a person’s propensity being persistent and consistent (Ajzen & Fishbein, 2005). , Concerned about health insurance and diet each of the time- Over a special diet due to a health problem , Worried about physical shape and appearance- Do almost all of the grocery shopping- Always program all relatives meals| Span ScaleQ1 ” Q5| Motivational Factors| Motivational factors will be identified as a collection of specific elements that affect motivation to individual needs (Wang, 2001). , Pay attention to price- Pay attention to nutritional value , Be aware of convenience and ease of intake- Pay attention to the brand- Pay attention to popularity, advertisements and social trends| Interval ScaleQ6 ” Q10| Purchase Intention| , Order intention indicates consumers will follow their desire, experience, and motivation to gather information in that case evaluate their very own choices and choose alternatives so they can come to a decision to purchase an item (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2000). , Plan to purchase vitamin supplements- Suggest others to purchase- Want to repeat purchasing| Interval ScaleQ11 ” Q13| Individual Characteristics (Personal Information)| Individual features can be classified is many ways such as age group, gender, educational level, profits and personal physical appearance. It identifies a set of personal traits associated with an individual (Schiffman and Kanuk, 2000). | , Gender- Age- Education level , Work position- Household size- Income- Time spent grocery shopping| Ordinal and NominalQ14 ” Q20| 3. five Statistical Remedying of Data

The research used a quantitative study method to confirm the results. Quantitative studies used to evaluate how many people experience, think or perhaps act in a particular method using research or forms. Quantitative analysis also delivers numerical info or can convert info into numbers for a statistical review. The investigation used a questionnaire for collecting data because it is the most proper way based on the quantity of questions to be answered also to get reliable data and information from the target populace. 3. five. 1 Respondents Sampling Procedure 1 . Concentrate on Population

The prospective population was office workers inside the Silom location, which all of us considered to be the perfect location in the business area because this area is incredibly famous, packed, and at the center of the organization area. 2 . Sample size and product The data were collected via 384 testing units since this is the minimum sample sizes required through the population of office workers situated in the Silom area. The people of office workers from this area is many because Silom is the middle of the business area and several people from different areas operate there. several. Sampling Process

The sample method in this study is non-probability sampling because it is the most appropriate sampling means for this study as the target population are selected randomly. Thus the study used the following type of non-probability samples strategy in order to get set of questions completed ” Judgmental or perhaps Purposive testing ” This sampling is dependent on the presumption that the specialist can select elements which represent a standard sample through the appropriate focus on population: workers in offices in the Silom area. three or more. 5. two Research Tool and Customer survey Design

The researcher employed a self-administered questionnaire a tool that helps the respondents to finish the customer survey. The set of questions design was based on the conceptual platform and was divided into 4 parts as follows ” Part 1 (Situational & Attitudinal Factors) ” this part of the questionnaire is around understanding the situational and attitudinal factors with regards to office workers and vitamin supplements. Part 2 (Motivational Factors) ” this section of the questionnaire is approximately understanding the mindset factors of office workers toward vitamin supplements.

Part 3 (Purchase Intention) ” the investigator wanted to figure out office workers obtain intention of vitamin supplements. The researcher could also like to find out if they presume vitamin supplements are extremely important in today’s business world. Part 4 (Individual Characteristics) ” this part consisted of inquiries that obtained individual data of the respondent: it helped the researcher to understand exactly what a characteristic account of workers in offices are and the attitudes toward vitamin supplements. Questionnaire Scale A 5-point Likert Scale utilized in the questionnaire. = Strongly Agree 5 = Agree 3 =Neutral 2=Disagree 1=Strongly Disagree a few. 5. three or more Collection of Data The researcher can collect 384 models of questionnaires from respondents who will be office workers inside the Silom area. The questionnaire was completed only during business hours. The investigator spent a couple weeks collecting set of questions and the investigator had two assistants to aid distribute forms for obtaining data. The researcher gathered all forms and analyzed the data making use of the software package Record Package intended for Social Scientific research (SPSS). a few. 6 Dependability Test

Stability Analysis of Research Tool To test factors in the customer survey using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient scale of course, if the alpha dog test result from the computation is previously mentioned. 6 or perhaps equal, it indicates that all queries in the set of questions are trusted and constant and can be used as study instruments in this study. Situational and Attitudinal Factors Dependability Statistics| Cronbach’s Alpha| No . of Items|. 800| 5| Motivational Elements Reliability Statistics| Cronbach’s Alpha| No . of Items|. 727| 5| Purchase Intention Reliability Statistics| Cronbach’s Alpha| Number f Items|. 907| 3| Overall Stability Statistics| Cronbach’s Alpha| No . of Items|. 895| 13| Table 3. 6: The Summary of Reliability Test out Analysis Variables| Alpha test| Situational and Attitudinal Factors|. 800| Motivational Factors|. 727| Purchase Intention|. 907| Overall|. 895| The reliability evaluation results of research device according to Table four. 8 suggest that all variables in the customer survey are greater than. 6. Therefore , all questions happen to be reliable and consistent and can be applied while research instruments in this research. CHAPTER some DATA EXAMINATION AND EFFECT

The researcher used Record Package intended for Social Science (SPSS) to analyze the data making use of the following examines ” Frequency Analysis ” To point out the person characteristics of business people or perhaps office workers Detailed Analysis ” To test frame of mind, motivation, and intention of office workers and point what is the aspect that they imagine is the most important for these people Correlation ” To study the partnership or relationship between factors 4. 1 Frequency Research Table some. 1 . one particular: The Examination of Gender Levels applying Frequency and Percentage Gender| Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| Male| 122| 31. 8| 23. 8| 23. 8| | Female| 262| 68. 2| 68. 2| 100. 0| | Total| 384| 100. 0| 75. 0| | Table 4. 1 . 1, indicates that 68. 2% (262) with the respondents were female and 31. 8% (122) had been male. Stand 4. 1 ) 2: The Analysis of Age Levels employing Frequency and Percentage Age| | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| 20 , 30 years old| 153| 39. 8| 39. 8| 39. 8| | 31 , 40 years old| 121| 31. 5| thirty-one. 5| 71. 4| | 41 , 50 years old| 78| twenty. 3| twenty. 3| 91. 7| | 51 , 60 years old| 32| almost eight. | eight. 3| 75. 0| | Total| 384| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Desk 4. 1 ) 2, signifies that the greatest percentages of respondents 39. 8% (153) were twenty to 40. 31. five per cent (121) had been 31 to 40, 20. 3% (78) were forty one to 50, and eight. 3% (32) were fifty-one to 60. Table some. 1 . 3: The Examination of Educational Levels employing Frequency and Percentage Educational levels| | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| College degree or perhaps lower| 212| 55. 2| 55. 2| 55. 2| | Masters degree or higher| 172| 44. 8| 44. 8| 100. 0| | Total| 384| 75. 0| 90. 0| | Table four. 1 . three or more, indicates that 55. % (212) of respondents kept a bachelor’s degree or lower and 44. 8% (172) placed a masters degree or more. Table 4. 1 . four: The Research of Work Placement Levels applying Frequency and Percentage Function position| | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| Director or lower| 214| fifty-five. 7| fifty five. 7| 55. 7| | Senior manager| 131| 34. 1| 34. 1| fifth 89. 8| | Executive manager| 39| 10. 2| 12. 2| 75. 0| | Total| 384| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Table 4. 1 ) 4, signifies that the greatest percentages of respondents proved helpful as a administrator or a reduce position: fifty five. 7% (214), 34. % (131) had been senior managers, and 10. 2% (39) were exec managers. Desk 4. 1 . 5: The Analysis of Household Size Levels employing Frequency and Percentage Quantity of family members(household size)| | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| several or less| 104| twenty seven. 1| 27. 1| 28. 1| | more than 3| 280| 72. 9| seventy two. 9| 95. 0| | Total| 384| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Stand 4. 1 . 5, implies that most people contained a lot more than 3 persons 72. 9% (280), and 27. 1% (104) comprised 3 people or significantly less. Table some. 1 . six: The Research of Cash flow Levels applying Frequency and Percentage Profits per month| Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| Up to 30, 1000 baht| 217| 56. 5| 56. 5| 56. 5| | More than 30, 500 baht| 167| 43. 5| 43. 5| 100. 0| | Total| 384| 90. 0| 75. 0| | Table some. 1 . 6th, indicates the fact that highest percentages 56. five per cent (217) attained up to 35, 000 baht while 43. 5% (167) earned more than 30, 1000 baht. Stand 4. 1 ) 7: The Analysis of your energy Spent Shopping Levels usuing Frequency and Percentage Total amount of time put in shopping every week| | Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| two hours or less| 171| 44. 5| forty-four. 5| 44. 5| much more than 2 hours| 213| 55. 5| 55. 5| 100. 0| | Total| 384| 100. 0| 100. 0| | Desk 4. 1 . 7, shows that most participants 55. 5% (213) spent more than two hours shopping, and 44. five per cent (171) spent 2 hours or perhaps less. four. 2 Detailed Analysis Desk 4. 2 . 1: The Analysis of Situational and Attitudinal Elements using Typical Mean and Standard Change Descriptive Statistics| | N| Mean| A sexually transmitted disease. Deviation| We am concerned about my health insurance and diet constantly | 384| 3. 85|. 911| We am on the special diet plan due to a health problem| 384| 2 . 96| 1 ) 207| I actually often stress about my condition and appearance| 384| installment payments on your 8| 1 ) 269| I do most of the grocery shopping myself| 384| 3. 65|. 985| I always plan most family meals| 384| a few. 55|. 979| Valid In (listwise)| 384| | | As indicated in stand 4. installment payments on your 1, the researcher discovered that the top average of situational and attitudinal elements is several. 85: all those concerned about overall health (health consciousness) and the cheapest average is usually 2 . 96: those over a special diet. The highest regular deviation is 1 . 269: those who worry about physical shape and look (appearance consciousness) and the lowest standard deviation is zero. 911: those concerned about overall health (health consciousness).

Table some. 2 . 2: The Examination of Motivational Factors using Average Mean and Normal Deviation Descriptive Statistics| | N| Mean| Std. Deviation| I frequently pay attention to value when I proceed shopping| 384| 3. 67|. 989| We often look closely at nutritional value when I do grocery store shopping| 384| 3. 75|. 822| We often be aware of convenience and ease of intake of medicine and vitamins| 384| 3. 63|. 858| I pay attention to the designs of vitamins and supplementary food| 384| a few. 42|. 902| I focus on popularity, advertisements, and sociable trends of vitamin consumption| 384| three or more. 0|. 958| Valid And (listwise)| 384| | | As suggested in table 4. installment payments on your 2, the researcher identified that the greatest average of motivational element is a few. 75: those who pay attention to nutritional value and the most affordable average is 3. 20: those who take notice of the popularity, adverts, and interpersonal trends. The very best standard change is zero. 989: those who pay attention to selling price. The lowest regular deviation is usually 0. 822: those who be aware of nutrition benefit. Table 5. 2 . several: The Examination of Obtain Intention employing Average Suggest and Normal Deviation Detailed Statistics| N| Mean| Std. Deviation| I intent to order vitamin supplements| 384| 3. 14| 1 ) 145| I wish to recommend other folks to purchase nutritional supplements| 384| 3. 28|. 936| I actually intend to repurchase vitamins and supplements continuously| 384| 3. 09| 1 ) 156| Valid N (listwise)| 384| | | Since indicated in table 5. 2 . 3, the researcher found the highest normal of buy intention is usually 3. 28: those who suggest others to purchase vitamin supplements, as well as the lowest common is several. 09: individuals who intend to repurchase vitamin supplements. The greatest standard deviation is 1 . 56: people who intend to repurchase vitamin supplements plus the lowest standard deviation is 0. 936: those who advise others to acquire vitamin supplements. 5. 3 Inferential Analysis Stand 4. three or more. 1: The Analysis in the Relationship between Situational & Attitudinal Elements and Motivation using the Person Correlation (Bivariate) Correlations| | MeanSAF| MeanMF| MeanSAF| Pearson Correlation| 1|. 638**| | Sig. (2-tailed)| |. 000| | N| 384| 384| MeanMF| Pearson Correlation|. 638**| 1| | Sig. (2-tailed)|. 000| | | N| 384| 384| **. Relationship is significant at the zero. 1 level (2-tailed). | According to Table 4. 3. 1, the results from the inferential analysis using the Pearson correlation show the fact that significant is equal. 1000 which is lower than. 01 (. 000&lt,. 01). It means that the null hypothesis is rejected. Thus, the researcher may conclude there is a relationship between situational & attitudinal factors and motivation at the significant 0. 01 level. At. 638 means we have a strong positive relationship between situational & attitudinal factors and inspiration or two variables move in the same direction. Table 4. three or more.: The Examination of the Romantic relationship between Inspiration and Purchase Purpose using the Person Correlation (Bivariate) Correlations| | MeanMF| MeanPI| MeanMF| Pearson Correlation| 1|. 746**| | Sig. (2-tailed)| |. 000| | N| 384| 384| MeanPI| Pearson Correlation|. 746**| 1| | Sig. (2-tailed)|. 000| | | N| 384| 384| **. Correlation is significant at the zero. 01 level (2-tailed). | According to Table 5. 3. 2, the results from the inferential analysis making use of the Pearson relationship show the fact that significant is definitely equal. 1000 which is below. 01 (. 000&lt,. 01). It means which the null hypothesis is refused.

Thus, the researcher can easily conclude there is a relationship between determination and purchase purpose at the significant 0. 01 level. For. 746 signifies that there is a good positive relationship between inspiration and purchase purpose or two factors move in similar direction. PHASE 5 DICUSSIONS, CONCLUSIONS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS You will find four sections in this phase. The 1st section is always to discuss from the summary of findings and hypothesis assessment. The second section is to go over and generate conclusion which usually answers the research questions in this research.

The third section is definitely recommendations plus the last section suggests the near future studies. 5. 1 . you Summary of Findings Table 5. 1 . 1: Profile of Office Workers Variables| Percentage of total| Gender| MaleFemale| 31. 8%68. 2%| Age| 20 ” 30 years old31 ” 4 decades old41 ” 50 years old51 ” 6 decades old| 39. 8%31. 5%20. 3%8. 3%| Education| Bachelor’s degree or lowerMaster’s level or higher| 55. 2%44. 8%| Job position| Manager or lowerSenior managerExecutive manager| 55. 7%34. 1%10. 2%| Household size| 3 or perhaps lessMore than 3| 28. 1%72. 9%| Income| Approximately 30, 000 bahtGreater than 30, 000 baht| 56. 5%43. %| Time spent shopping per week| 2 hours or lessMore than two hours| forty-four. 5%55. 5%| Based on the findings, females were almost all of the respondents: 262 (68. 2%). The largest age bracket was twenty ” 30 years old: 153 respondents (39. 8%). Virtually all respondents had an educational level of Bachelor’s level or reduce: 212 respondents (55. 2%). Most respondents work situation was supervisor or lower: 214 participants (55. 7%). The majority of homes contained much more than 3 people: 280 respondents (72. 9%). Most participants had an salary per month up to 30, 1000 baht: 217 respondents (56. %). The majority of respondents spent more than 2 hours per week buying: 213 participants (55. 5%). 5. 1 ) 2 Summary of Ideas Testing This research used the Pearson correlation evaluation to demonstrate the hypotheses, as well as the results are ” Hypothesis you: There is a relationship between situational & attitudinal factors and motivational elements for vitamin supplement consumption Hypothesis 2: There is also a relationship among motivational factors and purchase goal of supplements The key locating from every single hypothesis will be analysis in the next part.. 2 Discussion and Conclusion Stand 5. a couple of: Summary of Mean and Standard Change Variables| Means (SD)| Wellness consciousness | 3. eighty five (0. 911)| Appearance consciousness| 2 . ninety six (1. 207)| Special diet plan status| 2 . 98 (1. 269)| Food shopper| several. 65 (0. 985)| Meal planner | 3. fifty-five (0. 979)| Price| several. 67 (0. 989)| Nutrition| 3. seventy five (0. 822)| Ease of intake| 3. 63 (0. 858)| Brand| several. 42 (0. 902)| Advertisements and sociable trends| 3. 20 (0. 958)| Intention of purchase vitamin supplements| three or more. 14 (1. 145)| Advise others to purchase and ingest vitamin supplements. a few. 28 (0. 936)| Want to repurchase vitamins and supplements continuously. | 3. 09 (1. 156)| As for situational and attitudinal factors, the researcher found that the top factor was health consciousness which means the majority of office workers concern their health insurance and diet constantly (mean rating 3. 85). Based on this result, which may be caused by their particular busy way of life and working life, they are least concerned with having a unique diet because of health problems (mean score 2 . 6) which means they do not believe they need to diet plan much. Concerning motivational elements, the investigator found the fact that highest factor that inspire them is usually nutrition value when they do grocery shopping (mean score three or more. 75). Based upon this consequence, office workers may think nutrition is required to support their life and keep them healthier. They are least motivated by popularity, advertisements, and cultural trends (mean score a few. 20) mainly because they appear not to attention much about advertisements or trends because they recognize the importance of nutritional vitamin supplements.

As for buy intention, the researcher discovered that the top average (regarding purchase intention) is office workers who want to advise that others purchase vitamin supplements (mean score 3. 28). Based on this end result, they recognize vitamin supplements are needed plus they may think that they can should suggest that their friends, co-workers, and family make an effort vitamin supplements. This mean rating was then intent to purchase vitamin supplements (mean score 3. 14) and intent to repurchase vitamin supplements (mean score a few. 09).

Office workers purchase nutritional vitamin supplements when they believe they lack necessary nourishment or a healthy life. In the event they think they have good health and wellness, they think that they do not need to purchase vitamin supplements. However , they could repurchase vitamin supplements again after they feel they may be needed. This research was executed to study the motivational elements regarding obtain intention of vitamin supplements by office workers in the Silom place in terms of person characteristics, situational and attitudinal factors, motivational factors, and purchase intention.

This kind of study utilized the SPSS program in order to test and evaluate hypotheses and all related elements using the Pearson correlation. The researcher discovered that there is a relationship between two parameters in every single hypothesis with a strong positive relationship or possibly a move in a similar direction. Based on the result of hypothesis one, the study shows that workers in offices agreed the more they may be concerned about all their health and likewise do grocery shopping and meal planning themselves, a lot more motivation there may be toward supplements consumption.

Depending on the result of hypothesis two, office workers also arranged that key elements that inspire them to order vitamin supplements are price, diet, and easy intake whereas brand and advertisements or trends would be the two least important factors. Consequently, office workers in Silom location agreed they may have the purpose to purchase and recommend other folks to purchase nutritional vitamin supplements if the price is suitable, there is high vitamins and minerals, and there is ease of intake. your five. 3 Suggestions

Based on a result of hypothesis one, the researcher found that there is a relationship between situational & attitudinal factors and motivational elements for supplements consumption. The researcher want to suggest that this can be a best opportunity for marketers to plan within their research and development the production of a top quality product because office workers concern their into the food consumption and in addition they pay attention to the nutritional value of meals or supplements, brands, comfort, ease of consumption, and cost. According to the result of ypothesis two, the specialist found that there is a romantic relationship between motivational factors and purchase intention of vitamin supplements. The researcher would want to suggest that marketers can develop and implement an advertising strategy mainly because price, nourishment, and manufacturer are elements that workers in offices are concerned about and so marketers could motivate all of them by offering item information on labels under the brand as well as applying pricing and advertising to motivate those to purchase nutritional vitamin supplements. 5. 5 Future examine The researcher would like to produce a suggestion with regards to future analyze that can be made using this study.

This exploration was conducted only in office workers inside the Silom location and, for even more knowledge and understanding, the investigation could be conducted on workers in offices in other areas such as Sukumvit, Pleonchit, and Siam about have a full understanding in to the motivation and purchase intention toward vitamin supplements in Bangkok. Foreseeable future study may use, adapt, and adjust this kind of research and its framework to adjust to with their examine of mindset factors about purchase goal of nutritional vitamin supplements with more or perhaps other parameters. REFERENCES Ajzen, I., & Fishbein, Meters. (2005).

The influence of attitudes on behavior. In D. Albarracin, B. Big t. Johnson, & M. L. Zanna (Eds. ), The handbook of attitudes (pp. 173-221). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. Baltas, G. (2001). Nourishment labelling: issues and plans. European Journal of Marketing, 35 (5/6), 708 ” 721. Drichoutis, A. C., Lazaridis, P., & Nayga Junior, R. Meters. (2007). An assessment of product course involvement in food-purchasing behavior. European Journal of Marketing, forty one (7/8), 888 ” 914. Essoussi, L. H., & Zahaf, Meters. (2008). Decision making process of community organic meals consumers: An exploratory study.

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Diary of Business & Professional Marketing, twenty-three (8), 554 ” 565. Schiffman, T. G., & Kanuk, T. L. (2000). Consumer Tendencies. Wisconsin, WI: Prentice Area. Smith, Meters., & Carsky, M. (1996). Grocery shopping behavior: A comparison of involved and uninvolved consumers. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 3 (2), 73 ” 80. SORTIE APPENDIX A ENGLISH EDITION QUESTIONNAIRE This kind of questionnaire is a part of an Individual Research inside the topic of “Motivational Elements on Purchase Intention of Vitamin Supplements by a Grasp of Organization Administration college student of Supposition University.

The researcher, hereby, pledges that every one of the information obtained will be held confidential and used to assist the job of study only. The kind assistance would be a lot appreciated. You should indicate if you concur or differ with the next statements 5= strongly agree, 4 sama dengan agree, a few = fairly neutral, 2 sama dengan disagree, you = firmly disagree | 5| 4| 3| 2| 1| 1 ) I was concerned about my health and diet all the time. | | | | | | 2 . I are on a special diet because of a health issue. | | | | | | 3. We often stress about my condition and appearance. | | | | | | four.

I do almost all of the grocery shopping myself. | | | | | | 5. I usually plan every family foods. | | | | | | 6. I often focus on price after i go shopping| | | | | | six. I frequently pay attention to nutritional value when I carry out grocery shopping. | | | | | | almost 8. I typically pay attention to convenience and easy intake of remedies and vitamins. | | | | | | 9. My spouse and i pay attention to the brands of vitamins and supplementary meals. | | | | | | 10. I pay attention to popularity, advertisements and social developments of supplement consumption. | | | | | | 10. I intentions of purchase nutritional vitamins and additional food. | | | | | 12. I have to recommend others to purchase and consume vitamin supplements. | | | | | | 13. I intend to repurchase vitamins and supplements constantly. | | | | | | Personal Information 16. Gender? Male? Female 15. Age? 20 ” 30 years old? forty one ” 5 decades old? 31 ” 40 years old? 51 ” 60 years old sixteen. Education level? Bachelor’s level or reduced? Master’s degree or higher seventeen. Work placement? Manager or perhaps lower position? Senior director? Executive director 18. Range of family members (household size)? a few or much less? more than three or more 19. Cash flow per month? Up to 30, 000 baht?

Greater than 30, 500 baht 20. Total amount of time spent shopping per week? two hours or fewer? more than 2 hours APPENDIX W THAI TYPE QUESTIONNAIRE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (Individual Research)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,?????????????????????????????????????????????????? five =???????, some =????, 3 =??, a couple of =??????, 1 =?????????? | 5| 4| 3| 2| 1| 1 )?????????????????????? | | | | | | 2 .??????????????????????? | | | | | | three or more.????????????????? | | | | | | 4.????????????????????? | | | | | | your five.????????????????????? | | | | | | 6.?????????????? ???????????? | | | | | | 7.?????????????????????????????????? | | | | | | almost 8.????????????????????????? -???????????? (?????????????????????????????????????? )| | | | | | 9.?????????????? (????? )???????????????? | | | | | | 10.??????????????????????????????? | | | | | | 11.????????????????? | | | | | | doze.????????????????????? | | | | | | 13.??????????????????????? | | | | | |??????? 16.?????? 15.??? twenty ” 40?? 41 ” 50?? 23 ” 40?? 51 ” 60? sixteen.????????????????????????? 17.???????????????? (manager)????????? (senior manager)????????? (executive manager) 18.??????????????? 3????? 3? nineteen.??????????? 30, 000?????? 30, 500?? 20.????????????????????????? a couple of???????? 2????

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