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ESO210/ESO203A: Introduction to Electrical Architectural Assignment some Date of Submission: 20th March, 2013 1 . The rotor proven in Fig. 1 has two shelves.

The disc is nonmagnetic and and it is placed in a uniform permanent magnet? eld of magnitude B0. The coils sides will be of radius R and are also uniformly spread around the disc surface. The? rst coil carrying an up-to-date I1 and second coil carrying an up-to-date I2. Let’s assume that the brake disc is zero. 30 meters long, R=0. 13 meters, and B0 = 0. 85 Big t,? nd the? directed torque as a function of disc position? to get (a) I1 =0A and I2 =5A, (b)I1 =5A and I2 =0A, and (c)I1 =8A and I2 =8A.

Uniform magnetic field, B 0y r? 2? 1 R? x Figure 1: 2 . An inductor has an inductance which is found experimentally being of the form L= 2L0 1+x/x0 exactly where L0 =30 mH, x0 =0. 87 mm, and x may be the displacement of movable factor. Its turning resistance can be measured and found to equal 110 m?. (a) The displacement times is placed constant by 0. 85 mm, plus the current can be increased from 0 to 6 A. Find the resulting magnetic stored energy in the inductor. (b) The current can now be held constant at 6 A, and the displacement is increased to 1. 80 mm. Find the corresponding change in permanent magnet stored strength.. The inductor of Problem 2 is usually driven with a sinusoidal current source of the shape i(t)=I0 sin(? t) Exactly where I0 =5. 5A and? =100? (50Hz). With the displacement held? xed atx sama dengan x0, estimate (a)the time- averaged magnet stored strength (Wf ld ) in the inductor and (b)the time-averaged power dissipated in the turning resistance. some. The inductance of a phase winding of the three-phase salient-pole motor can be measured being of the kind L(? m )=L0 +L2 cos2? m where? m is the slanted position with the rotor. (a) How many poles take the brake disc of this motor unit? b) Assuming that all other turning currents happen to be zero which this period is excited by a regular current I0,? nd the torque Tf ld (? ) working on the brake disc. 5. Since shown in Fig. a couple of, an In -turn electromagnet is to be used to lift a slab of iron of mass Meters. The surface roughness of the flat iron is such that whenever the iron and the electromagnet are connected, there is minimal air gap of gmin =0. 18 mm in each leg. The electromagnet cross sectional area Air conditioner =32 centimeter and coil resistance is 2 . almost 8?. Calculate the minimum coil voltage which will must be used to lift a slab of mass 96 Kg against the force of gravity. Disregard the unwillingness of the straightener. 8 In turn winding Ac g Iron piece, mass M Figure two: 6. An inductor is made up of a 525-turn coil on a core of 14-cm2 cross-sectional area and air difference length 0. 16 millimeter. The coils is linked directly to a 120-V 60-Hz voltage origin. Neglect the coil amount of resistance and leakage inductance. If, perhaps the coil reluctance to get negligible, estimate the time-averaged force working on the core tending to close the air gap. How will this push vary in the event the air-gap duration were doubled? 7. Fig. 3 shows the general characteristics of the slot-leakage? ux made by current i actually in a rectangle-shaped conductor inlayed in a rectangular slot in iron.

Imagine the iron reluctance can be negligible and that the slot seapage? ux moves straight through the slot in the area between the the top of conductor as well as the top of the slot machine. (a) Derive an expression intended for the? ux density Bs in the region between the top of the director and the the top of slot. (b) Derive an expression for the slot-leakage? t sits crossing the slot machine game above the caudillo, in terms of the peak x from the slot over a conductor, the slot width s, as well as the embedded size l verticle with respect to the daily news. s Iron? s Bull crap x Conductor carrying current i Figure 3: almost 8.

The two-winding magnetic routine of Fig. 4 contains a winding on the? xed yoke and a second winding on a removable element. The movable element is restricted to movement such that the size of both the atmosphere gaps remain equal.? a couple of? 2 8 g 0 N2 turn winding A A N1 switch winding 8 ? you? 1 Figure 4: (a) Find the self inductance of windings 1 and 2 when it comes to the core dimensions as well as the number of turns. (b) Locate the shared inductance involving the two windings.? (c) Compute the coenergy Wf ld (i1, i2 ). (d) Find the word for the force acting on the movable element as a function of the winding power.

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