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“Building area Future Market leaders through the E to 12 Basic Education Program or maybe the K to 12 Basic Education- Tungo sa Paghuhubog ng mga Makabagong lider ng Bansa. ” By simply ANDEA, ISIDRO JR N. Great day time to everybody! Warmest congrats to the top notch corps of successful graduates this school year 2012- 2013 specifically to our ever before loving parents and the teaching force of this institution.

Ma’am and Friend, Good morning! With my great desire, to become one of the guest speakers for today’s function, I recognize the challenge and invitation of the teaching personnel of this company to concern everyone today!

It is a great advantage and opportunity for me of talking in front of you as a challenger of your mind and hearts to offer an inspirational message that may challenge everybody today! You truly ought to have to give take great pride in to yourself as you take on another step ladder of your success. It’s been wonderful event that people should reminisce every now and then the numerous marked of the lives as we give concern to our accomplishment in the field of learning.

We bind us a single today to indicate the fruit of your sacrifices, the unsung hero shows their unfading support behind your success as they watch one to recognize this very day, your ever before loving instructors honored you for the commendable gratitude of your good work during learning process as well as the person who is a sure way of molding your life interest and being proud to yourself you have done the truly amazing job in schooling. Our Theme: “Building the Nation Long term Leaders through the K to 12 Simple Education Plan or the K to doze Basic Education- Tungo social fear Paghuhubog ng mga Makabagong lider ng Bansa. I would like to talk 1st about this program of Office of Education in order for us to understand well the meaning of our land for us as a stakeholder of change. The K to 12 Plan covers Pre-school and more than a decade of standard education (6 years of Major Education, several years of juniors High School, and another couple of years of Elderly High School) which provide our scholars to undergo sufficient time for learning the concepts and abilities presented during learning method. Enhance the abilities and capabilities of our students, and put together our graduate student to higher education, job employment, and organization or entrepreneurship.

The T to doze Basic Education Program is a key chain to accomplishment because it helps our participants to become all set and more effective to go in their different routes, Maybe a few them can proceed to tertiary education, pertaining to employment, or do a organization. We highly believed that changes in the Educational System will affect our lifestyle, to give all of us hope for a much better future mainly because our young leaders built with different abilities in different learning areas, educated and prepared them to become a representative of modify

Formal Education will make us living whenever we seized the best opportunity given to us. I want to work hand in hand for the betterment of the future, Allow us to let various other known about this program, and encourage them to have a full support in achieving each of our Country’s progress. You like a graduate possess a vital role to boost your wonderful potential to get a partner of change. You’re going to be one of the backbones of our E to 12 graduates faster and later understand that you will have to cope with changes, both big and small, continuously. Be prepared to be flexible and to adopt as needed.

Here are the three points to consider on progressively more successful in achieving our goals in every area of your life and to get a productive leaders someday: 1 ) Heads-up to your great potential. Sometimes, we may not know the importance of our talents. But you will find a gift given to us simply by our allgewaltig master to give our full potential to end up being the most effective person. We may become successful over and above of our greatest dream. You need to know yourself better, Identify your strength and weaknesses and facing the true you. The achievement of your goal can be assured as soon as you commit yourself to this and think that you can do anything.

The first thing that individuals need to consider is to open your eyes on your great potential by setting your mind and goals in life. Mind setting (power of imagination) is a tool pertaining to showing your potential to become great person for the next times. Because of this, you can now arranged your goals in every area of your life. Some great person believed that goal is essential. “People with goals do well because they know in which they’re going. ” In respect to -Earl Nightingale. “The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you dedicate yourself to that. ” -Mack R. Douglas. Formal education will make you a living.

Self-education will make you a fortune. ” “Unless you change how you are, you can always have what you’ve got. inch “We all have two choices, we can make a living or we can style a lifestyle. ” I want you to “Take up one particular idea and act on it. Make the particular one idea your daily life. Think of that, dream of it, and live on that thought. Let the mind, muscles, nervousness, and every element of your body always be full of that idea and leave all the other ideas only. This is the way to success. inch According to SFI Guidelines to Success, setting goals is so uncomplicated, yet 95% of people by no means set goals.

They will just never take the time. And who do you consider are the the majority of successful, highest-earning people in the world? The 5% group of program! If you want being in the 5% group, no longer even think about ignoring goal-setting! 2 . Begin with realistic program (winning starts with beginning). In case you sealed with something and you simply fell not moving on your way, start to get started out and start no matter what you had right now. There’s no perfect time to wait around, do the finest job you can and always continue to keep learning and moving forward. Who between you below have a Facebook accounts?

What is the very first thing you do in getting connected with that social networking? In order to sign up and get started, right? “You don’t have to be superb to get started, but you have to get started to be great. inches -Les Darkish, “Everyone who got in which he is was required to begin where he was. ” -Richard L. Evans. “Failing to plan is intending to fail. inches “Without desired goals, and strategies to reach them, you are like a ship that has sail with no vacation spot. ” -Fitzhugh Dodson “Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we could immediately order when we emphasis all of our resources on understanding a single part of our lives. , Anthony Robbins. “Nothing can add more power on your life than concentrating your energies on the limited set of targets. “- Nido Qubein. “What you determine to focus your brain on is crucial because you can become the things you think about usually. “- Noel Peebles We all cannot achieve success in taking pictures something, whenever we are trying to carry out many things simply for once. You should be realistic in our planning and concentrate your thoughts upon working hand in hand. As the saying goes, chase two rabbits and you will catch none! “Success requirements singleness of purpose. , Vincent Lombardi “No life ever grows great until it finally is focused, devoted, disciplined. , Harry Emerson Fosdick. a few. Live with aims and persevere until you win. All of us don’t need to commit so much to earn anything and to purchase our reward. “Success appears to be connected with action. Successful persons keep moving. They earn mistakes, nevertheless they don’t give up. “-Conrad Hilton. “It’s when ever things receive rough and also you don’t quit that success comes. ” “Other people and things can stop you briefly. You’re the only person who can do it permanently. -Zig Ziglar Don’t let little problems upset you. Concentrate on the positives, as well as the “big photo. ” Keep in mind that the only thing that may never change is that there always exists changes (especially in today’s speedily evolving world). Don’t let improvements upset you. Know that you need to deal with improvements, both small and big, continually. Be ready to be flexible and to adapt as necessary. “Learning is very fun and lifelong process” that i always emphasize in the field of learning because it awakens our curiosity to discovered.

At your youthful stage, there exists an enthusiasm to learn atlanta divorce attorneys chance whenever you participate inside the class. The teacher trained you a whole lot how to become smart, how to act, how to learn, how to work effectively, tips on how to perform a process and learn how to accept scholar’s responsibility. I am aware each one of you own a bright gift from God. Who also among you here would like to be a Doctor, Nurse, Attorney, Engineer, Military, Teacher, or maybe a President? Then don’t end learning. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS THREE WORDS: AVOID STOP LEARNING! ANDEA, ISIDRO JR W. KABACAN WESLEYAN ACADEMY SECONDARY SCHOOL DEPARMENT

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