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The Craving for food Games Susan Collins Copyright date: October 1, 08 Genre: Research fiction The Hunger Online games book review America has been ruined and is now run by the powerful Capital and is split up into 12 schisme (district 13 has been damaged due to a rebellion). In district doze ace seeker Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year old young lady, carves out a meager existence intended for herself, her younger sibling Prim and the widowed mom. In order to keep the 12 districts aware of who also runs the county, the Capital arranges a game title to the loss of life each year within an elaborate market.

Every district holds a pulling of one young man and 1 girl to go as contribution. When her sister can be picked, Katniss exercises her option to you are not selected for the games. Along with Katniss comes as well Peeta, the baker’s child, who had in the past her. Katniss and Peeta must fend for themselves against natural components, the Gamemakers and the various other contestants in whose only alternative is to kill or end up being killed. The seemingly fictional plot with the Hunger Games provided myself with entertainment and enjoyment, even though it has struck me that that some of the themes reflect some of the very real present day styles in today’s contemporary society.

Now of course you cannot find any such point as an actual Craving for food Game, of course no event that involves kids fighting to the death, yet , the subject areas that it addressed seemed to struck close to home. One of main themes was the application of “Districts” and their affiliated trades. Engine power workers, fossil fuel miners, and lumber were just a few of the trades displayed in every district, similar to the same idea of unions that we get today.

These “Districts” have been grouped to be able of their control and the rebellions they be involved in were a direct result the unjust working conditions and unjust laws. One more more apparent theme which can be seen in the book and our world is the apparent divide in the rich and poor. Probably the most recent situations that facilitates this idea is the Occupy Wall Street protests. One of the main desired goals behind the the protest was the unrighteous divide in the 1% Stock market rich as well as the more common 00% of the working class.

Available the working course encounters challenges such as lack of food, refuge, clothing , the uncovered necessities we are comfortable with. Whereas, the other half with the people inside the movie had been exposed to the finer points in life ranging from decadent pastries to glamorous costumes and wardrobe. Naturally the lifestyles of the abundant and the poor are made very apparent available. Another topic that’s present in our culture and the publication is the infatuation with famous people and celebrity.

I found me personally finding a lot of similarities between Hunger Game titles contestants and those on reveals like American Idol plus the Voice. Have stylists that dress these people up to get them to look even more dazzling and attractive, and both have advisors that help guide them throughout the process. I am just not sure in the event Suzanne Collins intentionally composed the three set to reflect some of the common themes in society, nonetheless it seems that there are countless cross overs and correlations that plead with the question, are the odds at any time in our benefit?

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