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Sample practice test prompts for the CATW Sample 1 Job:  Begin by reading the passage below. How The Birth Buy Influences Your daily life Adjustment The child becomes known as the family’s just child, earliest child, middle section child, or youngest child, depending on his birth order. He is believed and talked about as having that place in the family.

Both in his head and in the minds of other people, an important part of his identity is usually his friends and family position. The other family members assume selected attitudes toward each kid in terms of his birth buy.

Parents usually expect their very own oldest kid to be even more capable and more responsible compared to the younger children. The oldest child comes to think about himself in the same way. These methods of seeing him self, of thinking of himself because of his brother role, turn into part of his self-concept. Likewise, the middle kid may think of himself because able to do things better than other folks because he is usually more competent than his younger siblings. Sometimes, even though, he must consider an older brother or to his parents for help, and thus he believes of him self as being capable of obtain support when he requires it.

The youngest child may develop the self-concept that he’s less able to do a lot of things than other people. However , he could be not concerned because there are always others about to take care of him. In contrast, the sole child has a tendency to think, “When my parents are generally not around, I possess no one to turn to for help. So I’d better learn to care for myself as much as possible. ” The place in the family members establishes to get the child a certain role to become played within the family group. It influences him to formulate certain attitudes toward himself and toward other people and helps him develop specific habits of habit. 290 words) Adapted from an essay by Lucille Forer, “How Your Delivery Order Impact on Your Life Adjustment”, in Write being Read, p. 7. Publishing Directions Read the passage above and compose an essay responding to the ideas that presents. Inside your essay, be sure to summarize the passage in your words, declaring the author’s most important tips. Develop your article by identifying one thought in the passing that you think is especially significant, and clarify its value. Support your claims with evidence or examples drawn from what you include read, learned in school, and/or personally knowledgeable.

Remember to take a look at essay and make any kind of changes or perhaps corrections which can be needed to support your reader stick to your considering. You will have 85 minutes to complete your essay. Test 2 Job:  Begin by reading the passage under. Modern Society as well as the Quest for Human being Happiness Just about everywhere, by all means possible, people are striving to improve their particular lives. But strangely, my impression is the fact those moving into the materially developed countries, for all their sector, are in some ways less pleased, are less cheerful, and go through more than these living in the smallest amount of developed countries.

Indeed, whenever we compare the rich together with the poor, attempting to seems that those with nothing are, in fact , the smallest amount of anxious, even though they are plagued with physical pains and suffering. As for the abundant, while a number of know how to make use of their wealth intelligently – that is to say, not in deluxe living nevertheless by writing it with the needy – many will not. They are thus caught up with the idea of acquiring continue to more that they make zero room for anything else inside their lives. Within their absorption with material riches, they actually lose the imagine happiness, which in turn riches were to have presented.

As a result, they are really constantly tormented, torn among doubt by what may happen as well as the hope of getting more, and plagued with mental and emotional battling – even though outwardly they could appear to be leading entirely good and comfortable lives. This is suggested both by high degree and by the disturbing frequency among the foule of the materially developed countries of anxiety, displeasure, frustration, and depression. Furthermore, the inner suffering is clearly connected with developing confusion in regards to what constitutes values and what its footings are. 242 words) From an article by the Dalai Lama, “Modern Society and the Quest for Human being Happiness” in Write to be Examine, p. 169. Writing Guidelines Read the passing above and write an essay addressing the ideas it gives. In your composition, be sure to sum up the passing in your own words, stating the author’s most crucial ideas. Develop your essay simply by identifying one particular idea in the passage that you feel is especially significant, and explain the significance. Support your says with data or examples drawn from whatever you have go through, learned at school, and/or privately experienced.

Be sure you review your composition and generate any alterations or modifications that are required to help your reader follow your thinking. You will have 90 minutes to full your composition. Sample 3 Assignment:  Begin by examining the passing below. The lady Who Perished in the Ready Room Esmin Green fell out of her seat in the ready room of Brooklyn’s major psychiatric clinic nearly 1 hour before anyone realized your woman was in difficulty. For 20 minutes, the girl writhed and twisted among two seats under the careful eye of a security camera whose video footage would later on be transmitted across the country, spurring a general public outcry.

Two security guards and two various other staff members that passes the room and glanced with the 49-year-old woman, without disturbing to check her vital indicators or support her up. Nearly 45 minutes following she ended moving, a nurse walked over and gently kicked her. By then, the girl was already useless. The city’s medical reviewer, evaluator cited blood clots in her thighs as the required cause. Because disturbing as the circumstances of Esmin Green’s fatality were, they must not have be surprising.

Public hostipal wards across the country have struggled to supply acute psychiatric care for the poor and uninsured because the early 1960s, when large mental hostipal wards began concluding their entry doors en masse. Instead of lock all of them away in cold, uncaring institutions, the thinking travelled, the mentally ill should be offered a location in culture. But with inadequate outpatient providers and a dearth of community-based support, the least fortunate of them have got ended up in already overtaxed emergency areas. They are the poor, the uninsured and the undocumented.

Many of them have problems with chronic circumstances that could possibly be remedied with medicine and standard counseling, recreation most of them cannot afford. With only 50, 500 inpatient psychiatric beds for tens of thousands of people across the country, the mentally sick typically hang on twice as long for treatment as other patient populations carry out. “It’s like landing planes at JFK airport, inch says Tobey maguire Duckworth, medical director of the National Connections on Mental Illness. “There is just no place for them to get. ” (306 words) tailored from July 12, 08 Newsweek article, “The Girl Who Perished in the Ready Room” simply by Jeneen Interlandi� Writing Directions

Read the passage above and write an essay answering the concepts it presents. In your article, be sure to sum up the verse in your own terms, stating the author’s most significant ideas. Make your essay simply by identifying a single idea inside the passage that you just feel is very significant, and explain its significance. Support your statements with data or illustrations drawn from everything you have examine, learned in school, and/or personally experienced. Remember to review your composition and make any adjustments or corrections that are needed to help you follow the thinking. You should have 90 minutes to total your dissertation.

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