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1 . While there are many routes to competitive advantage, each of them involve W. delivering outstanding value to buyers in ways rivals cannot readily match.

2 . A low-cost leader can translate the low-cost advantage over opponents into superior profit functionality by N. either featuring a low-cost border to underprice competitors and attract selling price sensitive customers in large enough numbers to increase total income or staying away from price-cutting and making use of the low-cost advantage to generate a bigger profit margin on each of your unit sold.

3. Difficulties avenues intended for achieving a cost advantage more than rivals incorporate a. liminating or curbing nonessential cost-producing actions and carrying out essential worth chain actions more cost-effectively that competition.

4. A differentiation-based competitive advantage At the. often hinges on incorporating features that (1) raise the performance of the item or (2) lower the buyer’s overall costs of using the provider’s product or perhaps (3) boost buyer satisfaction in intangible or noneconomic ways or perhaps (4) deliver value to customers by exploiting competitive capabilities that rivals won’t be able to match.

five. Which of the following is definitely not one of the problems of a low-cost provider technique? B. Using a cost-based benefit to improve you can actually bargaining placement with high-volume buyers

six. Opportunities to distinguish a provider’s product supplying C. may exist in supply sequence activities, L, manufacturing activities, distribution and shipping or perhaps marketing, product sales and customer service.

7. Through which of the following circumstances is known as a strategy to become the industry’s overall cheap provider certainly not particularly well suited to the market situation? The moment buyers include widely differing needs and special requirements and when the cost of switching acquisitions from one retailer to another happen to be relatively large.

8. The objective of competitive technique is to B. build edge in the marketplace by providing buyers excellent value comparative the offerings of opponent sellers.

on the lookout for. Successful differentiation allows a firm to M. command a premium price because of its product and increase product sales and/or gain client loyalty to its company.

10. The generic types of competitive strategies contain C. ow-cost provider, wide differentiation, concentrated low-cost, centered differentiation and best cost provider strategies.

11. Easy-to-copy differentiating includes a. do not provide you with the promise of sustainable competitive advantage.

12. A competitive strategy to become the low-cost provider within an industry is useful when At the. All of these.

13. The most attractive approaches to differentiation are Electronic. those that happen to be tough intended for rivals to duplicate and that also have considerable buyer appeal.

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14. A company that succeeds in differentiating it is product providing from the ones from its competitors can usually E. All of the previously mentioned.

15. A strategy to be the industry’s total low-cost company tends to be more appealing than a difference or focus strategy when ever C. the offerings of rival companies are essentially identical, standard, commodity-like goods.

16. Which of the next is not a single one of the five universal types of competitive strategy? E. An industry share dominator strategy

17. Perceived worth and signaling value in many cases are an important component to a successful difference strategy when E. Many of these.

18. A competitive strategy of striving to be the low-cost provider is specially attractive when ever E. turning costs will be high, value competition can be strong, and buyers usually use the industry’s products in lots of different ways.

nineteen. A low-cost leader’s basis for competitive advantage is usually D. significantly lower general costs than competitors.

20. A company’s competitive technique deals with A. management’s game plan for acquiring a competitive advantage in accordance with rivals.

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