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The Great Gatsby

Every guy wants to be regarded as great inside the eyes of his colleagues, but it is very important to remember what greatness truly means. You will find thousands of ways to define the word “great, ” but I possess my own meaning of the word. A fantastic man can be selfless, honest, and trustworthy.

He is honest, has solid values, and he does things pertaining to the benefit of other folks. Jay Gatsby, F. Jeff Fitzgerald’s main character in the novel The fantastic Gatsby, is a charismatic gentleman who punches elaborate parties for the wealthy persons of Long Island.

To those about him, Gatsby appears to be a great man, yet , the reader can see through this kind of facade and understands that he could be not as wonderful as he shows up. Because he is definitely stubbornly narrow-minded, selfishly uses people for his gain, and looks for to destroy a family, Jay Gatsby can be not a superb man by any means. Jay Gatsby is stubbornly narrow-minded, and refuses to accept the reality that he cannot be with Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby is unable to release the couple of moments he shared with Daisy years ago, before he was delivered off to Europe to fight in the Great War.

While he can away, Daisy marries Tom Buchanan, however Gatsby continue to tries to earn her palm. Instead of moving away from Daisy and starting a brand new life, Gatsby moves through the bay coming from her and insists he will probably meet her again. By one of Gatsby’s parties, Computer chip urges Gatsby not to request too much by Daisy. Computer chip realizes that Daisy offers moved on with her lifestyle and will remind Gatsby that he cannot repeat earlier times. Gatsby response in shock saying “Can’t repeat the past? …Why certainly you can” (110)!

Gatsby, who has everything luxury imaginable, refuses to believe he are unable to relive his past with Daisy. A great man would get around this obstacle is obviously, and will find work out fulfill his heart’s desire. Because Gatsby put all of his “eggs in one container, ” he was left with nothing when his only take pleasure in refused to be in his campany him. Nick Carraway recognized that Gatsby was narrow-minded and said that he “paid a high price for living very long with a solitary dream” (161). Unfortunately intended for Gatsby, that high price was his lifestyle.

Jay Gatsby cannot be considered a great person because he selfishly uses people for his own benefit. Gatsby does not have any kind of friends until Nick moves in across the street, however this friendship is definitely not legitimate. Gatsby is actually using Computer chip in order to meet up with Daisy. Gatsby also uses Jordan to get closer to Daisy. When he discovers that Jordan knows Daisy, he starts to make his clandestine agreements. Acting while Gatsby’s pawn, Jordan electrical relays a message to Nick declaring, “He desires to know…if you will invite Daisy to your house several afternoon then let him come over” (78).

Gatsby can be quick to request favors coming from Nick, although he scarcely knows him. Gatsby pretends to be Nick’s friend, however , friendship functions both ways and Gatsby never provides on his end. Gatsby’s selfish use of folks who care about him prevents him from staying great. A fantastic man truly does things to get the benefit of other folks, expecting nothing in return. In the event that Gatsby were a great man, he would not really use blameless people as part of his want to destroy a family group. Gatsby definitely tries to separation a marriage and family simply by trying to have Daisy far from her spouse and child.

Gatsby is usually not quite happy with his current relationship mainly because Daisy remains married to Tom, and he does not have her to himself. Gatsby takes drastic actions in an attempt to regain Daisy, which includes confronting her husband, Ben Buchanan. Gatsby becomes thus bold as to tell Jeff that Daisy never cherished him. When arguing with Tom, Gatsby says, “Daisy, that’s across now…it doesn’t matter any more. Just tell him the truth- that you hardly ever loved him- and it’s most wiped out forever” (132).

Gatsby is only worried about himself and does not consider how he would split up a family if perhaps Daisy were to run away with him. Matrimony is a almost holy union, by which individuals devote themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. Gatsby gives no account to Daisy’s young daughter who would have to live the others of her life without her mother. Gatsby’s thoughtless actions make it clear that he’s not great. A great person would never do anything to injury a family must be great person has principles. If Gatsby was a wonderful man, he’d accept that Daisy committed Tom, and look for love in other places.

Jay Gatsby is not really a great guy because he uses people for his own benefit, very stubborn, and attempts to be able to up a marriage. Great men look to help better the lives more around them. Anything that Gatsby will is self-centered and nobody otherwise besides him benefits from his actions. Gatsby uses his wealth to generate it apparently others that he is an excellent man, however the reader sees that even the functions that Gatsby throws are for his own benefit. Gatsby may not be considered a fantastic man due to his selfishness and indifference to the feelings of others.

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