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“Frozen Pizza and also other Slices of Life” Iced pizza and other slices of life, by Antoinette Moses, is a very very good book which in turn tells us 8 different testimonies about each person who show us the same region (England) yet from their very own point of view and tells us 8-10 different reports about their particular lives. In the last four chapters, we can find other new British’s point of view and many lessons from each chapter. Here is what we have discovered from the previous four chapters.

To begin with ‘Sweetie’, with this chapter, the story represents students life, in whose plot talks about Nikki Apton, a student school, who is not nearly good at taking care of on her lifestyle. Her attribute is the same as various other students who are not able to organize what is the priority action to take. She is often irresponsible to get the adverse results that are performed by her. Fashionable scholar ‘Nikki Apton’ leads a fun-loving life, exploiting father and mother for money and leaning onto her friend Sue to cover up for absences for seminars. Her father seems to lose his task and are unable to subsidize her, meanwhile the financial institution stops her cash greeting card.

Sue gripes to lecturer Mrs. Martins about just how Nikki puts pressure on her. Nikki obtains a page saying this lady has failed the course. She remains certain that she gets a bright future inspite of her academic failure. In this story, mcdougal does not give to us know the tale by the primary character narrating. She runs the story simply by Nikki, the main character, sending E-mails with her friend, her boyfriend, her parents and her lecturer. The language and style that the creator uses is merely daily-life words and phrases. It is easy to figure out even though there may be some hidden slang discovered.

Nikki’s characteristic is like her sending Emails. She by no means faces program the problems directly. She uses E-mail to cope with them. That shows that the girl with not quite genuine because once writing E-mail, we have to believe each expression over frequently. Sometimes, we might not mean that as we precisely feel but they have to use individuals sentences even though it sounds better. After polishing off this chapter, Nikki jogs my memory to look at me personally. She is the mirror that reflects my entire life and alerts me to refrain from giving like her. The lesson that I currently have from the chapter is ‘As you plant, so shall you obtain. From the account, Nikki does not do her duty simply by herself, asking someone help and also stressing him or her in the next not what she needs. Finally, The lady deserves to fail in her academic towards the end of the story. Next chapter is ‘The Star News reporter. ‘ The plot with this chapter is usually associated with a student reporter, Mike, who makes the news of a flooded area near his college, which event improvements his lifestyle forever. You will find three primary characters in this chapter, Robert, Angela, and Carol. Mike’s characteristic is curious and sympathetic.

Angela is an ambitious editor of the Scholar News crew who does not care precisely what is right or wrong. The very last main persona is Jean, a Robbie’s mother whom lives in the flooded place. She are not able to accept any truth that she did. Mike, a student who was inside the Student Reports Team, made the news about the local area, which had ton every year. Angela, the publisher, agreed with him and sent him to give the people who lived in the flooded region an interview and also sent Prosecute with him in order to take the photographs. Inside the flooded village, Mike attained Carol, who had been lifting a buggy up to the stairs when carrying her baby, Robbie.

While Drag into court was going for a photo of her, Jean was thus frightened that she forgot her baby and things in her arms yet covered her face instead. Luckily, Robert was fast enough to catch the newborn in time. Following talking with Carol, Mike was extremely pleasant and felt that she was obviously a very good mother. Moreover, he was eager to know so why Carol was afraid of correspondent. So this individual returned to look for more information regarding Carol and he learned that she was headline inside the news sometime ago as a child murderer. When she was 9 years old, the lady usually watched over the children about her neighbors as a babysitter.

According to the media, she strike the child to create him end crying until he passed away. But Carol said children had dropped off a slide and smashed struck head. Jean was brought to a prison pertaining to young people and she were required to stay there until your woman was of sixteen. While Mike was reading the news, Angela came in and saw it. Angela got that reports to the publishers and they published the news because “WE DISCOVER CHILD KILLER’S SECRET RESIDENCE! ” Carol and Robbie had to be segregated from one another. Mike resigned from the school and travel around abroad. Now, He threw in the towel the idea of journalist and chosen to become a teacher rather.

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The language and style that the author uses with this chapter is easy to understand. The girl often uses many dialogues in order to continue the story effortlessly. In addition , in addition, she uses metaphors to demonstrate the readers. For example , she examines the Tabloids with 2 yrs old children who scream when they are starving or drop their toys because the tabloids get the readers’ attention with a big headline. For the mood of this story, the narrator, Robert tells the story depressingly and guiltily. ‘Something that you do not intend to do could make others suffer’ is the lessons we have learned from this account.

Mike does not mean to let Angela knows about Carol’s background, nevertheless Angela knows it inadvertently and finally Carol had to independent from her child. One other lesson is definitely ‘Just a single mistake can transform your life permanently. ‘ In the story, Mike decided to become a teacher instead of a reporter after this happening. The third accounts ‘Don’t Miss the Mozart’ is affiliated with Melanie, a woman who is delivered to pick up a pianist, Louise Conte with the train station, nevertheless she picks up a wrong woman with disbelief, so she actually is fired coming from her function.

Finally, your woman takes her revenge simply by abducted the pianist to ensure that Louise Conte will miss her live concert. There are two main character types in this phase, Melanie and Nicole Leconte. Melanie is too careless to evaluate that the person she sees is the actual pianist. And Nicole Leconte, a college or university scientist by France whom comes to Great britain to do a seminar, is too innocent to realize that there is something wrong with this food. Melanie was sent to the train station for Norwich, England to pick up The french language pianist, Louise Conte.

Your woman was a soloist who will perform Mozart Entente at event concert. Melanie misunderstood that a French man of science, Nicole Leconte, was the pianist, so the lady took her to a deluxe hotel, which in turn surprised Nicole. Nicole thought this was a surprising hospitality, although does not realize there must be a problem. When coming to the celebration office, they just know the reality. Mel was very irritated. Later, Mel took revenge on Louise Conte simply by disguising very little to be Conte’s driver and taking her to the north, so it made Conte miss the concert.

The author explains the two main characters’ feeling clearly so the readers may understand easily that this condition is a major accident, Melanie does not want to combine Nicole up with Madame Conte. Moreover, mcdougal uses hyperbole to demonstrate readers. For example …Nicole heard her ask, as though it was the most marvelous amaze to find her there, at the moment…. One other device the author uses from this chapter is definitely foreshadowing. In line with the middle of the account, Nicole advised Melanie never to miss the Mozart concerto hat would be played a single evening but at the end with the story, Melanie made Louise Conte miss it.

The lesson using this chapter is definitely ‘Carelessness is going to lead to devastation. ‘ From your story, Melanie did not examine carefully the fact that person she met was your true pianist, Louis Conte, so the lady was dismissed from her job. The plot of the last chapter “The Shivering Mountain” is about an German school college student, Paulo, who also expects the town life in britain, must be entertaining. On the other hand, the Fowler family’s activities inside their free time, which in turn he stays with, help to make him annoyed and disappointed. Finally, there’s an occurrence to make him realize why the English family enjoys doing all those activities.

You will find two primary characters: Paulo and Chip. The characteristics of Paulo will be stubborn, grumbling and depressed while Nick is easy going and a nature enthusiast. Paulo who was an German School student had to use his summer time with the Fowler family in britain. Paulo loved the city life just in the first week yet after that period he identified it gloomy to join while using family visit to the Peak Area and activities that the Fowler planned to accomplish like going walking and bird viewing. Moreover, this individual felt disappointed his pal’s behavior, Nick Fowler, that it was not the same as in the event that Nick became a different person.

One particular morning, Paulo walked only into the slopes without unawareness of the hazard. Getting lost in the mist, he almost walked off a cliff nevertheless fortunately, Nick could help him in time. Finally, the incident brought all of them closer collectively. The language and elegance that creator usually uses is common phrases and informal language. So it is easy to understand. In addition, the author always describes the story with lots of adjectives and adverbs that make all of us easily think about the pictures combined with the story. The chinese language device that author generally uses is the metaphor. It also compares 2 things.

You can see two examples in the story: it was like getting inside a impair and you’d look like a lamb. Moreover, writer also uses hyperbole among the language products. From the tale “The clothes, for a start, tends to make them chuckle till these people were sick”, you can view that it is difficult for someone having a laugh until he or she is ill. It is the technique to stir up strong feelings or to make a strong impression, but not meant to be taken practically. What I include learnt using this story is the fact we should adjust ourselves towards the new environment. Try to understand new actions in our leisure time of another society.

And you will find at times the differences are certainly not worse as you think. For instance , Paulo in whose family, his friends and folks in Italy love spending their summer time swimming, playing football and sunbathing within the beach, even though the Fowler relatives enjoys spending their vacations living with the type in the countryside. British family is quite the nature lover. That they like taking a look at many kinds of chickens through goggles, walking up to and including hill, sleeping in a camping tent. Especially, to get British family members to use guidebooks and roadmaps makes Paulo surprised. It seems that people in Italy usually do not take the in a map.

At last, Paulo understood so why his good friend, Nick, loves coming to the Peak District following he had viewed a goshawk flying above his mind. The story all of us dislike one of the most is ‘Don’t Miss the Mozart’ for the reason that way Melanie solved her problem by simply abducting the pianist instead of accepting this individual mistake is usually unreasonable and desperate, therefore we think the storyplot should not end like this. On the other hand, our favorite story is ‘Sweetie’ because this account usually occurs in daily life in addition to every culture. This tale also reflects the college contemporary society that pupils have to deal with a large number of problems.

In addition to the consequence of Nikki’s behavior is what she deserves. There are numerous reading tactics we have discovered from the school can connect with this reading of narrative text. The first technique is to guess meaning from your context. From the entire stories we have go through, we barely look up the word in the dictionary for. We all usually try to guess the meaning from the framework first. Using note-taking approach while browsing is so pratique that when you want to get the significant detail, we can abruptly recollect knowledge in the note we take before.

Furthermore, making an inference is usually one all of us usually use for get the intended meaning of something. This can be a crucial skill that must be learned for us to obtain real comprehension. When we recollect prior experience that are a lot like what we happen to be reading, it will help us very much to get the important lessons of each chapters. In summary, the stories from the sixth chapter for the last phase reveal us the lifestyle, the ways of life, persons attitude, as well as the media inside the United Kingdom’s society including personal thought, opportunity, and problem, multimedia effects, and social variation.

Because of the easy language, we can enjoy the testimonies and picture along with when browsing. Moreover, these stories will be the common conditions that can result from everyday lives but could possibly be the social complications by not paying attention. Finally, all the useful lessons atlanta divorce attorneys chapter indicate every aspect of peoples’ lives and is applied within our daily lives. Chadaratch Kalyasiri 5311100265 Yanisa Treerat 5311100290 Tharin Rienjongdee 5311100338 Puttamas Limchaisawat 5311100443

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