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[pic] Assignment On Population Complications in bangladesh Submitted To: Halimur 3rd there’s r. khan, Ph level. D.

Mentor FBA Eastern University Submitted By: Term |ID | |Dewan Abdullah |101200205 | |Jannatul Ferdaous |101200214 | |Tanzila Afrin | 101200004 | |Shahina Akter |101200211 | Faculty of Business Administration Submitter: 11/05/2011 Terms of Research May 10, 2011 Halimur R. khan, Ph. D., Professor Teachers of Business Administration, Far eastern University Sir, The record at your hands is about “population injury in Bangladesh. You assign all of us to prepare this kind of report as an element of the Business Communication (BUS-201) course requirement. When preparing this report, we have tried to adhere to your recommendations given in the class.

We believe the report is made up of information support us to create a clear understand about “population problem in Bangladesh. We really liked doing this sort of a difficult report. In case you have further queries regarding this paper, we all gladly remain stand by whenever you ask for that. Finally, we are grateful for you for giving us a pleasant opportunity to focus on this statement, which we now have considered as a fantastic chance for us to develop our analytical expertise. Sincerely your own, Dewan Abdullah Jannatul Ferdaous Tanzila Afrin Shahina Akter [pic] 1 ) Introduction: Today more than a billion people are in the areas wealthiest in species diversity as well as the most vulnerable by human being activities. The world’s population is now more than 6. billion and is growing by 83 million people per year. Over the last half-century, the world’s populace more than doubled. Between 1960 and 2010, the world population rose from 3 billion to 6. eight billion. Basically, there has been more growth in population within the last fifty years than the prior 2 , 000, 000 years that humans have existed. Currently the rate of population maximize is 1 ) 2% annually, which means the planet’s human population is on the trajectory to double again in 49 years. The planet’s main renewable normal resources”its freshwater, fisheries and forests”are previously strained, and our atmosphere has been dramatically alter.

Based on these developments, it is clear that the 21st century will see even greater demands on organic resources”with the poorest in our midst often paying of the greatest value. Thomas Malthus believed that natural prices of human being reproduction, when unchecked, would lead to geometric increases in population: human population would develop a proportion of 2, 5, 8, of sixteen, 32, 64 and so on. Nevertheless , he believed that meals production elevated only in arithmetic progression: 2, 4, 6, almost 8, 10. It seemed apparent to him that a thing had to maintain your population in balance to prevent wholesale starvation. He said that there was two standard kinds of inspections that limited population expansion: preventative inspections and great checks. Preventative checks reduced the birth rate, confident checks increased the loss of life rate.

Inspite of sustained domestic and intercontinental efforts to improve economic and demographic leads, Bangladesh is still a growing nation, probably because of to its large inhabitants. Its per capita income in 2006 was US$2300, in comparison to the world average of $10,50, 200. New (2005″2007) estimations of Bangladesh’s population range from 142 to 159 million, making it the 8th many populous nation in the world. With a land area of 143, 998 square kms (55, six-hundred square mls, ranked 94th), the population thickness is impressive. A dazzling comparison is offered by the reality Russia’s human population is only a little bit smaller. Bangladesh boasts the highest population density in the world, eliminating a handful of microstates.

Bangladesh’s inhabitants growth was among the top in the world almost 50 years ago and 1972s, when the nation grew via 50 to 90 , 000, 000 people, but with the promo of contraception in the 1980s, the growth level slowed. The entire fertility rate is now 3. 1 kids per girl, compared with six. 2 30 years ago. The population is relatively young, with the 0″25 age group composed of 60%, although 3% will be 65 or older. Bangladesh remains among the poorest international locations in the world. So many people are landless and forced to live as well as cultivate flood-prone land. Practically half of the population lives on less than 1 US$ per day. BANGLADESH had one of the highest rates of population growth on the globe. Bangladesh is among the poorest Asian countries. GNP per capita, at this point at $170, has grown little or no since 1970 and is continue to among the most affordable in the world.

Country people, 80 percent of the population, have observed increasing landlessness and economical dislocation. Underemployment remains substantial. The overall literacy rate is definitely 30 percent, for females, it is only 22 percent. The social status of the great majority of women, sure by the constraints of a patriarchal, traditional contemporary society, has changed small since Independence. Top 10 countries, based on population¦¦ [pic] 2 . State in the problems: It is alarming reports. People in Bangladesh will need to now understand the reality from the problem. Inhabitants is growing, area for farming is going, climate modify will create chaos for the nation, there is excess in authorities expenditure pertaining to foreign trips and website hosts of various other problems are springing up.

I observed the Prime Minister saying that she send the Bangladeshis abroad to solve the citizenry problem. That sounded empty to me. The federal government should have a viable policy of limiting human population growth. This is a serious difficulty for Bangladesh. [pic] 2 . 1 Environmental Issues: Many people are landless and forced to live on and cultivate flood-prone land, water-borne diseases common in surface area water, water quality, especially of fishing areas, results from the utilization of commercial insect poison, ground drinking water contaminated simply by naturally occurring curare, intermittent drinking water shortages as a result of falling water tables inside the northern and central regions, soil destruction and erosion, deforestation, serious overpopulation. installment payments on your Overpopulation Produces Traffic Jam: Traffic Jam is one of the the majority of irritating concerns in Bangladesh. Everyone seems it although non-e appears to think over this unhappy circumstance as dominates in Bangladesh. Communication is a crucial aspect of the day-to-day existence. And as such, unhealthy effect of traffic jam can better be understood than explained. So that, actions on the tracks and roadways must strictly be governed by specific rules, which will we call, traffic rules.

You examine ‘Population Problems in Bangladesh’ in category ‘Essay examples’ Vehicles ought to maintain to the left, obey speed limitations and should avoid overtaking and follow the visitors signals. In the event these rules are adopted strictly, the vehicles can go on smoothly with no causing any traffic jam.

Although most often than not, there exists glaring negligence about these rules. As a result, the most popular people pay very very much for it. Persons lose all their time on the way for nothing. Sometimes all of us feel likely to think that our government and the people at the helm of the affairs are very indifferent to such essential problems. Some thing positive should be done to relieve those from these kinds of problems. Big t[pic] The main causes of traffic jam is overpopulation. 2 . three or more Overpopulation Produces Load Dropping Load dropping occurs when ever generation of power is less than the demand and it creates concerns of significant consequences inside the economic and social progress the country.

Mills and industrial facilities become nonproductive, industrial production declines, personnel are retrenched. Social purchase suffers a fantastic damage. Learners suffer within their study, forcing their sight in darkish candle signals. The stay at home mom gropes inside the darkness with the food prep. the shops have to close down. Males in the cinema halls spend hours in stuffy suffocation for failing of the availability of current. Persons return house after a day’s hard work simply to enter a dark den. The entire life-domestic and commercial comes to a wall. Load dropping occurs when ever generation of power is no more than the demand and it creates challenges of far reaching consequences inside the economic and social progress the country.

Generators and factories become nonproductive, industrial development declines, staff are retrenched. Social purchase suffers a fantastic damage. College students suffer in their study, straining their eye in poor candlelight. The housewife gropes in the night in the kitchen. The shops have to close straight down. Men in the cinema entrée spend hours in rigid suffocation for failure from the supply of current. People go back home after a day’s effort only to enter a dark den. The whole life-domestic and industrial concerns a standstill. In order that it says, demand of electricity is boost when population is speedily increased day by day. 2 . four Housing Problem Housing means providing our dwelling place.

It is a difficulty because almost no attention is paid to it. That housing is known as a problem need to first often be a great trouble by the authorities as well as the conscious citizens. The employer must be forced to provide proper accommodation establishments for their staff. The government might also impose ideal taxes in profit and utilize this cash flow for the purpose of building accommodation intended for workers. The us government should also make an effort to make the people in general conscious of the risk of unhygienic living. The style shows that overpopulation creates the two environment air pollution , housing problem [pic] 2 . 5 Educational problems Population difficulty creates educational problems too.

It is an remarkable job to get entry in colleges, colleges and university. Pertaining to twenty seats, there may be two thousand candidates. 6. Joblessness In the field of job this condition is definitely dangerous. For starters single vacant post there will be thousand candidates. Thousands and thousands of individuals are out of work in the country. installment payments on your 7 Sound pollution Among the many-side environmental pollutions, sound pollution is among the serious challenges. It has come to an worrying stage now-a-days. The tranquility of our lifestyle has fully vanished. Even within our homes sound continues to be very common. Lots of people are the causes of this issue of appear pollution. Microphones blare out day in and day out.

Film songs are played about cassette recorders at top volume also from the wayside betel shops. There are the aggressive bullying horns of automobiles. During religious fests crackers happen to be burst in discriminately and thus the lives of the children and the older person become miserable. Shouting of devise also leads to not a very little to sound pollution. Anybody can even encounter slogan shouting in hospitals. The extent of sound pollution has recently crossed the standard limits of human endurance. We have to complete strict regulations to take powerful steps resistant to the misuse of microphones. So that, population challenges creates appear pollution that is certainly chasing all of us in almost every stage of our lifestyle. 2 . almost 8 Green House Result

There are many causes of green house effect. The destruction and scaling down of warm rain forests. Automobiles that clog up city roads and rapid growth of human population are the most effective causes of green house effect. All of this reports give strong proof that world temperatures are increasing day by day, growth of human population is the most successful causes of Garden greenhouse effect. installment payments on your 9 Overpopulation Can Increasing Air Pollution Metropolis of Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It encounters a number of problems for overpopulation. Increasing air population is one of them. It really is creating severe threat to health for the countless the city dwellers.

The root reason for this air-pollution in this town is the climb of inhabitants, unplanned professional activities and growth motorizes vehicles. After that there are the auto-rickshaws, mouvement, buses, mini bus and trucks. These types of vehicles relieve excessive amount of carbon in the air. It is often reported that at present 80 thousand autos, 40 1000 auto-rickshaws, 16 thousand vans, 1500 busses and twenty-two, 500 various other vehicles are operating in the Dhaka Metropolitan area. In that case there are also several vehicles to arrive and going from the town every day. Inside the context of this situation, required measures for control of air-pollution should situation. Necessary steps for control over air-pollution should be taken jointly by the govt and the city dwellers. 2 . 0 Food problem Population in Bangladesh is increasing by geometrical development. But the farming production is increasing by simply arithmetical progression. The production of food are unable to keep pace with each of our increasing persons. So you will find the shortage of meals in our country. Every year a large quantity of food is to be brought in from overseas. 2 . 11 Health problem “Health is wealth, but our people are affected by many conditions. Many kids of our nation are window blind because they just do not get enough nutrition. Our children often go through in diarrhea. 2 . 12 Medical and medicine problem The top number of population creates the procedure problems as well.

There is only 1 qualified doctor for every twenty-five, 000 community people around the average. Additionally they do not get correct and adequate medicine. 2 . 13 Refuge Problems The spot of Bangladesh is too small to arrange shelter for the top number of human population. In our country some people sleeping under the porn sky, underneath the large forest, at train station. This cause produces only for the people problems. 2 . 14 Low income Overpopulation is actually a cause of low income. The increasing population of your country can be creating pressure to our wealth. Our prosperity is limited. And so day by day all of us become poor. In this picture the little poor boy is working to build an income for food. Overpopulation boosts food problem , poverty [pic] a few.

Reasons of population complications in Bangladesh: Population development is not really the only danger facing mankind, but it would have been a major factor to the entrée that await us plus the planet inside the coming century. Overpopulating the planet puts us all at risk of intense environmental and social effects that we are starting to observe today. Further than the black environmental effects of current and upcoming global human population growth, there exists a human tragedy in method as well. Whenever we look forward to another 40 years, the most significant population increases will take place inside the areas of our world where normal resources plus the infrastructure of modernity happen to be the scarcest.

Ninety-five percent of population growth is happening in countries already struggling with poverty, illiteracy and detrimental unrest. Actually developing countries are in need of about $1 trillion per year in new system (school bedrooms, for example) to accommodate the dramatic boosts to their masse. This number is efficiently impossible to meet, which means the continued expansion of human population will result in an increase in the amount of people residing in poverty, lack of employment and with inadequate health care. 3. one particular Hypothesis: ¢ Lack of awareness: Lack of awareness is the burning up issue of increasing population. Is it doesn’t root of every problems.

Gender discrimination: There is also a traditional look at of having a male kid. Parents thought that all if they have a male kid they will support them monetarily when they are in a position to earn. Father and mother specially look after a male child than female 1. So that they try to have more and more male child. This practice is increasing the member of the family and also the whole nation. This situation is mainly seen in rural villages and in slum areas. ¢ Early marriage: An additional main reason of population issue is early marital life of girls who have are beneath 18. Poor parents are primarily interested in early on marriage. Having daughter is a burden to them and so they try to get them wedded early. Lack of education: The quality of education in remote rural areas was far even worse than in cities, largely due to a shortage of British teachers and the predominance of religious schools (, madrasas’) exactly where English is definitely not taught, the study explained. Our kids will be falling lurking behind in many regions of intellectual achievement. The fancyful decision of the government to never promote professors without particular qualifications is usually further worsening in this condition. Sixty-nine percent of students who had completed five a lot of primary university were unable to learn news head lines in Bangla newspapers correctly, while 87 percent of pupils did not do simple mathematical calculations, the study, permitted National Examination of Learners of Grades Three and Five , 2006, stated.

Conducted by the Second Primary Education Development Programmer (PEDP-II) , a donor-assisted programmer to make certain quality primary education for any children , the study reported that seventy two percent of kids were unable to create a short composition in Bangla , the mother tongue of over 95 percent from the population. 2 . Some other factors are given under: ¢ There is not enough foodstuff to feed a growing population. ¢ There is not a stable enough economy to provide jobs or a decent standard of living to the current populace, much less an increasing one. ¢ Consumption of Resources for the present population currently out dumbbells the world’s capacity. ¢ Pollution by current human population is weighty, and would be worsened by a greater human population. ¢ Education is best offered individually, plus the system is stressed when even more students happen to be added. four.

Solutions to the people problems in Bangladesh: We have to all arrive forward to control the population. The federal government of Bangladesh is trying to manage it. To get rid of this problem we should following layout: ¢ Using contraception: There are numerous choices to generate about regardless of whether to use contraception and what method to make use of if you want in order to avoid a being pregnant. Contraceptive methods include the utilization of hormones, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and buffer and natural treatments. People choose to use contraceptives (birth control) to get a variety of causes. Choosing the contraception that is best for your family is a personal decision and really should be the best one. You may have decided that you don’t wish to have children or want them ” just by a afterwards point in your life.? You may decide on birth control to assist space the timing of the births of your children.? You may well be feeling the family is complete, so you want to guard against the possibility of becoming pregnant again. Mainly because we are all people and have our very own unique requires, so too, we might prefer a particular contraceptive technique over one more ” according to our sex, moral, or reproductive needs. ¢ Contraceptive: Birth control is usually an umbrella term for a few techniques and methods accustomed to prevent feeding or to interrupt pregnancy by various stages.

Birth control techniques and strategies include contraceptive (the prevention of fertilization), contraception (preventing the implantation of the fun time cyst) and abortion (the removal or perhaps expulsion of the fetus or perhaps embryo from your uterus). Contraceptive includes obstacle methods, just like condoms or perhaps diaphragm, junk contraception, also called oral contraceptive, and utilize able contraceptives. [1] Preventive medicines, also known as post-coital birth control, incorporate intrauterine gadgets and what is known as the morning after supplement. ¢ Mass education: There is a famous declaring in Bangladesh: “Lekha pora kore Je Gari Gora chore se (Those whom are educated will succeed).

This traditional thinking of education as the ticket to the excellent life emerges in different methods and deg in Bangladesh. Education is seen as something that is received rather than achieved and it has significantly become determined by certificates. ¢ Stop early on marriage: Education is the most important step to helping end the practice of pressured child marriages. Many believe that education may prove to be more fortunate in protecting against child marriages than banning child partnerships. Education with the parents is just as important as education of the children. Education will broaden their horizons and definitely will help convince parents of the benefits in having youngsters educated. It is vital to provide education involving much more than reading, writing, and mathematics.

Teaching these types of young girls lifestyle skills, which includes reproduction and contraception data, how to enjoy yourself and how to play in sporting activities, is showing to be a confident way to improve the lives and futures and options of these teenage girls. ¢ Stop early pregnancy: Early on marriage is mainly seen in village. This problem is usually increasing speedily because those people don’t have awareness. To solve this challenge the mom have to hold out at least 18 years old before aiming to have kids improves mother’s and kid health. Also, if additional children are preferred after a child is born, it can be healthier to get the mother and the kid to wait for least 2 years after the previous birth before trying to conceive but not more than 5 years. 5. Conclusion: Human population pyramids, or age-sex pyramids, graphically reflect the syndication of a country’s population depending on age and gender.

A top-heavy pyramid represents a country with an aging populace that is failing to replace on its own. Contrarily, a bottom-heavy pyramid represents a country with a fast growth rate. Furthermore, indentations and surges represent all-natural, environmental, and human trends that have influenced population expansion over time. Reasons for these savings and booms in populace are natural disasters, famine, wars, postwar eras, embrace level of health care, and baby boom eras. The population is a superb malady pertaining to Bangladesh. Nevertheless this can be resolved if the federal government and the people are firmly identified to control birth rate and grow more food concurrently. No improvement is possible unless this problem to solve¦. [pic][pic][pic]

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